The Day Darkness Blinded the World

Author: Aryanna DiFranco

Disclaimer: Sadly, none of these characters are my property... although I can think of a few that I wish were! ;)

Rating: PG: 13

Spoiler Warning: Well... if you haven't seen season one to the current season, then don't read it.

Summary: Tragedy occurs in Bosco's life, leaving him frail and alone but when someone from Bosco's past comes to help him with his depression... she only brings more pain. Together, will they be able to salvage all they hold dear? Or will they both be victims of one man's miss-led hatred.

Author's Note: Okay, I'm aware this will probably suck. Please, Please, Please humor me!


Sully: You know that D.O.A. we had earlier?

Bosco: What about it?

Davis: We got an ID and... uh...

Bosco: And?

Sully: ... It's your brother.

Bosco: (confused) what he's connected somehow?

Davis: No Bos, it's him.

Sully: It's Michael.

Bosco: Give me that! (Snatches ID paper from Sully's hands)! This is Wrong! This ... it's wrong! You guys are wrong... I'll call him!

Swersky: Bosco...

Sully: Bosco, it's Michael.

Bosco: I just talked to him yesterday.

Sully: I'm sorry man.

Bosco: C'mon... no way. You're wrong... You're Wrong!!

[End Flashback]

4:36 A.M. - Brooklyn.
I pressed the pedal to the floor and felt a surge of power as the car lurched forward, zooming past all the cars on the highway. I was needed in New York... he had lost so much already. Every since we were little, he was always getting himself into trouble and I, being the oldest of all his siblings, step or otherwise... would have to come and bail him out. I've been doing it for so long that it's like a second nature. When I heard his voice on the line, when I heard the sorrow in his voice, it didn't matter it was 4 o'clock in the morning... all that mattered was that Mo' was my brother and he needed me.

Does that explain why I was on the highway, heading for the Brooklyn bridge? I was coming home. I'd been driving for so long my right leg was entirely numb and my head was throbbing from the pain and stress. I didn't understand how it could be that... oh god. How could little Mikey be dead? I haven't seen him for years and I didn't understand who would victimize him like this. I knew he wasn't right lately but torturing and burning him, that's going too far. I shouldn't be surprised... I've been a cop for nearly eight years... I've seen situations like this every day but I couldn't stomach it when it happened so close to me, close to my family. Oh how Rose must be suffering... that poor woman. There is no pain in the world like the pain of a mother dealing with the loss of a child. No pain at all that could measure up to anywhere near that surreal amount.

I stopped at the tollbooth on the bridge and flashed my badge at the pimply old man leering at me through the bulletproof glass. Srgt. Gabrielle Lynn Fuentes Boscorelli, 66th division, Philadelphia PD. He nodded at me and pressed the button to raise the orange and white caution stick. Once again I put my foot to the floor and prayed to god Bosco wouldn't do anything stupid before I got there.

" Hang on Maurice! " I whispered. " Your sisters coming. "

5:43 A.M. - St.Babtista's Cemetary
The sun had just risen above the horizon and cast a bright red glow on the entire city. Red, the color was appropriate with the emotions that I would imagine this day would hold. For Maurice and his mother, this day could hold little but pain and suffering but for me? The thing on my mind was revenge and retribution... I'd been protecting my family for so long, it was the entire reason I had become a cop. But I was so focused on becoming my own person; I left them when they needed me most... when I was most vulnerable, because the pain of being in the one place where I had lost a person so dear to me was unbearable. I turned the key in the ignition and cut the engine, watching my headlights die and hearing all sound stop. The city or this section of it, was eerily quite for this time of the morning. I had been a cop in New York for a short time but even I knew that crime never sleeps, especially in the mother of all cities. I thought about it for a moment before casting a hand through my unkempt dark brown locks and exiting the car. I listened intently to the way my black leather boots tapped among the pavement as I made my way towards my destination. The wrought Iron gates were open and the guard chair next to them was empty. I shook my head at the lack of security but ventured on through the gates, watching, as the sunlight seemed to make the grave markers glow. I couldn't deal with Michael's death, couldn't be in this city until I came to visit him, until I paid my respects to Bobby. I walked down the rows of markers, casting my eyes over each engraved name until finally, my deep brown eyes came to rest on his name.

" Roberto Caffey. " I murmured to nobody in particular, loving the way his name rolled off my tongue and felt like honey on my lips. I bit down on the insides of my cheeks to stop the tears that I knew I was doomed to cry... I couldn't cry now, not when everything was so dependent on me. I allowed my fingertips to brush the cold stone and brush across Bobby's name and I felt a twinge of pain gnaw at my heart. One salty tear rolled down my skin and dripped onto the grave stone and I felt a cold shiver rush down my spine but its wasn't the breeze of danger or of fear, it was a comforting breeze that felt as if he was holding me close, stroking my hair and whispering to me that I was strong, that I would be Okay and that one day we would be together again. I closed my eyes and inhaled one shaking breath to steady myself as I placed the white rose from my left hand onto Bobby's grave. I held it there for a moment and then turned on my heel and made my way back through the rows and out the front gates.

7:28 A.M. - The Residance of Angela-Rose Boscorelli
For the second time that night, or day... I didn't really know; they all had bled together! For the second time I killed the engine and opened the car door, walked up the front steps and onto the porch. I poised my hand above the wood grain door and braced myself to knock. Suddenly, the porch light snapped on and the door swung open to reveal a sobbing Rose Boscorelli, with Maurice in tow. She was clutching her chest as if in extreme cardiac distress and was shaking with silent waves of tears. I shook my head and outstretched my arms towards Rose, hoping she would feel some soft amount of comfort. The look on her face, the smudged makeup and curling of her lips told me that her heart was breaking. I opened my eyes, still clutching Rose in my arms and looked to Maurice, who was eying his mother wearily as if she were in a great amount of danger. I shook my head at his bad timing but I knew he was right, that if somebody had wanted to hurt Bosco... the best place to start would be with Bosco's family. The most accessible being Mikey because he was in-between the precinct-holding cell and Rikers. I released Rose and she took a step back as if to survey me over, like it was a Birthday party and we were here to celebrate somebody's ability to grow older instead of the Death of Michael.

" You look good Gabby. " She said half-heartedly, attempting to bring a smile to her features. I didn't have the heart to tell her how miserably she was failing so I smiled softly and whispered an appreciative reply before turning to Bosco to survey him with the same appraising stare that his mother had given me a moment before. He looked away as I extended my arms and sniffled. I hugged him for a moment, just like I had when we were little, when his dad used to crawl into his bedroom... make promises and stir hopes in this fragile little boy's heart, and then head straight for his mother's throat. I had crept into his room and held him as he cried his little heart out, held him until all the screaming stopped and until he could cry no more and when his shaking sobs turned into the steady sleeping patterns of a little child. Now, he didn't welcome my hug but while he was in so much pain, he wasn't macho enough to refuse it.

" How are you I? " I whispered and he just shook his head and pulled away. I knew it was a stupid question as soon as it escaped my lips but I couldn't change what I had said. I watched as Bosco despondently turned and walked into the kitchen. I put my hands on Rose's shoulders and persuaded her into the the living room with the promise of some rest and a nice cup of chamomile tea. She needed sleep for the ordeal she would have to grow through in the next couple of weeks... I knew that above all else. As she snuggled beneath the covers, hoping to dream dreams of white clouds instead of charred, headless torso's... I crept into the kitchen and began to make the tea I had promised. Bosco sat at the kitchen table, head in his hands, eyes closed and breathing hard. I turned to look at him, ignoring the kettle as it began to steam. He was such a sad semblance of his former self... it was so painful for me to watch. I shook my head and set about pouring the tea into the chipped china cup and carried it out to Rose, who was now sleeping on the couch. When I walked into the kitchen, Bosco was gone. I wasn't surprised, it was early in the morning and there was so much that needed to be done. And I refused to sleep until it was all done... somebody had to hold this family together and in my heart and in my mind, I knew that person would always be me.

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