Summery: After the Dursley's unexpected death Harry finds himself whisked away to a place unknown where he's adopted by people who are much more familiar than the area.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and his wonderful universe don't belong to me, but to the real wizard, J.K. Rowling.

Chapter 1: Baby Blue Summer

Harry Potter lay on his bed unmoving. He stared up at the ceiling with a vacant expression. If someone where to walk into the room they might think the Boy Who Lived had finally lost it, but no he was just absorbed in his thoughts.

Thoughts that clouded his mind every time he came near his bed, or had a free second. They weren't happy either, but what else would you expect from someone who had led such a life as Harry Potter's? Not much else I can tell you.


The young man on the bed seemed to pay no attention to the call from downstairs.

"Don't make me come up there again!"

Harry continued to stare at the ceiling apparently unhearing.


The door knob rattled and there was a sigh of impatience.

"Unlock this door right now!"

Harry didn't budge.


That grabbed Harry's attention, and startled from his thoughts he nearly flew from his bed withdrawing his wand in one fluid movement; "Who's there? What do you want?"

Another sigh was heaved from behind the door; "Just open the door."

Harry tucked his wand away again rolling his eyes. Of course it was his uncle who else did he expect it to be? Sirius, who'd fallen behind the veil, or perhaps his dead parents?

There came a remindful pounding upon his door.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Harry sighed slowly unlocking his door; "What do you want?"

Harry opened the door to see his Uncle looking a little red.

"Boy, what are you doing up here all day? Pounding YOUR kind of music in your ears so loudly you're deaf to our calls?" Uncle Vernon asked a hint of disapproval in his voice.

However, Harry noted he looked tired, and had lost some weight this year. He'd also been kinder to Harry. Harry knew they were supposed to be nice to him, but he had a feeling the threat was not the only thing causing this change of attitude.

Harry too had changed in similar ways to Uncle Vernon.

In an effort to make sure no wizard appeared on their doorstep they had agreed to give Harry some money for new muggle clothes. These clothes Harry had purchased at the beginning of the summer had fit Harry a whole week before he lost so much weight that they looked baggy on him. Now, they might as well have been Dudley's as they were getting increasingly baggy.

Lack of sleep left Harry temperamental at the best of times, and often Harry would vanish into a world of his own. The skin under his eyes was now saggy and bruised looking. His eyes had gone bloodshot too, and seemed to sink a little further into his face with every passing day.

Dudley's diet was still on and still surprising Harry. When he'd first seen Dudley he might have easily mistaken him for a stranger if it weren't for the greeting that slipped from his cousin's lips; "Potter,"

For the most part the Dursley's and Harry seemed to have to a silent pact that they would attempt to stay out of each other's hair. Occasionally though there was still moments like this one, but these moments never seemed to have the same fire behind them-the times when the Dursley's did call upon Harry where far and few anyways.

"Whatever," Uncle Vernon continued brushing his unanswered questions aside; "Come down when you want. Your Aunt and I wish to talk to you."

Harry nodded slowly. He did nearly everything slowly or quickly now. Slowly when everything seemed to be normal, and quickly whenever anything disturbed him or seemed out of place.

Vernon hovered for an uncertain moment in the doorway before leaving.

Harry released a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding when his uncle left. Closing his door Harry slid to a pile at the bottom of the closed door. Wrapping protective arms around his legs he sat embracing himself.

He was mentally preparing himself for the conversation with his relatives. What could they want to talk to him about? Millions of topics flashed through Harry's brain, and he briefly enjoyed the break from haunting memories.

It wasn't until much later than Harry haled himself to his feet. His body was stiff from sitting in one position on the floor for such a long time. Stretching, Harry opened the door with a yawn. Then down the stairs he went rubbing at his grainy, tired eyes with one hand.

Harry was not surprised to find the Dursley's had already eaten their dinner. After cooking for so many years Harry certainly knew how to make himself dinner. In fact, after calling Harry for dinner once they'd given up, since he nearly always came down much later to eat anything. Aunt Petunia cooked all the meals for her family now, and Harry did the same for himself.

It seemed like there was two different families living under the same roof now. Both did things in at a different time and way. Harry liked it like this though.

He smeared some peanut butter on a slice of toast and poured himself a glass of water. Sitting himself at the table Harry proceeded to eat his way slowly through it all.

He never ate meat now (not for vegetarian reasons really). It was because: one, his stomach almost always felt queasy now with emotions, and two, meat reminded him now of the dead.

It is true dead animals are not the same as dead people, but it reminded Harry of how he'd brought Sirius food when he'd been hungry. The thought of Sirius sent Harry into deep depressions and made him a little green around the gills.

Draining the water he'd poured himself Harry put his dishes into the dishwasher and slowly walked to the sitting room. The Dursley's were there- all three of them surprisingly. Then again Harry hadn't seen Dudley go out much at all this summer.

"Hullo," Harry had said quietly-hoarsely slipping into the room almost like a shadow might move.

The Dursley's who hadn't heard him approach jumped and flinched at the rough sound of Harry's voice.

Everyone said nothing for quite a while then what seemed to be rather suddenly Harry's Uncle broke the suffocating silence.

"Boy," Uncle Vernon began, but switched tactics; "Harry,"

The Dursley's had found Harry to respond best to his given name, and did their best to try to use it now-a perk to having the threat of wizards appearing on their doorstep.

Harry blessed them with a blank stare looking up from an apparently fascinating spot on the floor.

"Yes, well, okay then!" Uncle Vernon said stumbling over his words slightly. Harry thought it might have been to buy more time. "We-we need to have a meeting about-about-about-you, and your problems."

Silence met Uncle Vernon's statement. Harry blinked slowly, and suddenly his countenance formed itself into a serious, thoughtful expression. The Dursley's were on the edge of their chairs with nervousness.

"Well," Harry began clearing his throat; "I found out more about why Voldemort's after me. It all has to do with a prophesy that was made before my parent's death."

The Dursley's all held arrested looks on their faces. They looked like they were fighting urges to tell him to stop going on about such nonsense as they had when Harry'd been younger, yet worried curiosity kept them in their seats.

"Voldemort only heard part of it when he unwisely attacked at Godric's Hollow, but I somehow have the power to vanquish the dark lord."

The three Dursley's stare urged Harry to finish.

"However, one of us has to die because neither of us can live while the other does."

Silence filled the room, and settled uneasily over the room.

It was finally broken by Uncle Vernon. He cleared his throat uncomfortably and pulled on the collar of his shirt; "That's not all your problems though-is it?"

Harry sent them an odd look, but answered none the less; "No-someone close to me died recently coming to help save me."

Uncle Vernon grunted; "Are we in danger because we're housing you?"

Harry suddenly caught on to their motives. It was like last year-they were scared for themselves.

"No." Harry said shortly, and got up to leave.

"Boy!" Uncle Vernon said sharply, almost like he used to when Harry was younger.

Harry kept walking.

He was almost out of the room when the door slammed shut; "Where are the Dursley's?"

Harry quickly turned, and was met by an unwelcome image. In the Dursley's places were death eaters. Uncle Vernon had turned into Luscious Malfoy, Aunt Petunia to Bellatrix Lestrange, and Dudley Dursley into Peter Pettigrew. They grinned at him withdrawing their wands.

Harry went for his wand too, but was unable to grab hold of it before Bellatrix and Luscious swept in upon him stopping him. The smiled sarcastically and breathed upon the nape of Harry's neck; raising hairs.

"Oh, I think I should be considered rather lucky to be actually touching the precious Potter's skin." Malfoy cooed into Harry's ear.

Harry was breathing heavily now; "Get...get...get away from me!"

"Aw, is baby Harry scared?" Bellatrix breathed into Harry's ear.

"No," Harry replied stubbornly and then added daringly; "And I'm not a baby anymore."

"Oh but you are. You're just a wee boy without access to your wand. I don't see how you can have such power to defeat my master. I don't know how you did it on Halloween either, but it must have been trickery!" Bellatrix hissed, and spat in Harry's face.

"Ug!" Harry cried twisting away from them.

"Oh come on baby!" Peter shrilled following Bellatrix's lead; "I'm sure her saliva is more sanitary than your nappy!"

The death eaters chortled at this.

Luscious waved Harry's wand tauntingly; "Ah ah ah! This is not something to play with little Harry!"

Harry snatched at his wand furiously, but missed when Malfoy snatched it out of sight at the last moment.

The death eaters laughed again.

"You're too young to be playing with this, baby." Bellatrix sneered nimbly slipping the wand from Luscious's fingers.

"Hey!" Luscious snarled; "I thought I was the one who was supposed to steal the baby's wand!"

"Well, you must have misheard. Everyone knows master trusts me way more than you. I got sent to Azkaban for him. I'm sure he only wanted him best, most faithful death eater to be the keeper of the baby's wand." Bellatrix bragged.

Luscious looked infuriated with this, and Peter had startled look on his face at Bellatrix's harsh words. Then Peter's face hardened and he joined Luscious in a fury of words against Bellatrix.

Harry smiled weakly at the irony of the situation. Here they were calling him a baby, but he wasn't the one fighting like a three year old right now, was he?

Cautiously, Harry crept forward. He was going to get his wand back if it was the last thing he did, and right now it was grasped in Bellatrix's hand. However, he grip was softening as the battle of words played out.

The death eaters took no notice of Harry, even when he had crawled his way to be positioned right where Peter could have easily seen him-had he looked down. They just continued arguing, and bad mouthing each other.

Slowly, Harry reached up towards his wand, and gently wrapped each of his fingers around the tip of his wand.

They still took no notice.

Harry slowly began to slip the wand from Bellatrix's hand. He had nearly managed it when Bellatrix seemed to wake up.

"Hey! The baby is stealing his wand back!" she cried outraged.

Harry quickly placed his other hand on his wand as well, but Bellatrix had the same idea. They both began to pull, while Luscious commented snidely in the background; "I knew it should have been me to keep his wand. You've almost let him have it."

Bellatrix made no reply.

Harry struggled to tug his wand free.

Bellatrix seemed to be losing, but suddenly her eyes lit up.

"grunt...av...ada...kad-!" Bellatrix gritted out around the tug of war.

However, she hadn't finished the spell, before a sudden white light burst from Harry's wand tip.

With a flickering Harry vanished in a blast of wind.