1Batman slowly turned around to find the imposter standing behind him.

"You know, I'm not finished with that story yet. You have no business reading through it."

The imposter took a step closer towards Batman.

"Nor do you have any business ruining my art."

Batman struggled to speak.

"Art? You mean evidence, you sick bastard..." Batman clenched his fists tightly.

"How could you write this...all of this, how could you know?"

The imposter smiled as he shook his head.

"Oh come now, your actions are nothing short of predictable. How could I not know?"

Unsure of the imposter's insight into Selina's stay at Wayne Manor, Bruce grew increasingly worried.

"You're going to jail..." Batman tried desperately to keep his focus off of the seemingly infinite pictures of Selina spread across the wooden floor.

"...and you're not going to terrorize her anymore. This ends now."

The imposter grinned through his sharp teeth and spoke.

"Oh no, this is far from over. Do you see this?" The imposter raised a small black object resembling that of a remote control.

"This could seal her fate right this moment. Do you think I don't know where she is? No, of course you know I know. Oh, and whom she's with? Ah yes. I'm fully aware. Just as aware as you are that I could easily plant a device in that place that could set off an explosion large enough to eliminate the building. And all I need to do is press this button."

Batman's eyes widened as his heart sank.

"Don't do it."

The imposter placed his thumb over the top button.


Before Batman could reach his hand, the imposter pressed the button, as the two felt a tremor in the earth below.

Unsure of what to believe, Batman clenched the man's neck with his fists and beat his head against the wall.

As the imposter's already bruised body began to bleed, he managed to speak slurred words from his broken mouth.

"Never occurred to you that you might still be able to save them...eh? Or that I'm lying...?"

Batman knew that leaving the man here would only give him more opportunities to do further damage, but he was too afraid to drag any help into the situation. It seemed as though any person involved would be hurt, somehow. He struck the man one last time and left him in a pool of his own blood on the floor. Within an instant, he was gone, unsure of what he would be met with.


He reached Leslie's home with cautious optimism. It was seemingly unharmed, but he knew what he felt. There was, without a doubt, some form of explosion.

"LESLIE!" He screamed as he ran inside the building.

Leslie descended the stairs slowly in her terry cloth robe.

"Bruce? What's all this noise about?"

Batman caught his breath as he looked across the room. There was no evidence of any kind of explosion.

"Are you hurt? What happened here?"

Leslie quickly went to Batman's side and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Bruce, calm down! Are you alright? What's wrong?"

Batman grabbed Leslie's shoulders.

"Did you feel it? There was an explosion, he said...he said he knew where she was..."

Leslie brought her frail hand to her face.

"Selina? Oh, she...left. I couldn't keep her here, Bruce, I'm sorry. I tried. She said she had work to do. I managed to give her some new stitches and a few new bandages, but she refused to stay here and heal."

Batman's tone of voice grew deeply concerned, a shock to Leslie.

"Leslie, you have to tell me where she is."

Leslie adjusted her glasses and tried to think.

"She didn't say where, she just said that a friend needed her. Bruce, what's happened?"

Batman turned his head away from Leslie.

"A friend..."

After a moment, Batman turned to Leslie once more and spoke with a dire desperation.

"Leslie, I want you to get out of this place. Go somewhere safe. That madman, I think he knows about...he knows too much."

She folded her arms across her torso and looked away from Batman.

"I'm sorry Bruce...but you know I won't leave my patients. They need me here."

Batman breathed in deeply, knowing he had little time to spend there. He reached into his belt and pulled out a small device.

"This is all I can offer you. If you notice anything strange, you can contact me with this. Never hesitate to use it. I'll be here."

Leslie looked despairingly up at Bruce.

"I understand."

His mind heavy with doubt, Batman reluctantly left Leslie to find Selina. He had some hope that she had fled to somewhere safer. But a fear in his mind refused to stay quiet, and he knew what it was he had to face.

As his body swung through Gotham, in the distance, he could hear the sirens and smell the smoke. Though he tried to convince himself it wouldn't be Selina's apartment, he knew better.

When he reached what was once her home, Batman found the entire place had been destroyed, including many of the apartments below her own. The police screamed toward him not to go near the building itself, as it could collapse entirely at any moment.

As his pulse grew more rapid, Batman scanned the area for her body.