Once upon a time there was a great band named Bad Luck. This band travelled the kingdoms throughout many lands and was very prosperous. However one day their producer was accidentally...mysteriously shot by an arrow. Bad Luck's career then went downhill and they weren't making much money. So they decided to give up the music scene and live in their manager's wife's castle together.

Because the band was now rather broke and couldn't afford a maid, they dressed their lead singer, Shuichi Shindo, as one and forced him to do all the work – it was only fair as his laziness was the cause of their fall from fame. They came to refer to him as "Shuichiella" as he freakily enjoyed dressing in the maid's outfit.

Morning, noon and night, it was "Shuichiella do this!" "Shuichiella do that!" "Shindo-san, my piano is not a chew toy!" Poor Shuichiella felt like a slave in his own home! He didn't even have time to wash the dust spores from his pretty outfit.

One day there was great excitement in the castle where they lived, for the manager, K and his band had gotten an invitation to play at the King's ball.

"Big news!" he declared, "Bad Luck has a chance to regain its popularity by performing at the king's ball this Saturday evening! Anyone who's anyone will be there! Big smiles boys, we're back in business!"

Hiroshi Nakano looked up from playing his lute, "That ball all the local girls have been giggling about because it's all a farce just to get the king's playboy son to tie the noose with someone?"


"As usual we only have a few days to prepare," growled Suguru Fujisaki, "great comeback strategy – really."

K pointed his crossbow at Suguru, "Do we want a repeat of what happened to Sakano-san?"

Suguru gulped, joyously opening his songbook. "I'm so happy to be under Mr. K's management!"

"La li ho!" Sang Shuichiella, bounding into the room. He had overheard and was ever so excited to be able to perform again. "This is so cool, I wonder what I should wear...!"

"Nothing," replied K.

Shuichiella coyly blushed, twirling a lock of his pink hair, "Oh, it's a bachelor's party? Does the prince have any fetishes? Maybe I should bring my broom and that pumpkin – "

"He means don't bother showing up," corrected Hiroshi. "We can't have you stuffing up our chances of making it big again."

"Ehhhhh?!" Squealed Shuichiella, "But that's not fair!"

Suguru folded his arms, looking away. "What's not fair is that thanks to you we were caught up in that Snow White conspiracy and had our good reputation tarnished!"

Shuichiella pouted, "It wasn't my fault! I just told the queen she looked like she was putting on some extra pounds and before you know it her stepdaughter turns up buried dead in the forest. I hardly see what that had to do with me."

"Either way you're out," K told him, "Now go milk the cows – and I don't mean the bulls you fool!"

Shuichiella ran off, screaming like a banshee. It was just so totally unfair!!!

Meanwhile at the King's castle there were also troubles...

"I'm not going," coldly informed Prince to his father, "I have better things to do with my time."

The bald king frowned, "You need a wife and by God you are going to choose one at this ball, or else!"

Amused, the prince pulled back his blonde hair, unaffected, smoking his pipe. "Or else what?"

His father evilly grinned at his son's contempt, "Or else I'll be forced to cut off all tobacco merchants to our fair kingdom."

Prince Eiri's jaw widened in shock, his pipe falling from his lips; He cleared his throat, picking up his pipe, "Well...I suppose I can give it a go. At least I can get smashed and screw some of the finest alleged-virgins in the land."

"You know," began his elder sister, Princess Mika, "you could bypass all this nonsense by simply accepting the hand of Princess Ayaka. But noooo, you have to be difficult and diss her just because she has a, quote 'miniature rack'!"

"She does," chimed in Prince Tatsuha.

Princess Mika kicked her youngest brother, "Silence!"

Prince Eiri leaned against the window, staring at the vibrant gardens of the royal estate, "Why can't everyone just leave me alone?"

Saturday night soon rolled around. Bad Luck had practiced all their songs and was ready to perform at the ball. Their manager had tailored for them shiny new outfits and hired a classy coach for the occasion. Shuichiella sniffled as he watched the coach disappear into the warm evening. He leaned against the doorframe; he would surely never be a star again.

The fruity, pink haired boy fell to the cold floor kicking up and storm. "I wanna go! I wanna go! IIIIIII WAAAAAANNNNNNAAAA GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

"We can help na no da!" Chirped a friendly voice. Shuichiella peered up. His vision was blurred thanks to his tears, but he could swear he saw two pink bunny feet. He jumped to his feet. "Hey, you're – "

"I'm your shiny, shiny bunny Senpai na no da!" beamed a man in a pink bunny suit, a plush pink bunny named Kumagorou on his shoulder. "Kumagorou and I are big fans of yours and want to help you to get to the ball!"

Snot hung down Shuichiella's nostrils, as his eyes grew large and watered. "I'm so happy!"

His shiny, shiny bunny Senpai waved around Kumagorou, "Pika, pika, na no da, make Shu-chan look like a star!" In the winkling of an eye, Shuichiella's unfashionable rags were transformed into a shimmering tight tank top, short tight shorts and on his feminine feet were a pair of glass sneakers.

"I look so gay," gasped Shuichiella.

His shiny, shiny bunny Senpai blinked, "You don't like it? Kumagorou can make you another out – "

"I like it," sang Shuichiella, admiring himself in the hallway mirror. Suddenly he remembered his violent manager; surely he would do away with him if he saw him at the ball!

That's when Shuichiella's Senpai placed over his eyes a matching mask. "You'll be a mysterious guest na no da! Outside I have ready for you a coach Kumagorou made from a banana and two horses made from two oranges na no da! Oh, and a footman he made from a deadbeat named Aizawa he found drunk in a gutter na no da!"

Shuichiella was overcome with joy – but couldn't help but wonder why his Senpai wasn't also going to attend the ball and perform.

His shiny, shiny bunny Senpai's bottom lip trembled, his eyes widening in fear, "The young prince, Tatsuha-kun, keeps trying to touch our no-no parts na no da! We're emotionally scarred na no da!"

Shuichiella wasn't listening, he'd already raced out of the castle and leapt into the carriage. "Take me to the ball, pronto!" He demanded, kicking Aizawa in the back.

The Senpai scowled, "Shu-chan! Remember to be back by midnight! Otherwise you'll change back into – "

"Yeah, yeah!" Called back the pink haired singer, "Don't wait up for meeeee!"

[To be continued...]