When Trigon dies, a boy is sent to the Top-World to retrieve the sole heir of the Underworld throne. There are just a few problems: the boy is betrothed to Raven… and she just 'happens' to be that sole heir.

A Raven Colored Past


Chapter One: Stranger

The dark room would have appeared ominous and oppressive to any normal being who entered it. Strange shadows and objects appeared to jump at you from every direction, no matter how stationary they actually were. However, this room's current visitor was no stranger to the dark, or any of the objects that adorned the walls. He, in fact, owned many of the articles and books on the shelves that lined the room.

"So…" He spoke softly to himself, glancing around the room. "This is where you're hiding, is it… Raven?"

- - -

"Wow…" A masked boy stood up from the couch and stretched his back. "That was actually a really good movie. Good choice, Star."

A redhead smiled brightly in response to the comment. "Thank you, Robin. The woman at the rental store said it was a classic and that if I hadn't seen it yet, I was missing out… although I'm not sure on what." The boy smiled in response.

"Huh…" A cloaked girl reached for the DVD case and began to read the back of the box, as if oblivious to the conversation around her. She didn't really care to make too much contact with them. After all, she had just spent four hours watching Gone with the Wind with them… as scary as that may be. Raven enjoyed being with her friends, but she also enjoyed her alone time… and it was getting pretty close to being her alone time.

"Oh wow…"

The dark girl looked up into green eyes, set in a green face, and framed by green hair. She blinked once, then put the case down. "'Oh wow' what?" She asked shortly.

"Check out the time… I didn't know it was so late."

Her eyes darted to the clock that read '1:32' and she stood up, stretching her own limbs. "Although I enjoyed 'bonding time', it is now time for me to go to sleep."

"Yeah…I'm pretty tired too." Robin agreed.

"G'night, Raven," Beast Boy called after her, receiving now reply of any kind.

Raven walked out of the room letting their voices fade into the comforting darkness around her. She hadn't always enjoyed her companions, when she first became a Titan she couldn't stand any of them except Robin, and she especially despised Beast Boy. He was constantly trying to make her laugh and feel good. Raven really wasn't exactly a feel-good sort of person. Now that she actually thought about it, Beast Boy still was trying to make her laugh and feel good. Boy was he ever stupid.

But through everything that had happened over the years, Raven became more and more attached to her teammates. You could almost go as far to say that she loved them. Almost. They still managed to get on each other's nerves every so often.

Raven sighed deeply and opened the door to her room. She took a deep breath as she entered, expecting the gentle scent of lavender… only she met the heavy scent of freshly burned wood.

'I know that scent…' She thought to herself, turning on the lights, which she rarely did. She looked around carefully, trying to spot a misplaced book or object. She found nothing immediately, and so proceeded deeper into the room. Raven stopped suddenly as she felt the presence of the invisible visitor, and stared at the empty space in front of her. "Sephiroth!" She cried in near anguish.

"Raven?" A masked face poked his head into the room, followed by a green one. "I heard you yelling. Something the matter?"

"Raven? You okay?" The green one asked.

The dark girl turned pale and instead of yelling at them and telling them not to invade her privacy, she shook her head and whispered: "No."

She never acted like this… she was never afraid… except now.

Beast Boy ran forward instantly, where as Robin was slightly hesitant. He'd never entered Raven's room, and in the unforgiving fluorescent lights it looked freakish. Not to mention that Raven threatened death and blackmail to anyone who entered her domain.

"What's the mater, Raven?" He asked quickly, looking around the room as though fearing an attack of some sort.

"Some one's here… some one that shouldn't be here…" She whispered, her voice turning dry and harsh. She looked up into Beast Boy's concerned face as he held her shoulders tightly. Her head grew light and her mind began to wander as she looked into his dark green eyes. It was strange to think about how much the green male cared for her, and even more so after his and Cyborg's trip into her mind…

"What are you talking about? Raven, are you okay? You feel too relaxed." Beast Boy turned and looked at Robin, but he just shrugged and shook his head.

"Help…" Raven's head fell against Beast Boy's chest as she slipped into unconsciousness. He looked from the dark girl to Robin and back again. There was a moment of heavy silence as both started to think. This was extremely strange… to have Raven become so weak, and even blackout without her emotions going haywire like it did with Dr. Light. Something was amiss.

"I'm taking her into the living room…" Beast Boy stated decisively. "There's something about her room that throws me off."

Robin nodded. "I feel it too… it's like there's some one else here…"

Beast Boy picked her up with ease and started for the living room, Robin following closely. "Isn't that what she said… 'Some one that shouldn't be here'… I wonder what she was talking about?" He pondered silently for a moment.

"There's something not right about this…" Robin warned carefully as Beast Boy entered the living room and set her down on the couch. Cyborg and Starfire were still in the room, finishing up their conversation. Starfire looked up at Robin and Beast Boy in surprise.

"What is the matter with Raven? Is she ill?" Starfire quickly joined the two boys at her friend's side. "Does she have a case of jabnarg?"

Beast Boy blinked at her in confusion before shaking his head and sighing. "I don't think so. I think something just really spooked her."

Cyborg looked greatly surprised. "Something spook Raven? I find that pretty hard to belive, Raven's not afraid of anything."

"Except her past."

Every able-bodied person spun quickly around to stare into bright, green eyes set in a pale, handsome face, and framed by long, dark hair. A sudden silence filled the air heavily as the presence of the stranger became more and more awkward.

"Who are you?" Robin finally had the courage to say.

"I'm Sephiroth… I'm Raven's… old 'acquaintance'." The smile that appeared on his lips was like fire and ice mixed together; it felt cold and distant but at the same time it held a burning fire of hate and anger. "You must be the Teen Titans…"

"You knew Raven?" Beast Boy asked, taking a careful and defensive step in front of Raven's incapacitated body.

"Know," he corrected coolly, eyes narrowing at the green male. "I know Raven."

There was an icy pause.

"How?" Robin finally asked.

"I'm her half-brother…" He stated calmly, then his green eyes turned cruelly to Beast Boy and he sneered. "…and her future husband."

"Her… her what?" the shape-shifter choked on his words as he forced them from his shocked lips.

"Her future husband," Sephiroth repeated calmly. "And you are…?"

Beast Boy felt as though he was suddenly shrunk to the size of a pea. The way this thing talked down to him, really irked him. He wasn't stupid. "I'm Beast Boy."

"Oh… that's… interesting." Sephiroth didn't seem all that interested in actuality.

"What are you doing here?" Robin questioned, eyeing him as if he were a threat.

"I'm here to speak with Raven."

Beast Boy growled softly, feeling every hair on his body stand on end. This person was bad news, and he didn't like him one bit. He was haughty, over-bearing, rude… and Raven's future husband! That last reason alone was enough for Beast Boy to see red. He loved Raven, whether she knew that or not didn't seem to matter, the fact was that Beast Boy was going to be protective of her no matter what. And he'd be damned if this bastard paraded around calling himself Raven's husband.

"About what?" The green one hissed.

"Nothing concerning you," Sephiroth snapped back.

"If it concerns Raven," Starfire interjected. "It concerns us. Raven is our friend."

The unwanted visitor looked genuinely surprised. "Raven has friends?"

"Of course," Cyborg spoke up, "Why shouldn't she?"

"Raven is incapable of having friends," Sephiroth said coldly, making a sound of disbelief.

"Says who?" Robin questioned carefully.

"Says her past," Sephiroth sneered, "And her future… as well as yours, if you know what's good for you."

"I'm sorry," Beast Boy hissed. "We don't."

"You shouldn't make friends with a half-demon… it's dangerous." Sephiroth glared in response.

"We don't care about the danger." The argument was becoming heated and their cold words and glared fought for dominance.

"But you should… Raven is capable of destroying the entire world."

There was a shocked silence, then the figure on the sofa moaned lightly and weakly flailed her limbs. Raven's lavender eyes fluttered open as she moaned again. "Gods, I feel terrible… where am I?" She held a hand to her forehead and sat up slowly.

In a split second, Beast Boy was at her side, placing his hand on her head and putting a supportive arm around her shoulders. "Raven? Are you okay?"

"Yeah…" She said slowly. "I think so."


A glass broke instantaneously as Raven's eyes widened in surprise. Slowly, she turned to stare into a pair of bright green eyes, which were nothing like the comforting, deep ones of Beast Boy. A heavy silence coated the room and its six occupants in response to the eye contact.

"Sephiroth." Raven finally spoke icily. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see you, Raven. We have a lot to talk about."

Raven stood up instantly and wobbled shakily on her feet, but continued to glare at him. "I will never marry you!" She yelled, pointing a finger at him.

Beast Boy's heart stopped beating instantly. Inside him, he secretly wished against all hope that Sephiroth was lying about the marriage… but he wasn't. He was to be Raven's future husband… but by the looks of it, Raven sure as hell didn't want to marry him.

"You don't have much of a choice in the matter!" Sephiroth's voice grew angry quickly, as if Raven's insubordination was grinding his last nerve.

"I live on the Top-World now!" Raven yelled back, her eyes suddenly glowing dangerously white. "And I'll be damned if I have to go back there." She spat the last word as if it were the deadliest of poisons. None of the Titans knew where 'there' was exactly (or what any of their conversation meant), but they sure didn't want to find out according to Raven.

"You don't have a choice! Trigon is DEAD! Your father is DEAD!" Sephiroth screamed at the top of his lungs in complete anguish and frustration. "You HAVE to go back, Raven! YOU rule the Underworld now!"

- - -

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