Warriors of old

Prologue: ritual of resurrection.

The torchlight of the underground flickered as a dozen monks rushed past to the braced door of their underground church. 'BOOM' the door buckled under the relentless results of the creatures outside wanting to get in and slay them all. "The door must hold we cannot let these past 3 years of searching for the pieces of the reaper talisman to go to waste." The head monk shouted.

"Yes." The others replied sweat running down their brows as the door was continuously being pounded. The head monk ran back into one of the separate room to a pair of Sarcophagus's.

"The avatar will return, King Reginald will return." The monk laughed as he pulled out the reaper talisman and held it over the two Sarcophagi's and started chanting quickly and carefully.

The door to the church burst open as Trolls with their giant warhammer's attacked the Monks with warlocks walking behind firing spells. The monks fought with great pride and vigilance, as they knew the cost of failure was either eternal damnation as a vampire for the dungeon keepers' army or the Avatar and Reginald never being awoke and the last remnants of humanity being wiped out forever. A monk fell under the crushing blow of a troll but another one quickly took his place and killed the troll with a blow to the head. This seemed to enrage the trolls even more and the blows became faster and harder as they fought the way to the room with the head monk in that had started to glow white under the door the light was bright and several trolls were slightly blinded by it.

The head monk finished chanting and the talisman shattered the pieces spreading all across the floor as the Sarcophagi's flew open and 2 warriors stepped out one in black armour with a long grey/white beard holding onto two longs swords. The other was hidden behind a helmet that had a slit in and wearing full battle armour with red cloth concealing it slightly he held onto a long sword as well. The power radiating off of both of them was astronomical.

"Very good." King Reginald praised.

"Thank you lord." The head monk gasped before collapsing from exhaustion.

"There are intruders we must defeat them." The Avatar informed quickly as the door smashed open and the trolls ran in.

"Oh crap." One of the trolls grunted as his eyes widened in shock seeing the two lords standing there. The trolls knew their time was up and ran to attack the lords but their movements were slow and sluggish compared to the avatar and King Reginald who parried with ease and killed them leaving the leader of the trolls standing there scared as the warlocks had left as that battle had started recalled by their keeper.

"Foolish creatures of darkness the light shall defeat you." Reginald laughed as the troll ran away only to be stopped as the avatar fired an ice blast freezing the troll to his spot. The Avatar quickly ran over and smacked the frozen troll with his fist that was covered in his steel gauntlets causing the fragile ice to smash including the troll encased in the ice as the body parts fell to the floor the blood oozing into a pool on the floor that Reginald just stepped over and the two started walking along the corridors of the dungeon.

"We will crush this keeper I sense." The Avatar explained as he looked down to the red tiles.


The warlocks dashed through the corridor their robes billowing behind them as they headed to the dungeon heart. "Master it is as we feared the monks have resurrected the lords of old." The first warlock shouted.

"I already know that, that is the reason I called you back." The keeper replied with a hint of concern in his voice. "Kessler, Gervaisea and Kaleb to the dungeon heart now." The keeper shouted.

"Yes Piccard." The three replied and ran to the dungeon heart at top speed.

"This is a battle we cannot win yet. We must move somewhere else. You three elite's enter the dungeon heart the warlocks start the transfer heart spell, I want to be set up near Keeper Azrael as he defeated them once before I believe he can do it again." Piccard ordered as the outer dungeon doors were smashed and the two enemy heroes and a dozen goodly warriors walked along the corridor. The creatures of Piccard threw themselves in front of them to buy as much time as they could but they knew they would not last going against the two strongest warriors of the goodly heroes was just asking for death. The dark knights held out the longest along with the bile demons but eventually they fell to the wrath of heroes the secret door to the heart was all that held the good guys from the keeper inside as the spell was nearly completed the warlocks magically drained, they knew after this spell was completed they would die from over exerting themselves. The heart glowed red as one of the warlocks collapsed twitching slightly the pillars flickered and vanished as the heart sealed up the horny talisman tile appeared over it and then the heart was gone the warlocks collapsing and dying from the lack of energy left in their bodies as the secret door broke open and the avatar looked around with a sneer on his face.

"I hate it when they run before we get to them the bastards." Reginald cursed as he kicked one of the carcasses.

"Never mind there are plenty foolish keepers around here for us to eliminate for the safety of our lands." The avatar replied and the group of humans walked out of the abandoned dungeon.