Tony jumped off the swing at the park. He ran into the grass and began picking clovers and dandelions for his mother. Glancing up, he saw she was sitting on a bench reading the newspaper.
"Good," Tony whispered to himself. "Now she'll be surprised!" Surprising his mommy was always fun. He loved to hear her laugh and then hug him with joy. He giggled excitedly. Tony looked around for any flowers he might have missed. A lone, white daisy was growing in front of a man sitting on a bench. It was the prettiest flower in the whole park. He knew his mom would love it. Still, he wasn't sure if he should pick it. He didn't like strangers. Tony hesitated before slowly crawling on his hands and knees to the flower. His arm extended, but before the flower was plucked, the man on the bench grabbed Tony.
"Kitty! I've been looking for you," the man exclaimed, looking at Tony. Fear washed over the 5-year-old boy. He wasn't a cat. Tony looked at the blonde-headed stranger with wide green eyes. Before he could scream for his mommy, Tony was carried swiftly away from the park under the arm of the man. The flowers fell from Tony's hand as the blue eyed man ran away with him.