The next day, the policemen showed up again. They had given up on trying to wash the make-up off of the kids and decided to just let it come off naturally.
Coricopat was the first realize the two men were back and warned the others. They all crowded around the window, Mistoffelees and Jemima pushing their way up front to see.
Soon, more cars appeared and people got out, looking nervous as they tried to enter the house and were stopped by the police. Mistoffelees noticed that they had started to talk, so he opened the window.
"Remember as you go in there and take your child home tonight, they've grown up as cats. It's all they know, I'm assuming, since they were all taken between the ages of three and five, and since they were then brainwashed. So they will behave a lot like cats. All they've eaten for about the last eight years is tuna, so that is probably all they will like at first until they are better adjusted. They are all attached, so getting together often will be important, and, if you can, take home one of the children whose parents couldn't be found." All the children looked around, hoping their parents were found, but that their friends' weren't so they could come home with them. "These kids have lived together for eight years. They look up too and only obey one of the other cats,, besides the one who kidnapped them, so you'll have to establish exactly who is in charge, but it may take awhile for them to adjust." Each parent nodded as they were let into the house.
Upstairs, all the children hugged, hoping they would see each other again. Misto hugged Victoria last, as the parents rounded the corner to the room. Before they entered, Mistoffelees told Vikki he would never forget her.
The children stood at one end of the room with the parents on the other. Misto saw his mother right away. She hadn't changed. Her eyes sparkled blue and her hair was still the golden he remembered, but she didn't recognize him anymore. She looked from face to face, trying to tell which one was her son. Her eyes rested on Mungojerrie for awhile, before she finally looked away. Mistoffelees looked at his friends. He could tell they recognized their moms and dads too, and were also disappointed to see that they weren't recognized. The parents couldn't tell who was their kid through the make up, and because they had grown up so much, so they just started calling out names.
Tears were streaming down everybody's faces. Jemima, who was only three when she was taken, was scared of her mother and clung tight to Demeter, making her mother cry. Demeter clung to Jemima too, but that was because her mom didn't come. Neither did several other parents. The policemen told each child individually that their parents couldn't be found, but their friends were more than happy to take them home.
Jemima's mom wailed, "I'll take Tessa's friend. Just please make Tessa come home with me!" Demeter looked down at Jemima. They smiled and said good-bye to everybody before being led downstairs.
It was hard for Mistoffelees to say good-bye. He didn't get to take Alonzo or Pouncival, or anybody for that matter, home like Jemima got Demeter, and Etcetera got to have Electra come home with her. Vikki's parents had whisked her away before he got to say a real good bye to her. Alonzo had been surrounded by a group of excited relatives, all hugging him and crying. Misto couldn't get through the group to say good bye. Feeling sad because he couldn't say bye to his best friends, and because only his mom had come to welcome him, he looked up at his mothers smiling face. He hoped that his mom, and all the other parents, would listen to the police and let them get together. And one day, they could all run away together. Away from the strange world of humans. Back into the world of cats.