Summary: During the sacking of Troy Paris set out to kill Achilles, but failed and was captured by Achilles. Now Paris is a slave to the one who killed his older brother yet Achilles is some how like Hector. And with Paris Achilles also has the only boy who reminds of Patroclus and could be his redemption for Patroclus' death.

Parings: NEW MAIN PARING!!! MAIN PARING IS NOW ACHILLES/PARIS/BRISEIS (but the Paris/Briseis stuff is just cousin love nothing too sexual), Paris/Helen and Implied Achilles/Patroclus and Hector/Paris (brotherly love)

Warnings: Slash! Non-consensual sex! Angst! Killing!

Rating: PG-13

Please make note that this is a TROY VERSE story. I am not confident in my knowledge of the Iliad to base this fic on that and the circumstances in the movie make it easy to connect the plot to it as opposed to the Iliad. There will be a few minor changes from the movie two. (Paris isn't wearing his armor for example)

Note: The ages in this are probably pretty different from the ages you imagined the characters. I always thought of them as mostly young people even before the movie when I read the Iliad. So although the actors do look very young indeed I am not basing these ages on their looks (though Mr. Bloom does look 17 at times in the movie; heck most of the actors could pull off these ages!)

Ages: Paris-17 Achilles-27 Briseis-19 Hector-26 Patroclus-16 Helen-18 Andromache-25 Odysseus-32

My Brother's Keeper

Chapter Two

And Out of the Fire

Achilles could hear the cry's of women in the background. They were being captured and they would become slaves. He would not let Briseis become a slave. He would simply not allow it. He would rescue her from this Hell and take her back to his mother's palace in Phtia. They would live together forever. They would be happy.

He would forget Patroclus and their love. He would go on with Briseis and leave behind Patroclus. Patroclus was gone and could not be brought back. To dwell on the past would be pointless. IT would be like entering limbo. He would be unable to go back and unable to go forward. He would simply exist as time moved around him.

That was simply foolish.

And Achilles was not a fool.

Thwping.The Greek let out a small gasp as the arrow caught him in the back of the neck. He let go of the Trojan woman he was holding and fell to the ground. The woman gave Paris a grateful look and ran off. Paris walked over to where the Greek lay; he put his foot under the body and kicked it over. The man was not Achilles either, just like all the other men Paris had killed that night. Paris felt fury course through his body. None of these Greeks were Achilles. He didn't want to kill any of the other men; only Achilles.

He was starting to feel as though all his searching had been in vain. That perhaps Achilles was already dead by some other means. That another who had lost someone dear to them had killed the vile man.

"Paris!" He heard someone scream his name. Turned to just Briseis being shunted along with the crowd. She seemed to be fighting tooth and nail to get away from them. When she finally managed to pull away from the screaming crowd and off into an alley that headed back towards the burning palace.

Paris's eyes widened. He hadn't noticed that Briseis hadn't been with the escaping party. He had been so caught up in himself that he had completely forgotten about her. But why was she going back the Palace? She must not know there is an escape party! Paris realized. He had to help her!

Paris shoved his way through the crowd. He did not care who he pushed to the ground. He only cared about Briseis. He would not let her down; he would not fail her.

He would not fail her like he failed Hector.

Achilles spotted two Trojans up ahead and he hid off to the side of the door. As the two Trojans stumbled in Achilles stabbed the first one in the stomach; killing him. He then pulled his sword out of the man and pushed him into the other Trojan and he collapsed to the ground; the corpse on top of him. Achilles pointed his sword at the man.

"Please," the Trojan cried. "I have a son!"

"Then get him out of Troy," Achilles snapped. He withdrew his sword and ran through the door. He found that he was on steps leading into some sort of court yard. He looked down at the courtyard and his eyes met a horrible sight.

Agamemnon was clutching fair Briseis in his dirty hands. He was choking her; strangling her. Achilles made to descend the stairs and kill Agamemnon. He would kill that greedy bastard and smile as his blood stained the grass. He had wanted to do this for so long and finally he could.

Achilles had barely made it to the second stair when Briseis took a knife and stabbed it into the greedy King's throat. Agamemnon choked and fell to the ground.

Briesis turned and she caught of Achilles. He smiled at her and continued down the stairs towards her. But then two of Agamemnon's supporters came up and grabbed her and she screamed. Achilles snarled and lept down the rest of the stairs and killed them. They were pointless little insects anyway.

He walked up to Briseis and the embraced like lovers. "I was looking for you," he murmured.

She held him closer. "I came back here. I came back to the palace to pray that you would find me." She looked back at the statue of Apollo and then back at him. But as she looked at him her eyes where drawn to something behind her. Achilles saw her eyes widen and she screamed. "Look out!"

Achilles moved as quickly as he could to the left. He felt something sharp graze the outside of his thigh. He looked behind him and saw a boy holding a bow in his hand. He was standing on top of the stairs that Achilles himself had just been standing on. The boy was looking slightly scared; as though frightened by his miss. The boy was thin and wasn't wearing armor. He couldn't be a soldier Achilles concluded.

"You are a foolish young boy!" Achilles called to him. "You hide behind your long range weapon, come down and face me like a man!" The boy glared at him and cocked another arrow. Achilles took his shield off his back and held it to protect his torso. He faintly heard Briseis call 'Achilles, no!' but he ignored her.

Achilles charged the boy and held his shield out in front of him. He heard the sound of the arrows puncturing the metal of his shield as he rushed up the stairs to meet the boy. The boy looked terrified that Achilles had actually ran up to meet his arrows. Achilles swung his sword at the boy and the boy spun around to get out of the way; exposing his quiver of arrows. Achilles smirked; the boy was a fool. He used his sword to cut the strap that held the quiver to the boy's back and it feel to the ground. The boy turned and looked shakily at his fallen quiver.

"Do you give up now, Boy?" Achilles sneered. "You no longer have a weapon to battle me with." The boy glared at him. Then the boy charged him, holding only his bow in his hands. He swung the bow at Achilles and Achilles had to lean his head back to order to prevent the bow from breaking his nose. The boy continued to swing the boy at him like a madman. Achilles growled and used the broad side of his sword to knock the bow from the boy's hands.

"There," Achilles said, panting from the effort of keeping the boy down. "Now you truly have no weapons. Leave now, unless you wish for death."

"You killed my brother." Was all the boy said, then he charged Achilles again. The boy grabbed Achilles' left shoulder and reached up towards Achilles face with his right hand. Achilles let out a cry and raised his head so the boy's finger nails could not gouge his eye out. The boy's nails missed their target and instead made four gashes on Achilles' cheek.

"Damn you!" Achilles hissed at the boy. He grabbed the boy's shoulder and quickly rammed his knee into the boy's stomach. The boy's pupils dilated and he feel forward onto Achilles chest. HE looked briefly up at Achilles face and Achilles saw brown eye's filled with pain and hurt. Then the boy fell into unconsciousness.

Achilles knelt to the ground slowly so the boy didn't fall. Then he took the unconscious boy's face and inspected it. Soft ebony curls framed the young boy's face. His face was child like and innocent looking just like…just like Patroclus'. Was that why, perhaps, Achilles hadn't had the heart to kill him? Yes the boy was like Patroclus but he reminded Achilles of someone else too, but he didn't know whom. When Briseis and I go to Phtia I will need a servant boy, Achilles thought. This boy could do. And he was a lot like Patroclus. He grabbed the boy's body and slung it over his shoulder. Now he and Briseis needed to get out of Troy.

"You know the way out, right?" He asked Briseis who looked pale and scared for some reason. She nodded and took one of his hands while he used the other to secure the boy. They ran through the almost now deserted streets. Everyone had either been killed or taken as a slave. They dodged corpses on the streets until they made it to the gates of Troy. Some Greeks were standing around the gate and they called out to Achilles, but he ignored them.

He ran with Briseis over the plains of troy. They were running away from the burning city behind them and all the memories it held. They didn't stop running until they made it to the Greek encampment. They walked across the sandy beach heading to Achilles' hut.

"Hey, Achilles nice catches!" A soldier called to him taking notice of Briseis and the boy.

"Be quiet you sack of wine!" Achilles snapped at him. He didn't want to be congratulated on taking what they believed to be slaves. He wasn't like that. He would pay the boy and Briseis would be his wife.

Achilles entered his hut, feeling slightly more at ease now that his was in his own place. His slid the boy off his shoulder gently and into his arms. He then knelt down and sat the kid up against the wall so he wouldn't fall over when he awoke. He then stood up and looked at the boy again. Still trying to figure out why he reminded him of Patroclus so much. Then Achilles remembered; it was the boy's eyes. They were like Patroclus'; they were eyes that should have held innocence and joy, but instead held the pain and maturity that came with losing a loved one. Patroclus had lost his parents and this boy must have lost his brother.

Briseis walked over to stand by Achilles and look at the boy. "Achilles, do you know who this is?"

He looked at her, surprised. "Do you know who it is?"

"Yes, that is my cousin! Youngest son of Priam and brother to Hector; Prince Paris of Troy!

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