The cat curled up to her leg lovingly. She had fallen asleep on the torn sofa hours ago, and had lost track of time. She opened her eyes in a daze and glanced down at her feet to see her loyal companion rest her small head on a pillow. It was growing dark outside, and she was still soar from the last encounter she had with an old friend. But it was her evening none the less and Gotham was her playground tonight.

"Oh Miss Kitty, why didn't you wake me sooner?" Selina stood up slowly, stretching her arms far above her head. Never denying Miss Kitty, she retrieved a carton of milk from her refridgerator. She poured it into the cat's dish, but then quickly reacted to a sort of tapping noise that she heard on the other side of the room. Cautiously, she moved towards her window and opened it. She peeked outside expecting to find a cat or two. Instead she noticed a flash of black that passed onto the rooftop.

"Spying on me, love? A cat can play at that game too. . ." She knew different ways into Wayne Manor, and used it to her advantage at any given oppurtunity. Squeezing into her infamous suit of black and leaving Miss Kitty with her bowl full of milk, she was off to play the game that she so often played with Bruce. She enjoyed discovering new routes to every nook of Gotham that she could. This time, the rooftops seemed suitable. Running and climbing, she had never felt more alive. The moon was fuller than she had ever seen, and yet somehow she still felt that the moon's light was incomparable to the eyes of a cat. She believed that there is a hidden power within a cat's glance, something that no ordinary human could ever understand. These thoughts had been crossing her mind more frequently, it seemed that the more she saw him, the more in touch with her abilities she was. When she reached the manor, she climbed onto her favorite ledge, which had a window that peeked straight into the master bedroom, and onto his bed. She noticed that within the silk sheets, there lie a tired man. She could swear that he was smiling, but she was never to quick to judge human emotion.

"Asleep already? My poor dear, sleep well. Gotham belongs to catwoman tonight." She was dissappointed that there would be no encounter as she had expeceted, but also surprised that perhaps, the dark figure she saw cross her window was not him, but her imagination. She quietly made her way back into the heart of Gotham City. Noticing a "Going out of Business" sign in the window of a closed shoe store, she couldn't help but be enticed by the idea of swiping some new boots in the dead of night. While happily turning the corner and making her way to the store, she heard the clear shriek of a woman. She looked in a nearby alleyway, and stared at the two people standing before her in shock.

It was a man dressed in black, he seemed to have a strong grip on the shoulders of a petite and terrified woman. He grinned, "Oh, hello there." The man dressed in black looked directly into Selina's eyes. It was him, same build, the same unmistakable apparel, but how could it be? She thought to herself in a bewilderment, "I was just watching him sleep through his window. . .how is it possible?" She stood in wonder, then noticing a bruise on the girls face.

"What the hell are you doing?" No witty or clever remarks came to her mind in this bizarre situation.

"Simply having some fun, dearest. You're welcome to join us." He kept the sinister grin on his face, which was progressively irritating her. She sharply looked at the girl, she now noticed that her shirt was slightly torn near the shoulder. Selina untied her whip from her waist and raised it above her head.

"Get out of here, girl, the BAT and I have some business to take care of." The girl ran away frantically and the man dressed in black stayed perfectly still.

"That was my prey, Selina, I suppose you'll have to do for now." Growing more baffled, she tried to take control of the situation the only way she knew. Calmly, she curved her body, leaning to the left, and vigorously cracked her whip on the cold concrete ground.

"Prey? Not your style, Bruce. 'Think I better whip some sense into you." She could see his cold stare through the mask, he was not threatened at all by her challenge.

"My dear Selina, keep something in mind. . ." He stepped in front of her almost touching her face, her hands fell to her side. He looked down into what she once thought were her powerful eyes.

"I am by far the stronger of us." She looked spitefully up at him, almost twitching. She fiercely sliced her claws into his face, the cut was deep, but he made no movement. The action was met with her neck being tightly grapsed by his large gloved hand. He slowly lifted her up into the air, just enough so her feet could not touch the ground. Her clawing seemed to have little affect on him.

She managed to speak, ". . .heh. . .you still haven't. . .learned. . ." She smiled, still gasping for air, clutching his arms which were tightening around her neck. She kicked him upside his skull, it was the first thing that had actually seemed to hurt him in any way. She did it again, fiercer and quicker.

"Agh!" He released the heavy grasp he had on her neck. She knew he had to be at least slightly disoriented from that last kick. She thrusted her body into a backflip, keeping her distance from him. Proud of her stunt, she held her whip with one hand, sliding down her other hand to the tip.

"You may be stronger, but I am BY FAR quicker." Trying to maintain balance in her state of shock, she used everything in her path the climb up the side of the alleyway.

"Goodnight for now, darling." She wasn't sure if he would try to follow her at this point, she thought it best just to move as fast as she could. She didn't want to think of the disturbing grin he had on his face, or unfamiliar scent that he carried.