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Piper/Leo – Married (piper pregnant) Phoebe/Cole – Married Paige/Glen Spoilers for charmed – I'd say all of it but about season five Stargate – using aspects from all seasons but for some areas I have gone AU.

Blah = premonition 'Blah' = thoughts


Outside a cinema

"I have to ask this again. Why did we go and see the horror film?" Piper asked while her sisters and their respectable others walked with them. "Don't we have enough horror in our lives as it is?"

"I liked it, its good to see something's that are only fictional" Phoebe said as she walked hand in hand with Cole, "and you lost the vote"

They all laughed at that, even Piper managed a to laugh. She had a sad flashback of doing the same thing a few years ago with Prue and Jack. But that was time when she was with Dan and not Leo, and she honestly couldn't life without Leo now. she smiled at that thought and returned her attention back to the conversation that was going on around her.

"... But don't you think that was just so cliché" Phoebe pointed out.

"Phoebe you always point out clichés" Cole said back to Phoebe.

"Whose side are you on?" She replied through ground teeth.

"Well I think all horror films are clichéd, it's hard to imagine that most are real from all the things I've seen" Paige said

"Yeah I second that" Glen said speaking up.

"Yeah well its nice to relax a little after a hard week of demon hunting" Piper said

Everyone was laughing once again. Paige and Glen stopped suddenly and everyone was a bit worried why but realised that they would catch up eventually.

"They have the right idea. I think they were doing that for most of the film as well," Phoebe announced laughing as they walked away from Paige and Glen making out. Phoebe pulled Cole closer and he draped his arm around her. She was suddenly pulled into a premonition.

Four people walking out from a restaurant... demon hiding in the bushes just outside... fireballs getting thrown at them... they all dive out of the way... a man and a woman shooting at it... a man with glasses getting hit with a fireball and falling to the ground. Lifeless.

She gasped as she came out of the premonition.

"What did you see?" Piper asked concerned. Paige and Glen turned noticing something was wrong and ran over.

"What's wrong?" Paige asked coming up to her sisters.

"Phoebe just had a premonition," Leo said to Paige. "What did you see Phoebe?" He asked returning his attention back to Phoebe.

"Umm... well there was these four people, they were coming out of a restaurant. There was this demon... kind of reptile looking; it was hiding in the bushes... it jumped out... threw a fireball... they dived out of the way... two of them pulled guns out of their jackets and started shooting, then the demon aimed for the one with glasses... threw a fireball at him... and he died" Phoebe said trying to remember more details from her premonition.

"Phoebe, when and where?" Piper asked

"Umm... I think it was tonight" They looked at her, they all wondered how she knew. "I know, how could I know it was tonight? I don't know... I just sort of can tell... I feel it. Umm... as for where, I did recognise the restaurant. You know that new restaurant that opened near P3, umm... 'Strike'. They were coming out of there."

"What about the demon?" Paige asked

"I said that... it was kind of reptile looking... we better get there we don't know when it is going to happen?"

"Leo you better go and check with the Elders" Piper said and Leo orbed out. "The rest of us should head to 'Strike' and make sure that no one dies."

"Ok then lets go" Phoebe said as they turned around and started running in the direction of P3 and the restaurant 'Strike'.


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