Warriors Of Old

Disclaimer: what is the point of this if I owned the game I wouldn't write these fanfictions for recognition I would have released Dungeon Keeper 3. Also I will be making some references from Warhammer Lizardmen weapons in the fic and I do not own the rights to them but I do own an army of em. And I will also be using characters from Mortal Kombat, which I also don't own.

Notice: the final chapter is here. But do not fear for I, meaning me plan to do a sequel to this fic. It will be my Epic. My glory and my fic that will change the course of my writing FOREVER.


Finale: Warriors Demise

The battle raged across the dungeon of Stonekeep the elite's were all spread out across the dungeon separated into small detachments by The 4 keepers who fought 2 corridors away from Sponge's dungeon heart. Azrael was fighting 4 different knights while the other three were facing a various amount of enemies. "Bring it on Mother Fuckers." Azrael shouted blasting 2 knights back down the corridor with a lightning bolt. He was shocked though, as they seemed to stand up unfazed by the lightning bolt.

"These guys just keep coming." Piccard shouted as an explosion shook the dungeon and the passageway started to collapse. Piccard spun to see the high ceiling collapsing above Scarlett. "SCARLETT MOVE!" Piccard shouted pushing her out the way but loosing momentum and became crushed by the falling boulders.

"PICCARD!" Azrael shouted and levitated the rocks off of Piccard and threw them into a group of Elven archers. The rocks blocked their bows and also blocked the passage preventing them from getting into the dungeon through that passage until the dwarves or Reginald or the Avatar moved them. The wall from Sponges lair collapsed revealing more enemies that Sponge pushed away with a jet of high-pressured water.

Seeing the water spell that Sponge had used Scarlett laughed, "Hey guys thirsty?" Scarlett joked before impaling a thief through the heart. The thief looked down in shock before sliding off of her sword and falling to the ground in a pool of blood.

Another explosion and Azrael was sent reeling into Sponge's temple, the statue of Sponge had been removed and the hand of the dark gods had returned. Sponge's mana supply had obviously been tampered with as the sentry cannons that had been put in after Sponge had been re-converted were firing erratically at him and the surrounding room. "SHIT, SHIT, SHIT." Azrael shouted as he dodged the fire from the cannons and fired spells back that destroyed the sentry cannons. "Sorry Sponge but it was necessary." Azrael muttered and clapping was heard behind him. He spun around and saw The Avatar was standing on the other side of the temple.

"Very good Azrael, but lets see how you can deal with moving targets." Avatar mocked and lunged ran at Azrael.

Scarlett looked at the seemingly endless tide of goodly warriors. "I didn't realise that Azrael was such a slacker when it came to killing goodly heroes."

(Azrael: yeah I always thought that converting them was better then I had an army of mass destruction with no weaknesses in the line.)

Scarlett stood with 2 veteran warlocks stood readying their spells, the main corridor had been so badly blocked that the goodly heroes had gone through Sponge's rooms so the keepers had grabbed the few available people and split up. "Ok warlocks we have a chance to die today but I know that we can defeat these bastards." Scarlett stated and the Warlocks both nodded as 4 wizards ran in firing spells backed up by 3 archers. And a goodly hero that would be recognisable for anyone who had been around the realm where Skybird Trill was located the Samurai. 4 lightning bolts hit the first warlock killing him instantly as his heart was microwaved his body dropped to the floor slowly twitching Scarlett jumped forwards with the sword of shadow slaying one of the samurai's as they charged up another thunder spell. The last warlock fired a chicken spell and smirked as one of the wizards was transformed into a chicken that was crushed under the other wizard's foot.

"You guys are useless." The warlock laughed but was cut off as his eyes sprung open wide and he looked down to see a samurai sword through his gut. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and the Samurai withdrew his blood-covered sword before running off into a different room. Scarlett turned to face the two wizards that had walked in. they looked nothing like the normal wizards as they stood in martial arts poses and Scarlett rolled her eyes.

"Quan Chi and Shang Tsung I guess." Scarlett said cracking her knuckles as the two nodded. "The last people I guessed to appear on the good guy side." Scarlett stated and fired a thunderbolt knocking Shang Tsung flying. Quan Chi ran forwards and Scarlett used his own momentum to fling him across the room before teleporting out of the way of Shang Tsung's attack and reappearing in front of him kicking him down. Quan Chi fired a green fire skull hitting Scarlett in the back. She screamed in pain slightly as she dropped to one knee before spinning round and firing an energy ball but Quan Chi bought up a skull wall causing the energy wave to destroy the skulls. Scarlett continued the attack and the skull wall was breached launching Quan Chi backwards. Shang Tsung fired an orange fireball but Scarlett summoned an energy field and returned fire knocking Shang Tsung down. Quan Chi jumped back up and fired another skull at Scarlett knocking her down and Shang Tsung launched a fire pillar spell that sent her reeling into the air.

"Scarlett put up a valiant fight against the deadly alliance but she was no match to the combined power of the sorcerers." The mysterious voice stated as a green fire dragon wrapped around the orange fire pillar and slammed into Scarlett from above and slammed her into the ground. Her hand twitched slightly as he eyelids closed. "Scarlett was defeated."

"Excellent now you usefulness has ended I can get rid of you." A voice laughed as Reginald stepped forwards and Shang Tsung and Quan Chi turned to face him.

"No it can't be." Quan chi stated before firing a green flame at Reginald who was hit by it and continued walking. He fired again but the same effect happened.

Shang Tsung joined in and the combined might of the two made Reginald step back before he pushed forwards again. The two fired the blasts off at synchronised times but the attacks still did little to effect him.

Scarlett stood up and stepped between the sorcerers knowing that Reginald was the greater threat and fired a darkness wave at Reginald causing him to stumble backwards. But Reginald still moved forward. Scarlett stopped and realised that the attacks were useless. Scarlett cupped her hands together and formed an energy ball in her hands slowly moving her hands so the energy ball would grow bigger as more power was channelled into it. Reginald got closer as the two sorcerers tried futile to stop Reginald. Quan Chi looked at Scarlett as Reginald neared. "Why are you not helping." He asked as Reginald reached them and the two sorcerers moved close to Scarlett as she released the energy ball. An explosion ripped through the dungeon destroying the walls within 50 metres of the explosion.

"Scarlett's sacrifice was in vain King Reginald was only slightly injured." The voice stated as Reginald looked down at 3 piles of dust on the floor.

Piccard and Sponge ran into the room the two keepers glaring at Reginald. "Bastard." Sponge shouted and lunged at Reginald swinging his 2 Kori (found that from mortal kombat deception it is the name of Sub Zero's ice sword that he makes.) blades and attacking Reginald catching him off guard as Piccard dispelled the magical dispeller around Reginald and attacked as well with his sword. The two Keepers fought with a bloodlust that amazed Reginald, he did not take this into consideration when they had attacked the keepers.

Azrael parried the blow by Azrael and flipped back reaching into the black robe pocket he retrieved a spear attached to some rope and threw it at the Avatar impaling his chest armour. "GET OVER HERE!" Azrael shouted and dragged the Avatar over. He then proceeded to punch him sending him flying and causing him to crash down on to the dark god's hand that instantly closed around his feet.

The Avatar laughed and the hand shattered as he cast the ices storm spell and he jumped back onto the path around the temple the blue glow of the temple water illuminated the area as the two charged at each other. Azrael jumped backwards and blasted open the door that led to his own dungeon to get more room to fight the Avatar. Azrael dodged the attacks that Avatar dealt all the while tormenting him until Azrael hit a wall. "oops wrong turn." Azrael stated as The Avatar lunged with his sword impaling him through the throat leaving him to drop to the floor as he moved along to the dungeon heart. He cast his spells, he slashed it with his sword all the while the health of the heart dropping dramatically with each attack.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" Piccard shouted as the Avatar was about to strike the final blow. The avatar smirked and stabbed at the heart but Azrael using the last of his energy dived in front of the attack. the sword penetrated his chest and went through his heart and Azrael's body dropped lifelessly to the floor before his spirit rose from his body.

"Normally I would have gone back to my dungeon heart but because of the low energy in the heart I cant. Don't worry bout me guys just finish the job then talk to Almeric he'll tell you what to do," Azrael commanded and vanished to join Magnus and Pyra in the Netherrealm. Piccard and Sponge looked at each other and charged forwards knocking the Avatar through a door and launching him into the combat pit. The Avatar landed on his feet and punched Sponge in the jaw knocking him out and sending him to the floor. Piccard shouted a feral battle cry and charged at the Avatar tackling him and throwing him into the spikes surrounding the combat pit. The Avatar struggled to pull himself off but each time he came close to getting off the spike Piccard just smacked him back so he was wedged on the spike the blood dripping to the floor as his body went limp.

Sponge started to regain consciousness and Piccard helped him up as the two walked to the black dungeon heart that was still beating. "There is no keeper in the black dungeon so why is the heart still there?" Sponge asked.

"I guess we won." Piccard stated kicking a loose stone on the floor.

"Yeah but at what cost?" Kessler asked his face had a diagonal scar running along it making him look a bit like Squall from Final Fantasy 8.

"We can get them back." Almeric stated. "And I know what we need to do…"

The End

Azrael: And we are done with Warriors Of Old part 1 of a 2-part saga.

Piccard: so is Scarlett still alive?

Sponge: I'm curious bout that too.

Azrael: sorry that would be telling.

Pyra: but now that Azrael is a spirit it is gonna get a bit more interesting here in the Netherrealm no offence Magnus but it was starting to get boring just me and you.

Magnus: meh :shrugs shoulders: I still got Tsuku.

Azrael starts walking off along the dungeon passageway singing the song from the Buffy once more with feeling soundtrack (my sister owns a copy it) humming the tune of the song "where do we go from here.

Piccard: and here endeth the first story

Magnus throws a table at the back of Piccard's head and he drops unconscious.

Pyra uses spirit magic to launch Magnus into her spirit torture chamber (hell no matter where Pyra goes there must be a torture chamber for her to use.)

Azrael (turned and fired a tranquilliser gun knocking out Pyra and Sponge): I would like to thank the people who have reviewed my fic even if they haven't done so in the recent chapters it has meant a lot to me I'd like to say thanks to Piccard for letting me use his character because without his character and everyone else's this fic wouldn't have been possible. I would like to finally thank Sponge for letting me keep on using his character even though I forgot to ask permission to use his character in the beginning but that all got sorted out. Scarlett thanks for the inspiration and same with Pyra and Magnus, although I didn't use your characters much prepare for a bigger part in the next story

(Before he could finish a magical blast knocked him out.)

Scarlett: he talks too much. (looks around to see everyone unconscious.) well what do you know I finally get the last word.