Id like to start by saying that this is my first Angel fic! Yay! Ive posted oodles of Buffy fics (So check them out. lol..please) but i had to take a stab at this!. Enjoy!

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Copyright - Joss' sandbox, I just play in it.

Time line/Spoilers - right after "Not Fade Away"

Pairing- Fred/ Wesley

Author- Kaley Dawn Roberts aka dawnroberts

Rating- PG13

As he lay on the floor, a crimson stream flowing from the wound in his stomach, Wes saw the form hovering over him change. The dark blue outline of Ilyria faded, softened. He greeted Her with tears in his eyes. He felt her own fall onto his face, hot and moist. As she whispered his name over and over, every thing slowly faded out of focus, then completely, as he got his release from the world.

"I love love...oh, my love...."

Wesley smiled at those words. And then realized that he could still smile, without the pain. He opened his eyes slowly, adjusting to the warm light around him. There she was.

She stood smiling across from him, her face kind and full of life. And he wouldn't let himself believe it was Fred.

"Ilyria?" He asked, not moving closer and having no idea where he was. She shook her head, auburn waves flowing loosely across her shoulders. But it was too good to be true. The tiny dimples and matching nose. It has to be her, but it was impossible.

"But Fred.... your soul. It was destroyed."

Her smile didn't waver in the least.

"Silly Wesley. Souls are inconsistencies. Unless you've been evil or undead or had it sucked out of you while your still on Earth, they really don't matter. Once you leave the mortal coil, soul is pretty much just a word." She stepped closer to Wes every few words, so now she was little more than a foot in front of him.

As he listened to the southern lilted babble, Wes knew in a moment that it was really her, his Winnifred. He launched himself into her arms, breaking down from the pain he had held inside for much too long.

Fred cried with him, big soothing tears, as she smoothed her hand through his dark hair and down the nape of his neck. And as the tears rolled down her face, she began to sing softly. A single song that they had never gotten a chance to finish. But now they had all the time in the world.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..."


Authors note: Ive had this bouncing around in my skull since the second that Wes sniffle died. It wasn't that long, but I don't think it really needed to be. It fulfilled my Fresly (Fred/Wesley) fluff needs. I hope you liked it.