A Day to Remember

Chapter 5: Brother Quality Time

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"Let's go in here." Kankurou said walking into an arcade. Gaara followed him inside, glancing around at the loud noises and bright lights.

Kankurou exchanged some money for coins and wandered casually up to a game. He scared away a little kid who was about to play the game and put his money into it. Gaara looked over his brother's shoulder as he began pushing the buttons to dodge or throw kunais at the people in the screen (it's a ninja show guys).

One of the coins fell out of Kankurou's pocket and rolled to a stop next to Gaara's foot. He picked it up and looked around.

Kankurou promply forgot about Gaara as he began getting into the game, yelling angrily at the game if he got hit or taunting the game when he hit them. "GODDAMN IT!!!" he yelled as the game flashed 'GAME OVER'.

"You lost?" Gaara asked with a grin.


"I want to try one." Gaara stated holding up the coin Kankurou dropped. Kankurou muttered 'alright' under his breath as he looked around for a game that Gaara could easily play.

"You understand now, right?" Kankurou said five minutes later. "You hit the things with your hand when they come out of their holes." He demonstrated on the side of the game.

"It sounds stupid."

"It's harder then it sounds." Kankurou said leaning against the game to watch. Gaara put the coin in and waited. As the game started he realized Kankurou was right it was harder then it sounded. Each time he hit one another came out of a different hole, faster each time. It took everything Kankurou had to keep a straight face as he tried to play the game. Gaara glared at the game as it flashed GAME OVER.

Kankurou chuckled under his breath. "Try again," Kankurou said holding up another coin. Gaara ignored him and started to walk away. "You'll never get good at it if you keep quitting." Kankurou said. "Try again; I'll help. Here," he mover in front of the machine leaving room for Gaara.

Gaara stepped up next to him as he put the coin in. "You hit these two and I'll hit these two, ok? The middle one's for both of us."

The game started again and the two brothers went at it. Gaara was doing much better with Kankurou's help and together they got a high score. "Hell yeah!!" Kankurou yelled smacking the machine. "What are you looking at?" he demanded to a group of little kids who were staring at him. They ran away. Laughing, he gave Gaara a gentle swat on the shoulder. "Let's go somewhere else."

As they walked Kankurou realized how comfortable he was with Gaara. Was it really the absence of the Shukaku that made him more comfortable? Or was it like Temari said and they really didn't understand him and he liked the attention. Whatever it was he was glad Temari had dared him to do this. He was having a good time, and Temari would stop trying to cook.

"How 'bout that one?" Kankurou pointed to a fun house. Again Gaara gave no opinion, just simply followed his brother to the line. Kankurou glanced at Gaara. He seemed tired, not looking at anything in particular, just looking. Kankurou wondered what he was thinking about. He was answered right away.

"How do you know who to play these games?"

Kankurou leaned against the rail casually. The way Gaara was standing in front of him was almost comical; like a little kid demanding something, not a homicidal maniac. "Why wouldn't I know?" he asked.

"There's nothing like this in the Sand Village." Gaara said.

"Sure, there is." Kankurou said. "There's one right next to our house."

"Oh." Pause. "Why did you want me to come with you?"

"Why not?"

"I thought you hated me."


"And wanted me dead like father wants."

STAB! "I just never liked kids—"

"Because of me." Kankurou stopped and stared at Gaara. There was a long uncomfortable silence. By the time it was their turn to go into the house Kankurou was desperately racking his brain for something to say. They entered a room full of mirror. A little light bulb went off in Kankurou's head.

"Watch this." He took Gaara's shoulders and steered him in front of a mirror. Gaara looked at his reflection with pure hate. "You don't like your reflection?"

"Would you?"

"At least you look better then me." Kankurou stood behind him. "Close your eyes." Gaara did so and Kankurou moved him in front of another mirror. "Alright, open them." Gaara opened his eyes and stared at his reflection. A smile almost crossed his face as he stared at their distorted figures. "How 'bout this one?" Kankurou steered him to another mirror, and then another, each reflection more ridiculous as the last.

When they had looked at every mirror and then some, they moved to the next room. And fell through the floor. Cursing, Kankurou grabbed the door and Gaara grabbed his legs.

"Are you alright?" Kankurou asked when he had control over himself. There was no answer. "Gaara?" Gaara made a small noise below him. Kankurou could feel him trembling against his legs. "Are you alright?"

"I can't see anything, it's too dark." His grip around his brother's legs tightened.

Kankurou sighed and began concentrating on his grip on the door. Then, suddenly as he began using chakra for a better grip the door just disappeared and he was grasping nothing but air. They fell through the dark and landed on something squishy like a waterbed that rolled and pitched with their sudden weight. Whatever they were on seemed to want to separate them, but Gaara's painful grip wouldn't let it. They were thrown forward onto a hard cold surface. Kankurou decided it was a slide of some sorts because they immediately began sliding downwards. Kankurou sat up as they went down and broke Gaara's grip and pulled him off his legs, which were now completely cut off from their blood supply. The slide ended, throwing them through another door into a brightly lit room.

The brothers stood up and looked around. "Whoa, that's just weird." Kankurou stated. They were standing on a sidewall of a living room, but they weren't using any chakra to do it. They both saw a door on the other sidewall, which from their point of view was the ceiling. Testing it, Kankurou found he could walk on the living room's 'floor' easily with out chakra. Gaara seemed to decide that he'd had enough and didn't want to move. Kankurou went up to him and knelt in front of him, which seemed weird because he was looking at Gaara's head, not his face. "Come on, baby brother."

"I'm not a baby," Gaara stated as Kankurou picked him up and slung him over his shoulders. "Put me down."

"Sure you're not." Kankurou opened the door the door and walked through. They entered another room with puzzle pieces on the floor instead of tiles. He walked gingerly across the floor, but when he reached the middle one of the pieces broke off and fell through followed by others until there was a good size gap between them and the other door marked EXIT.

"Oh, not again," Gaara groaned form Kankurou's shoulders.

"I can make that." Kankurou assured him. He backed up to give him self a running started then sprinted across, leaping over the hole. But as he passed over it more fell, until there was nothing to catch his landing. They were going to fall into another black pit, and they didn't know if they could get out. The two boys yelled as they began to fall.


Kankurou groaned loudly as he pulled his face off the clear glass floor. Gaara busted out in a fit of laughter.

"Shut up!" Kankurou said standing up with Gaara still slung over his shoulders. "It wasn't funny."

"Yes, it was." Gaara said, laughing so hard his eyes teared up, as Kankurou trudged over to the door.

"Would you shut up?" Kankurou said loudly as he opened the door and walked though. They were outside again. The Kohona villagers were walking around, laughing and talking about they're own things. Over to their left was the line of people waiting at the entrance.

"We're out," Kankurou stated sighing.

"Are you sure? It's not another room?" Gaara asked wiping his eyes after getting over his laughter.


"Then put me down." Kankurou placed Gaara back on the ground. They walked away from the house. "That wasn't fun." Gaara stated.

"You didn't like it?"

"It's called a Fun House, but it wasn't fun."

"Well, some people think getting scared is fun." Kankurou said with a shrug. "Are you hungry?" Gaara nodded and they went over to a food stand. They tried just about everything on the stand except for a dish that looked like someone had just barfed it up and they sprinkled sugar all over it.

Gaara wanted to get on another ride and found one that spun very fast. Kankurou insisted that he really didn't want to go on it and that Gaara would regret it if he did. Gaara didn't listen and five minutes after the ride Gaara had his head in a trashcan with Kankurou rubbing his back trying desperately not to say 'I told you so'.

"Kankurou! What's wrong with Gaara?" Kankurou looked up and saw Temari and the other ninja's running up to them. Gaara pulled his head out with a groaned, and took the drink of water Kankurou handed him.

"Little to much excitement." Kankurou said patting Gaara's shoulder.

"It's five o'clock, let's go home." Temari said. "Let's go home now so we can pick up something to eat."

"You're not cooking?" Gaara asked as they left the Kohona Amusement Park.

"No I don't feel," she glared at Kankurou, "like cooking today."

"Thank god." He muttered when she turned away.

The leaf-nins separated and went home. Naruto and the sand-nins went to Naruto's house to drop him off. They thanked him for inviting them and told him they had fun. Then they made their way back home, stopping to order take-out. Kankurou went in, leaving Temari and Gaara outside. When he came back out, Gaara was sound asleep on a bench next to Temari.

"What did you two do?" she asked taking the bags from Kankurou.

Kankurou shrugged. "We just had a good time." He sat down in front of Gaara and pulled him on his back and carried him piggyback style home. "You know, I've carried you more today it seems then at the Chuunin tournement.." he complained to Gaara.

When they got to the house, Kankurou laid Gaara down on the sofa while Temari went into the kitchen to get drinks and plates. The two sat around the coffee table trying not to wake Gaara, but he did.

Gaara opened his eyes, surprised that he had slept and the room was still intact. Temari and Kankurou looked up at him when he sat up. Temari smiled at him and handed him a plate of food and drink. They ate in silence, which was normal for them. Kankurou helped Temari clear the table, then went into the kitchen with her. Gaara could hear them whispering. They always did that and it was always about him. Sighing, he leaned his head towards the kitchen to catch what they were saying. When they came out they were both smiling. That can't be good.

"Gaara? We were wondering something and we want your opinion." Temari said with her hands clasped behind her back.

'That's new.' Gaara thought to himself.

"Since Kazekage never set a specific time for us to return to the Village of Sand, we were going to stay here until we're called." Temari said, shifting nervously. "We thought you might want to stay here cause we know how you hate the Sand Village......what do you think?"

"Alright," Gaara replied.

"Yosh!" Temari said, clapping her hands together. "I'll talk to the Hokage- sama tomorrow." She yawned. "Let's go to bed now."

As they walked up the stairs, Gaara remember he didn't have a bed in his room since he never slept. Kankurou remembered the same thing.

"You can sleep in my bed tonight. I'll sleep on the sofa downstairs." Gaara turned to Kankurou, who pushed him into the room and shut the door, saying goodnight. Kankurou said goodnight to Temari and went back downstairs.

Gaara stood in Kankurou's room groping in vain for the light switch. He had never been in Kankurou's room before and had no idea where anything was. Giving up on the light he slowly made his way across the room and found the bed, miraculously not tripping on anything. Not bothering to take even his shoes off he climbed into the bed.

There was a knock at the door and Temari walked in, flicking the light switch he couldn't find. Looking around he was surprised he hadn't tripped on anything. Kankurou wasn't a very good house-keeper. Temari came in and sat down on the bed.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well......this is the first time you've ever been able to sleep...and..I was just worried. That's all." She said nervously.

Gaara rolled over so his back was to her. "I'm fine."

There was a long pause. "Did you have fun today?" Gaara nodded. "What did you and Kankurou do?"

"We played a game...and we went into a non-fun house."

"A what?"

"A non-fun house. It was called a Fun house, but it wasn't fun."

"You didn't like it?"

"No I liked it. Kankurou fell through a hole that wasn't really a hole and we stood on the side of a room without chakra and went through a door that was on the ceiling."

"Sounds like you had fun."


Temari glanced over his shoulder. He had fallen asleep. It was strange to see Gaara sleeping. she half expected for him to open his eyes and the Shukaku would be staring at her. But that didn't happen and it wouldn't happen. Not tonight. She paused for a moment then leaned down and gave him a light kiss on the cheek, then got up, and went over to the door.

"Good night, Gaara-nii-san," she whispered as she shut the door.