A Day To Remember

Naruto sat on the roof of his house enjoying the late morning air. The blue sky. The cool breeze. The puffy clouds. 'Ok...stop.' He said to himself 'You're starting to sound like Shikamaru.' He sat up and sighed. Great. Now he was bored. He let his eyes scan across the Kohona village roofs. He passed the house-inn a few buildings across the street, then did a double take. Another young ninja was enjoying the nice weather. His heart leapt into his throat. It was Gaara of the Desert. His large sand-filled gourd was lying next to him.

Gaara glaced over at him then looked away. Naruto shivered slightly, then blinked and looked at him again. The sand-nin was an exact image of himself. Lonely. Living with the weight of his demon. Living his life hearing insults to his face and behind his back. Naruto sighed. 'Why not? It probably can't hurt.' He stood up and brushed himself off then jumped across the roofs to the house-inn's roof next to Gaara, who barely acknowledged his presence.

"Hey." He said.


"You bored? Me too." He said sitting next to him. Gaara didn't object to him so he stayed put.

Long silent pause

"Um...so..." Naruto said after fidgeting. "What'd'ya do for fun in the sand village?"


"Nothing? How come?" Naruto asked swinging his legs over the edge.

"She doesn't want me to." Gaara answered looking away from the leaf-nin.


"......'kaasan.." Gaara whispered barely audible.

"Mother? Huh? I'm...confused..." Naruto said frowning with his eyes closed.

"You don't need to understand." Gaara replied.

Naruto tried to look at the sand-nin's face, but he moved away. With a sigh Naruto sat back. Gaara had slipped into a depressing mood and stared off into space. Naruto's good hearing picked up the sound of soft happy screams and a soft roars of engines from far off in another part of Kohona.

Light bulb goes off Naruto smacked his in his hand when it went off. "I...just had a GREAT idea!" he cried jumping up.

"Are you always this loud?"

Naruto jumped down onto the small balcony and ran through Gaara's room, thought he only thought it was an empty room because there was nothing in it. He ran through the house-inn passing a shocked Kankurou and his puppet. Kankurou yelled and ran after him, catching him as he nearly ran into Temari.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Kankurou demanded.

"Would you guys like to come with me to do something fun?" Naruto asked. The sand-nins stared, not expecting that response.

"All three of you?"

"Thre—?" the sand-nins turned and saw Gaara standing in the hall behind them with an expression that Temari knew was his 'deep in thought' expression. This loud leaf genin had confused her brother and he was trying to understand something beyond his grasp.

"Like what?" Kankurou asked.

"You'll see ok?" Naruto said turning towards the door. "I'll get some stuff. You should change into normal cloths so no one questions you so much." I'll be back in ten minutes if you want to go, OK?" Naruto shut the door behind him as he ran out leaving the Sand-nins staring at their door. The two older sand-nins looked at each other and shrugged. They didn't care, but they were ordered to watch over their younger brother.

"Well, Gaara? Would you like to go?" Temari asked as kindly as she could.

"If I say no will you be mad?" Temari blinked at his words. He was looking straight at her unblinking. To Kankurou his face was expressionless, but Temari's older sister and motherly instincts showed her a small child who did not really want to upset her,

"I want to know what you want to do." She said even more kindly. Kankurou stared at her. How could she talk so freely to him like that. He couldn't even look at his brother like he was a normal boy.

"I.....I want to go...."

Temari smiled. "Then we'll all go with Naruto."