Title: Mistakes during Lunch

Rating: PG

Spoilers: Reveille slightly

Pairing: Slight Tony/Kate

Summary: Tony POV during the lunch scene with Ducky and Kate.

Author's Note: I read too much into things. So if I'm getting annoying, just say so.

Tony POV

"Gibbs was like this just before his last divorce," Ducky was saying.

"We can't divorce him, Ducky," Kate said smiling as she took a sip of her drink.

Damn, that drink looks good.

"You wouldn't want to, my dear. No matter how gruff he becomes," Ducky replied.

"Yeah maybe he'll take his frustrations out on the mysterious redhead instead of us," I said purposefully talking with my mouth open.

Maybe she'll take pity on me and let me have a sip of her drink.

"Must you talk with your mouth full?" Kate said, disgustingly.

I started to chew with my mouth closed, just to make her happy.

"No," I swallowed. I looked over at her across the table. She was watching me with those eyes of hers making sure I swallowed. We held eye contact for a few brief seconds before I smiled and she looked away.

"Who was Gibbs chasing when he divorced his last wife?" Kate asked, probably trying to avoid me.

While she was distracted looking at Ducky, I seized my opportunity to get some of her drink. Never mind. I don't think I want to drink some of that anymore. I dipped the lemon into Kate's drink. Well, I actually don't think it was a lemon. I just want to piss her off. Mistake on my part.

"Had to be a redhead," I said adding into the conversation. Another mistake on my part.

She saw what I was doing, and she hit me in the head.

Well well well, who do we have here now? Another Gibbs. A female Gibbs. Lord help her. And me. That hurt. I think I need some Advil.

"You are not Gibbs! You do that again, you're gonna be wearing that tuna salad!" I said, a bit mad that she had the nerve to hit me.

She gave me a look and went back to her conversation.

I went back to my burger, making sure to chew and swallow, chew and swallow. I looked out on the street. There was that pretty Swedish girl again!

"It's her!" I exclaimed, bringing Kate's and Ducky's attention towards me.

"Who?" Ducky asked.

"The love of my life," I replied, wiping my face with a napkin before taking off and leaving Kate with Ducky.

That was probably another mistake on my part.