Title: Just for Tomorrow

Author: Jo Slater

Genre: Drama

Summary: Haldir shook his head slightly. "Am I suppose to recognize you?" he asked with an extremely bored look. "Yes, you should!" He looked down at me as if amused by this. "Oh? And who might you be?" I shuddered with anger. "The mother of your unborn child."

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Words in Italics are memories.

Just for Tomorrow

Chapter One - Forgotten


Ignoring the shiver that trembled through me, I cursed the snow flakes that were beginning to fall. I cursed every last one of them. This was all winter's fault…

Grumbling, I shifted my cloak tighter, trying to maneuver enough to get comfortable. However, three days in nearly the same position wasn't helping any. Now, snow was coming and I knew my chances were wearing thin.

He would come, wouldn't he?

"Please, don't."

"You do not mean that."

My jaw clenched as I pushed the memories away again. They continued to try to flood my mind these past few days. Of course, they'd been swirling in my mind for weeks now - But that beautiful night had turned into a horrid nightmare now.

Something startled me to my right and I looked at the blanket that had just hit the ground. I stared at it a moment before looking upwards to find a familiar creature in the trees. He was the first I spoke to. Young looking, yet ancient I knew, he reminded me of him... but just barely.

I did not grant him a thank you as he suddenly sprinted off among the trees again. Leaning over, I took the blanket and wrapped myself in it. Surprised at the amount of heat I found in it, I closed my eyes, curling the fabric close.

He smelled of oils used for weaponry - but it wasn't heavy at all. The scent of timber, thick woods, layered on him as well.

The scent of the blanket suddenly made me want to vomit. Reluctantly, I distanced the warm hold from my face and sighed, closing my eyes again.

He would come, wouldn't he?

Haldir, March Warden of Lothlorien

"What do you want us to do with her, then?" Orophin growled. He was as annoyed and frustrated as I was. Winter was coming and the borders were busy with Spiders looking to nest and Orcs looking for any shelter or warmth.

A woman at the borders demanding to speak to me, the March Warden, was not fitting in the schedule.

I had been on my way towards Caras Galadhon again when a young Galadhrim managed to catch up with me from a post at the closest borders. He brought news that my brothers wished to see me urgently.

For requesting my presence for this situation, I wanted to strike them both. This was ridiculous.

"She will go back to her home in time," I said, turning away to exit the Guard Flet.

"It has already been three days," Rumil said. "We thought the same when she first came but, Haldir...Three days?"

"She is determined," I drawled, dropping from the level only to have the two follow me.

"Brother," Orophin said, his hand landing on my shoulder and halting my stride. I turned to him with an aggravated glare, but he did not back down. "Do us all a bit of good and see what it is she wants. You are already here, why not be rid of her yourself?"

I was ready to remind him I had better things to do, but I bit the comment back. My two kin were avidly for the woman, and even when I hated to, I often was swayed by their opinions.

I growled deep in my chest and sighed. "Take me to her," I demanded, glancing up to see that the sky was beginning to settle towards night. If this human was smart, she would abide by my word and go home before she caught her death in the oncoming cold.

Orophin and Rumil both glanced at each other in victory before Rumil motioned me to follow him. He led me back into the trees with the swiftness of our breed.


"Are you cold?"

"What– No."

"You are shivering."


The gentle voice brought me out of my dozing sleep. I found I had the blanket clutched close again and I tried not to make a face as I pushed it away. However, as I looked up, I was met with a soft, gentle gaze.

"I am sorry to have made you wait," he said. Vaguely, I recalled his name as Rumille…Or was it Rumil?

I shook the thoughts away as he helped me to a stand. He seemed a bit nervous as he stooped to pick up the blanket that toppled off of me. I gave him a side-ways look as he put it around my shoulders again and backed away.

I was shocked as he turned as if to leave into the trees again. "Wait - Where are you going?" I watched in horror as he leapt into the tree limbs with a grace I'd never seen before.

The Elf only looked down at me before disappearing among the trees again.

I could only stand there, alone once again, feeling the tears that wanted to show themselves. How could I have been so ignorant? I got myself into this situation...how was I going to get out of it?

There was a swishing sound behind me and nothing more.

I didn't have to turn and see him. Something inside me whispered his name; showed me his face.

The sudden dread that filled me was instant even before I turned to look at him.

"You wanted to see me." His voice was distant and cold, not at all how I'd remembered. Even his eyes were different. They were inspecting me, glancing over and judging.

This was not the Elf I remembered.

"Haldir," I said softly, his name crossing my lips for the first time in weeks. But, when he frowned, I braced myself for a sting that I could already see coming.

"I don't have time to waste with you, Maiden. What is your business here?"

The world closed on me with his arrogant and cold voice. He didn't even use my name. It was as if...As if he didn't even know me.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" My voice managed to whisper as I shifted a small step back.

His eyes hardened even further, shielding any possible thoughts behind a granite upkeep. "Like what?"

"Like you don't even recognize me!" I hissed, shaking my head in pure disbelief. This couldn't be happening. Of all things, this was the worst. My father was right, I had displeased the Gods.

Haldir shook his head slightly. A brow rose on his handsome face, etching a shadow of amusement into his features. "Am I suppose to recognize you?"

Stung by his words and the look he carried, I felt the desperation of the past few weeks scream in me. Everything that had happened because of this...this horrid Elf I looked at exploded. "Yes, you should!" I shrieked, stalking towards him as though I was as powerful as he.

He looked down at me, a smirk crossing his lips that I remembered so well. "Oh? And who might you be?"

I shuddered with anger. "The mother of your unborn child."

At first, his eyes flickered in shock.

Then a moment later, he laughed.

- - -

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