This is my first attempt at straight shonen-ai. And to think a few months ago I was terminally embarrassed by Gravitation! I am thinking of attempting lemon and posting on MediaMiner, my penname there is Laryna6 too. Let me know what you think of the idea.

This is an interpretation of Yu-gi-oh in terms of western ideas of darkness vs. light. Explanation (or rant) at end, so you won't be bored if I wrote the story well and you get it.

Disclaimer: Look, love the card game, but if I owned Yu-gi-oh they'd spend five minutes dueling and the rest of the time would be character development.

Also, every time I try to do those nice slashes everyone else uses they disappear, so -hikari- --yami-- speech. (hikari) ((yami)) thoughts. Got it?

Also, I learned all my Japanese from reading fanfic, so if I get something wrong, let me know. According to the xxxholic manga, -dono is above -sama. I thought it appropriate.

Requires some knowledge of the manga. Explanation at end.



"I won't be afraid anymore...of the other me."

((Those you really mean them? You do? Oh, thank Ra... I've been so scared. Ironic, isn't it? I, who can shatter souls with a word, my only fear that you would reject me, my savior, my light...))

-Hey, I'm still awake! It's weird. Um... Hello? Can you hear me? Mo Hitori no Boku?-

--Yes, aibou, I can hear you(--


--Do you mind?--

-No, not at all... Um, this is probably very a stupid question, but you are the reason I keep having these blackouts, right?-

--It's not a silly question. Yes. I've been taking over when you are in don't...mind, do you?--

-Well, I figure I've lost my mind, but I'm going to go with it. But, it's odd: blanking out is normal when another personality takes over, so how can I talk to you? Unless I'm imagining this. Gomen nasai, I'm distracting you.-

--You aren't imagining this, and you aren't distracting me. And you don't need to be so formal around me. This little brat's no challenge. Cheating makes you weak. And talking to you is nice.--

(He likes talking to me?! Um, why am I so excited about that?)

-Um, why haven't we talked before then, if it's possible?-

--Well, when I first woke up, I didn't have enough power to be awake by myself, so I had to drain you and that put you to sleep. I'm sorry, Aibou.--

-It's all right...what do you mean when you first woke up?-

--I was born when you solved the millennium puzzle. I owe my life, and I vowed to repay you by protecting you. Um...--

-So you aren't a split personality? Um what?-

--Is it okay with you that I exist? If you want me gone, all you have to do is take apart the puzzle... I don't want to intrude on your life.--

-If you're from the puzzle, wouldn't that kill you?!-

--...Yes. But you gave me my life, so it's your right to take it. I wouldn't mind. It must be scary, having someone else take you over: I'd rather not hurt you that way.—

-It's all right! I don't mind at all! You've helped me so much. Like right, are you losing? Um, do you want help...forget I said that, I'm sure you don't need my help. I don't know anything about this game anyway.-

--I'd take your advice gladly, but it's fine. Wait a minute...--

-Oh! Sugoi! How did you know that would happen?-

--You just need to trust your partners.—


--Those who help you win are just as worthy of the credit as you are. No one succeeds alone. I've won because I've been fighting for you.—

(Like a knight in shining I'm so lucky...)

--What? How can he do that to his own brother?!--

-Punishment game? What's that?-


((Why is Kaiba doing a punishment game instead of me? I always give one to those who break the rules! Yet for some reason, I don't want to...))

-Wow! You saved him!-

--Well, it is my job(--

((Why do I feel so...happy? It's being with him, my light...why do I call him that? Well, it's what he is. My precious light, who brought me out of the darkness.))

-Yay! You did it! You beat Kaiba!-

--Thanks to you and your Grandpa, aibou. Now...--

-What did you just do?-

--Opened his mind, little light. His heart was shrouded in darkness, I just let in the light. Hopefully, it'll show him where he went wrong.--

-Little light?-

--Gomen nasai, Motou-dono! I didn't mean to...--

-No, it's ok, I don't mind. I mean, you're using my body, so we're the same height. And you don't need to be so formal around me. I mean, dono? I'm not Kaoru! Anything you want to call me is fine.-

(Little light? First aibou, now this? I have pet names? ...I think I like it. And why was he so apologetic? Wow, he must really care what I think!)

--Arigato, hikari.--

Duelist Kingdom:

-Wow, Kaiba's acting really polite.-

--Well, how would you act around someone who suspended you in midair when you jumped off a ledge and then knocked you out so you couldn't do anything else stupid without even touching you, chibi tenshi? Not to mention rescuing your and your brother's souls.--

-...I'd be polite too.(-

--No, you're very rude and teasing.--


--No, I like you this way. Did I ever tell you, that I was capable of coexisting with you, with both of us awake, a long time before Death-T? I was just scared, scared that you would be afraid of me. I wouldn't have been able to bear that. I love that you stand up to me, help me as an equal. It was your idea that allowed us to beat Pegasus, hikari!--

-But it was your strength, Mirror.-


-Like it? I've been trying to think of a name for you since we met. I mean, you call me so many things... and you're more than mo Hitori no Boku. You're your own person, so you deserve a name..-

--A mirror image, reflecting your light...--

-With me forever.-


Battle City:

-Isn't it great that Tea told us about this exhibit, Mirror?! Now we know something about your past! Of course, I knew you were just as great then as you are now, oh mighty King of Games.-

--Yes. If I get back my memories...I mostly know how to do things, but if I get my memories back, I should be stronger so I can do a better job of protecting you.--

-Is that all you ever think about?-


-Okay, stupid question.-

(God, he cares so much about me it's scary. Almost. Just's great.)

"Great, Mirror! You beat Marik and saved everyone! I knew you could do it!"

"Um, I think we have a problem, aibou."


"The shadow game is over, and you're not back in your body."

"Well, let's enjoy it while it lasts."

"Way to go Yug!"

"Why, oh why are the hot ones always taken!"

"Don't look Mokuba. It'll rot your brain."

"Why did he get the nice one!!!!! Oh my. Sorry."


-Um, sorry.-

--Why are you stopping?--


"It was nice of Kaiba to forge documents for you."

"Well, he must have hated owing us. I feel like I'm imposing. I mean, food, clothing..."

"With all the money you've got from tournaments, you're putting us both through college. I don't think you need to worry about being a financial burden."

"Now that I'm separate from you, I worry...what if something happens to you and I'm not there?"

"Oh please, have better faith in your training. I can whip bullies myself now, even if I don't have magic."

"I don't either, anymore."


"Ever since I started talking to you, my powers have been decreasing. That's why I didn't stop Marik's shadow games. I'm sorry."

"You mean, I've taken away your powers?! I'm so sorry, Mir-chan."

"Shh, don't cry, koi. I don't need them anyways. The only thing I ever used them for was punishing people who hurt you. When I first woke up...I was like a different person. I was so cold, and's better this way: I won't be tempted. There's only one thing I would regret losing, and that's gotten stronger."

"What's that?"

--My ability to talk to you while kissing.--

-Now, losing that would be a tragedy.-


All right: explanation time.

Death-T is the equivalent of the first anime episode in the manga. Kaiba wins the blue-eyes and rips it up. He wants revenge on Yugi for beating him before so he makes him run this gauntlet before dueling him. As part of it, he duels Mokuba in a game called Capsule Monster Chess. He does something equivalent to Open Your Mind to Kaiba.

When Yami duels Marik, it's a Shadow Game. Sort of like the one with Bakura, where you lose body parts for life points, but their hikaris are separate from the yamis and they lose the parts. It's unfair, Marik reflects on how if Yugi dies Yami dies but if Malik dies, he throws a party. I thought this was a good way to give them separate bodies.

Kaiba's line is from a story by Vathara, she's on my favorites list, read her stuff! She rules! Bakura's line is a reference to another story.

I'm going to edit this story later, constructive criticism appreciated. It ended up being more straight fluff than I planned, but that's ok, right? Right?

Philosophical Stuff: In eastern mythology, there is yin and yang. Darkness and light are equals and inseparable. From a western point of view, that's nonsense.

It can be summed up by the phrase, 'Evil flourishes (only) when good men do nothing.' Light is fundamentally superior to darkness.

Darkness is nothing more than the absence of light.

In Christian mythology, when Lucifer rebelled he got his butt kicked, and when he dares try again he's foredoomed to failure. Human evil is only possible because God allows it, the whole free will thing. Light rules.

Ok, Yami's journey is kind of a summary of the human condition. We start out as babies as selfish bastards (also original sin). We want to be good (are drawn to the light) and are redeemed unless we let things get in the way (like darkness existing in a lighted room only because something's between it and the light.) . Yami is drawn to Yugi, and as long as he stays separate, he remains dark. When he lets down his barriers, the light shines into him, dispelling his dark nature. Since his powers come from darkness, he ends up losing them. He also loses his dark traits, such as homicidal mania. (Read the manga.)

He ends up reflecting Yugi's light (well, he is his mirror image.) This is my explanation of how he went from dark avenger to the hero we all know and love ;).

Someone else did a thematically similar story to this, where Yami/darkness, is destroyed when he lets in the light by kissing Yugi. If anyone knows the title let me know: like an idiot I didn't bookmark it. I want to do a similar scene, but with lemon, as a climax. If anyone can think of a better name for Yami to have, let me know: I'm not completely satisfied with Mirror.

Ok, sorry about the long authors notes, hope I didn't bore you. I'm thinking of doing something similar to this with the other pairs. You like?