Okay, Ive just written this all in one sitting. Proud much? It probably sucks, but I felt the need.

Time line/Spoilers- Seasons 5-7.

Copyright- Joss' sandbox, I just play

Xanders POV

:::16 Months:::

In 16 months,

every scrap you've gathered in 23 years,

every wish made,

every promise gave,

every ring handed.

every promise landed,

is dust.

At 21,

you've got it all.

A job, your friends, a fiancé whose a doll.

But at 22,

its gone down hill.

You want to live but you've lost the will.

You're hero's in a shallow grave,

that girl you've always managed to save.

And when you help bring her back, somethings missing.

And you wish you never found out who she's been kissing.

That bastard who then got to your ex.

After using your best friend for the sex.

Tara dies,

then Willow gets crazy on magick,

after you all underestimated her habit.

For once the 'normal guy' saves the day,

but Dawn makes the only proof go away.

And at 23,

things happen that never occurred in the past.

You feel like you're in a drama show's cast.

The bastard is back, fresh with a soul,

and Buffy is treating him like gold.

In comes Giles, mini slayers in his wake.

A plot twist that takes the cake.

So you help house, clothe, and feed them, tell the house is overrun.

But the latest baddie on the block,

picks them of one by one.

And next you're a carpenter with one eye,

and at the final battle Anya has to die.

16 months ago you had it all,

and for the first time you've realized just how far you've had to fall.

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