Hall of the Khans, Warrior Quarter,

Strana Mechty,

Kerensky Cluster, Clan Space,

14 February, 3072

"We all know why we are here today." Kael Pershaw's soldiery eye scanned the faces of the assembled Khans, "The reports we have been getting from the Inner Sphere show that this 'Jihad' has torn asunder what remained of the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance military's, as well as the armies of the Draconis Combine."

"Is this not what we have been waiting for?" Khan Vladmir Ward of Clan Wolf stood, "Our founders knew that the corrupt Lords of the great houses would…"

His speech ended when a door at the back of the room opened, a tall man dressed in MechWarriors overalls, devoid of any markings except a Cameron star on the left shoulder. His shot red hair was pulled back from a widow's peek, and his intense brown eyes gave nothing away. He slowly walked down the stairway to the centre of the room and looked at the 20 tables, each marked with the emblem of one of the original Clans. Without a word, he walked over to one that had not been occupied since 2823 and sat down.

"Explain yourself stranger." Kael Pershaw's voice was calm and level.

The stranger just looked at him, and then leaned back in his chair, crossing his legs on the desk.

"Guards!" Khan Ward yelled at the top of his voice.

"They won't be joining us." The stranger's voice was low, his contradictions stinging the assembled Khans, "They are, no longer an issue."

"Who are you?" Pershaw demanded.

"My name is Felix McEvedy." The stranger started to examine his finger nails, "And I am the Kahn of Clan Wolverine."

"What kind of sick Inner Sphere joke is this?" Ward demanded.

"This is no joke, Inner Sphere or otherwise." McEvedy smiled, "Did you really think you had gotten us all, Wolf?"

Ward went to grab McEvedy; only to find himself looking at a small hold-out laser that had suddenly appeared in the other mans hand.

"What proof do you have to back up your claims?" Pershaw asked, his eye fixed on the laser.

"This is all the proof I need." McEvedy opened the top button of his overalls and pulled out a small medallion that he threw to Pershaw, "The Clan Wolverine Khan's official rank insignia."

Pershaw caught the medallion and examined it, noting the engraving on its back. "What he says is true." The Loremaster looked like he's been physically assaulted.

The assembled Khan's all leapt to their feet, shouting out a chorus of accusations, counter accusations, oaths and curses.

"ORDER!" Pershaw bellowed, trying to regain his composure. He turned to McEvedy, "What do you want here, Wolverine?" His voice dripped with venom.

"I just wanted to see the look on your faces when your past sins came back to haunt you." McEvedy smiled, looking at his watch, "You have sown the wind." He looked up, "Now you will reap the whirlwind."

The entire building shook violently, threatening the throw the standing Khan's to the floor. They all grabbed onto the nearest solid item of furniture for support until the shaking stopped.

"What in Kerensky's name was that?" ilKhan Marthe Pryde looked round.

"That my dear was the complete thermonuclear destruction of the main genetic repository just outside the city. The shockwave will crush this building in about 25-seconds." McEvedy's smiled broadened into a grin, "By now similar explosions will have destroyed each Clan's own genetic repository. Nicholas Kerensky's new society is no more." He leaned back as the sound of rushing wind filled the air, "Happy Valentines day..."

The End