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Warning: This is a yaoi fanfic. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Summary: Yuki has writer's block and Shuichi tries to cheer him up. Lots of fluff.

Writer's Block.

Yuki erased the last paragraph. This was really getting on his nerves. He had only written one chapter in a week and it wasn't even good. He kept on rewriting whole passages, but that wouldn't do. Finally, he gave up and decided to change the storyline of that damned chapter. He erased the whole thing, turned off his computer and got out of his office slamming the door.

He headed for the kitchen thinking of the soothing effect of a beer. He took a glance at the living room and saw Shuichi watching his video of Nittle Grasper with as much enthusiasm as usual. Very often, the sight of Shuichi helped Yuki recover from his writer's block, but, just now, that definitely didn't work. So he proceeded to the kitchen and opened the fridge door. And then he saw it. Emptiness! Despair! No beer! Well, he would have to make do with coffee. But that wasn't the same. Then he heard somebody opening slowly the kitchen door.

"Is it OK, Yuki? I thought I heard you slamming a door, but I wasn't sure because the TV was loud.", Shuichi inquired, with a worried face.

"Mind your own business!", Yuki snapped. He didn't feel like talking, especially with Shuichi, who was again going to babble for hours.

"Yuki.", Shuichi answered, with a sheepish look. "Why are you angry? Tell me what's the problem. Perhaps I can help."

"You want to know what's the problem! I'm going to tell you! I have writer's block. I haven't been able to write something interesting for a week. And now there isn't even beer in my own fridge. Why didn't you buy beer when you did the shopping yesterday?"

"But, Yuki, you always buy it yourself. You know it's not good for your health and I'm not going to buy that awful drink for you!"

Yuki saw that he had once again made Shuichi sad and he felt guilty for that. He couldn't understand why the boy still lived with him. "How can you put up with me?", he suddenly asked.

"Because I love you!", Shuichi answered at once. He was used to Yuki asking such obvious things when he was depressed. But he didn't expect what came next.

"How do you know if I feel the same for you?"

Shuichi blinked and remained voiceless for a minute, thinking about what to say to cheer up his lover. "Yuki, you don't have to jump all around the room screaming: "Shuuu-chaaan, I love you!"!" Shuichi giggled at the thought. That would be funny, but definitely upsetting. "This is my way of expressing my feelings, not yours. But don't worry, I speak Yukese and I'm very good at it! So, every day, I can feel your love in your words, in your eyes, in your smile. Every single day, I can see how much you love me, even when you think you're hiding it."

Yuki looked at Shuichi, amazed by his answer. He gave him one of his marvellous smiles and said: "Now I understand why I couldn't write. You stole my muse!".

"Is it a compliment?", a beaming Shuichi asked.

"Maybe. But, anyway, I want my inspiration back."

"How can you do that?" Shuichi wondered what Yuki was getting at.

"Just like that." Yuki came closer to Shuichi, caressed his cheek and gave him a tender kiss.

Shuichi blushed, elated, and asked softly: "Did it work?".

"Probably. I'll check that tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? But it's only nine. You can still write tonight."

"I have other projects for tonight." Yuki answered enigmatically. He was now wearing a mischievous smile. Then he took Shuichi's hand in his own and led him into their bedroom, where he could show him his love in the most passionate way.

The end.

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