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Title: Inquiring Minds

If the lion was advised by the fox, he would be cunning.

William Blake

Chapter 6: Positively Slytherin

To Harry Potter, the potions storeroom seemed perfect. Well, as perfect as it could be to a boy who didn't necessarily appreciate the subject.

The shelves were stocked alphabetically, each bottle had its own color-coded label, and there was even a perfect little step ladder for the shorter students to use to reach the shelves - everything had its place and could be found there.

But as he looked at Blaise's face as she searched high and low for the ingredients to the Chirurgia Serum, he steadily became aware of one fact: the students' potions store room was a terrible, evil place severely lacking in a variety of ways.

"Of course it isn't here," Blaise muttered to herself as she stood on the tips of her toes to replace a somewhat dusty bottle of salamander tongues.

Harry had asked the girl repeatedly to just use the little step ladder to reach the higher shelves, but each time he was rewarded with a hard look. He only suggested the idea twice before he chose to hold his tongue.

He had been working with Blaise for weeks, and he'd be damned if he wasn't learning that if there was one thing to be careful of with Blaise it was her pride.

Never insult her pride.

If there was something else the Gryffindor had learned, it was that just about half of the things she said aloud in his presence were comments that she neither expected nor wanted an answer to.

It was the first time Harry had ever been in contact with a person who found them self to be a superior partner for conversation than him.

It was a bit of a blow to his own pride to realize that she seemed to prefer to talk to herself out loud than to talk to him.

He did, though, take advantage of the opportunity to mock her constantly for being absolutely insane and talking to herself.

But other times, like right now, he could just tell when even the slightest comment could spur an eruption that he wasn't quite ready for.

"I can't believe it! This is absolute horse shi-" Blaise continued on her rant about the store room, her voice growing louder.

"Maybe," Harry cut in loudly trying to keep Blaise from spewing some profanities that may land her in detention (Snape's office wasn't all that far from the store room after all), "We can just wait for instructions from Professor Snape on where to get the ingredients, Zabini."

Blaise snapped her head around to face him, her curly hair twirling about her head in a way that distracted Harry for a second.

He found that he liked it much better when she left her hair down. It made her look less like McGonagall, and more like a regular student - a peer. It was better that way.

"Potter," Blaise answered a bit tiredly as she stared at him, "Do you really think Professor Snape would want us making a volatile solution outside of class?"

Somewhat at ease now that she seemed a bit calmer, Harry shook his head slightly. He was more than willing to admit some weakness now that he had managed to subdue her anger a bit.

The Gryffindor leaned slightly against the shelf behind him, idly running the tips of his fingers over bottles as he watched her.

"He also wouldn't like the fact that you are going to drink it," Blaise added in a silkier tone of voice that told Harry that she couldn't care less at that point what anyone had to say about him drinking that Potion.

It had been about a week since Blaise had made the suggestion to him that he try the Potion and Harry hadn't exactly gotten around to refusing yet.

Blaise, though, seemed to take his noncommittal answer as a yes and now the two were well on their way to brewing the Potion. They had collected just about all of the ingredients with the exception of the pig liver and stewed salamander skin.

Part of Harry wished that the Serum would be like Polyjuice in the fact that it would take forever and a day to brew so that he could use all that time to somehow find a way to sabotage the whole thing.

"Maybe," he said lowly, trying a different tact, "We could just ditch the idea of me trying the serum?"

Blaise quirked an eyebrow and looked to be biting her lips a bit. The sight evoked some vague memory from Harry's head and he remembered that he had seen her bite her lips like that before, but he couldn't recall exactly when or why.

"Nope," the girl answered casually before he could remember anything, "We're brewing it and you, you little pansy, are trying it." Her tone at this point was the ultimate display of imperiousness.

"And if we happened to blow up half the school in the process of brewing this serum… so be it, right? All in the name of Potions." Harry answered, his own words laced with sarcasm and topped with a wide smirk.

Blaise, who had turned back to face the bottles, muttering about how out of date the catalogue was, turned around again to face him, "Are you trying to make a point, Potter?" the girl asked with that appeared to be a light smirk on her face and a slight sparkle to her eyes.

Harry felt himself relaxing further at her casual tone; it appeared that they were just playing now. He wondered when that shift had occurred, what he had done that had sparked it.

"Me, make a point, Zabini?" Harry said with a lazy lilt to his voice. "That would imply that you stopped talking to yourself or criticizing the store room long enough to let me finish a sentence. And we both know that that hasn't happened yet.

Blaise snorted and Harry couldn't exactly tell if she was insulted or trying to keep from laughing. She made no further comment as she turned around to search the shelves a bit more.

After a minute or so Harry spoke up, "Why can't we write to an apothecary and order the ingredients?"

The Slytherin girl made no comment and Harry continued to think the idea through aloud.

"We can just write to the one in Diagon Alley. There may even be one in Hogsmeade, I never really looked," the boy said his hand reaching up to rub his eyes in an attempt to remove the dust irritating them.

"You know, we could even drop the name of the potion in the letter and see if it sparks a reaction. You said people had been working on the serum for years, maybe if we're lucky we can milk the apothecary for contacts and find the name of someone who's researched it," Harry concluded.

Blaise, at some point had turned away from the shelves to face Harry, and as he lowered his hands from his still itchy eyes, his emerald eyes met her dark chocolate ones.

"Are you suggesting that we cheat, Potter?" Blaise said with a smirk.

The girl had anticipated a certain reaction from the Gryffindor as she uttered the words, a vehement denial or shocked outrage and an explanation; but that wasn't what she got.

Potter said nothing to her for a moment. He just lowered his head. Finally, he tilted his eyes up a bit and said, his voice a whisper yet still amused, "It's only cheating if you get caught."

Both of Blaise's eyebrows shot up. She couldn't help it.

"Potter," the girl said, having difficulty hiding the shock in her voice, "that is positively Slytherin of you."

Much to Blaise's astonishment, a half-smile graced Potter's lips at the words. To say that she was caught off guard by that reaction would have been a huge understatement.

"Perfect little Gryffindor, indeed," Severus muttered.

To say that the Potion's Master was pleased with the proof before his very eyes that Potter was just as much the careless rule breaker that he had always known wouldn't have given justice to his feelings.

He was elated, and he showed it as he walked over to the Headmaster to have a few gloating words with him.

Minerva on the other hand was staring at the Perlustrare Harry with astonishment and disapproval practically dripping from her eyes like tears. Prying her eyes away from Harry she looked to the person closest to her: Tonks.

Much to the Transfiguration professor's surprise the young Auror looked about as happy as Snape. "What is it?" she asked the woman, unable to hold in her curiosity.

"Can't you see it?" the Auror said her carrot colored irises gleaming with excitement.

When the Professor blinked owlishly at the question the Auror continued, "He likes her" the young woman said, giddily drawing out the word "likes," and giving it a sing-song quality.

Minerva furrowed her brow and Tonks continued, "Now I don't know exactly how Harry feels about cheating, but given that Blaise is a Slytherin, her feelings on the subject are pretty much a given. He's saying exactly what she wants to hear."

Minerva, beginning to understand, nodded her head slowly. It had been quite a while since she had participated in the ritual stages of the beginning of a relationship. In fact, it had been years, and despite the fact that she was in a school with children exploring those stages each and every day, she had forgotten them.

The Deputy Headmistress was beginning to understand why having Tonks along was a very good idea. She gave the girl in question a tight lipped smile only to find that she was analyzing the couple before her who had started to talk about apothecaries.

"He doesn't even realize that he's doing it," Tonks muttered with an odd smile as she watched Harry explore his Slytherin side.

Minerva tried to think back to Harry the beginning of they year and realized that around the time of the year they were reliving, Harry's inner turmoil and personality shifts had been impossible to ignore.

He had been completely torn up by the loss of Sirius at the end of the last term and he'd been acting however he pleased, regardless of how he affected those around him, for weeks.

It was funny that as she watched these memories she'd hardly seen any of the vicious antagonism and biting anger which had worried her so much at the start of the year.

In fact, she remembered worrying a great deal until…

With a start McGonagall realized that she couldn't place the time of year that she'd stopped worrying about Harry. Somewhere along the line he'd just gotten better and no one, absolutely no one, had thought to question it.

Everyone assumed that someone else had managed to break through to him. She herself had vaguely supposed that the trusty Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley had somehow made a breakthrough with their friend even while they struggled through the beginnings of their own budding romance.

The professor stared avidly at Blaise, who was sitting on the floor of the potions storeroom with Harry. The brunette was using the room's step ladder as a makeshift table on which she was writing a letter to send to an apothecary.

Harry was sitting beside her, leaning back on his hands and lazily inserting a comment every now and then.

Minerva wondered if doing things like this with him and treating him as if he was not only unimportant, but beneath her notice was how Blaise had broken through to Harry.

Because whether the young Slytherin knew it or not, Blaise Zabini had helped Harry Potter out his grief.

Of this, the professor now had no doubt.

Harry walked lazily out of the library wondering tiredly why it was that he was mysteriously incapable of transfiguring a shoe into a kitten. It hardly made sense that he was able to transfigure one into a dog and yet not a cat.

For a minute he really felt like caving and asking Hermione about it. The Gryffindor sighed and decided to give his problem some more thought before he resorted to the resident Gryffindor study buddy.

He was pondering the exact differences between dogs and cats that he might attribute his block to when he was grabbed harshly by the collar and pulled into a dark corner of the hallway.

His wand was at the ready and six curses were on his lips by the time he was let go seconds later. What Harry found when he turned, though, was not at all what he expected.

It was Blaise Zabini, somewhat red-faced, but her embarrassment was overshadowed by her exuberant smile. Before he could properly pass out from shock, she was explaining in an excited whisper, "He wrote back!"

Harry stared at her in confusion as he slowly put his wand away, but she didn't even stop to mock his ignorance.

"The apothecary," she gushed, "the one in Hampshire. I told you which one I was sending the letter to before. I remember because when I said it you mentioned that you lived in Surrey, just a county over."

Harry looked at her quietly, surprised that she remembered all that, and absolutely astonished that she was even listening when he mentioned where he lived with the Dursleys.

She certainly hadn't looked like she was paying him any mind.

"But anyway," she continued "He wrote back. He sent us not only the pig's liver and the stewed salamander skin, but also some heliconia. We're going to have to send him a few sickles to pay for it, but he says that it's the best catalyst for the moonstone that is a pretty huge component of the base of the serum.

"I never would have thought of heliconia, I mean it's a pretty random tropical plant. Never would have crossed my mind and getting it would have been-"

"Blaise, relax!" Harry said unable to hide the smile on his face. Much to his surprise the Slytherin smiled back as she stopped her excited fidgeting.

The smile slipped right off his face though when he got a good look at the girl. Somehow she managed to look absolutely exhausted and yet full of energy and excitement at the same time.

"When did this letter come?" Harry asked trying to get a sense of the last time the girl had slept or ate or…breathed properly.

"About a day and a half ago," Blaise responded her excitement returning, "And I was really surprised that he got back to us that fast. Shockingly what you said about Potions experts responding to mentions of the Serum was right because I'm sure he had tons of other things to do. Mr. Raynold is fairly renowned for his discovery of-"

"When was the last time you ate?" Harry cut in, loudly interrupting the excited Slytherin.

"What?" Blaise asked, the beginnings for a sneer appearing on her face.

"You know, food?" Harry said with a smile.

Blaise immediately frowned, "What are you? My keeper?"

"No," Harry responded, "But I'm conc-"

Blaise looked right into his eyes when he almost slipped and after a moment said, "You're what?"

"I'm not going to work on the potion with you until you eat something," Harry responded without the tiniest inflection of emotion in his voice.

"Fine," Blaise responded, her tone equally hard, "If you think I need you to make this Serum, you're greatly overestimating your abilities in Potions and underestimating mine."

"Ah, but, Blaise, half the ingredients are in my trunk."

Foreseeing her response that she could buy them herself, Harry continued. "Plus, exactly who would take notes on the effects of the Potion if you were forced to take it yourself because you didn't have a guinea pig to test it on anymore?" Harry asked with a satisfied smirk.

Blaise was quietly fuming, but after a minute replied, "Fine. I'll eat, but don't start thinking that you can hold this testing the serum business over me. I can always trick someone else into taking it; I'd just prefer you to experience the Serum."

Remembering the sometimes painful effects of the Chirurgia Serum, Harry paled and Blaise began to walk away.

Blaise had walked about five steps down the hall before she turned around and said,

"And stop calling it a potion, you idiot, it's a serum."

Another five steps and the girl tossed over he shoulder, "And stop calling me Blaise!"

"It's funny that," Harry replied with a slight smile, his fears of the serum still plaguing his mind, "I honestly thought Blaise was your name."

Blaise apparently chose not to respond to that as she continued down the hall without comment.

One afternoon a couple of days later Harry was sitting with Blaise in an abandoned classroom. The supplies that the Room of Requirement would automatically provide, the two had decided, would probably have to remain in the room which may pose a problem. They had thus decided to adopt a new meeting place for the brewing which, according to their books, would take about 2 weeks.

Blaise was slowing stirring the barely started Chirurgia Serum and Harry was taking notes in his leather notebook on the letter the apothecary, Mr Raynold, had sent them.

Or at least that is what he told her that he was doing. The letter was sitting beside his little journal and he was glancing at it every now and then, (the man had been kind enough to send them a good deal on the Serum that was mysteriously absent from the books they had read) but he wasn't really taking notes on it.

It's almost Halloween now, Harry wrote in Gryffindor red ink.

I mention that because Ron isn't speaking to me. It was odd to walk into the Great Hall, see the decorations, and not have anyone to comment on them with. He's not talking to me over something I said to Hermione. She made some comment about Sirius, I can barely even remember it now, and let's just say I responded none too favorably.

In a way I guess I'm better than last year because now I don't make a spectacle of myself. I'm perfectly capable of containing my anger enough to keep from jumping up and yelling.

My insults and angry declarations are delivered with much more calm… if you can call that an improvement. The thing is though; I really have little desire to improve much more than that. I already apologized to Hermione and she accepted, but we both know that it wasn't all that heart felt on either end.

She has to stop hassling me about Sirius and my feelings. If I hear her talk about repressed emotion one more time I'll say some things she won't ever want to forgive me for.

Ron is, I'm sure, going to forgive me tonight at dinner or maybe tomorrow at breakfast. He always does and much quicker now that Hermione's got a firmer hold on him.

I already have my bet in with Seamus for exactly when they'll become a couple and then another one for when they'll announce it as if the rest of us didn't know. But I'm tempted to move it up in light of how quickly he's been forgiving me lately.

Blaise has stopped stirring and is staring deep into the cauldron as if she's looking for the meaning of life. I've never seen someone so enamored with a subject like Blaise is with Potions.

Hermione is enthusiastic about every subject, but when it comes to Blaise and Potions she makes Hermione look uninterested.

The girl becomes a completely different person when something great happens with this Potion- oh excuse me- with our Serum. It's a rather funny being around her when that happens…you can literally feel her excitement and happiness as if it was your own.

Severus Snape had always thought it was rather funny to watch Blaise's excitement when she found out something knew about a Potion or an ingredient. He nearly smiled due to it on some occasions, but he would never describe the experience quite the way Potter had.

Listening to Mad- Eye reading, over Potter's shoulder, the words the Gryffindor had written in his notebook, he realized that the brat was experiencing Blaise in an entirely different way than most everyone else did.

It certainly might explain why oftentimes when Blaise said things to Potter that would send most others running, the insufferable Gryffindor would stare at her in abject fascination before mustering up something to say back.

The Potions Master scowled as Blaise and Potter began talking in the memory he was viewing. The brat had called her by her first name again and she hadn't caught it.

Potter, however, seemed to be waiting for a rebuke and smiled when it didn't come.

This was going to be the way Potter got to Blaise, Severus realized - repeated insolence. He was going to go against what she was used to, what she wanted or expected of him, until she either stopped caring or stopped noticing.

Severus stared at his goddaughter with a deep frown. He wondered if she was going to figure out what he was doing.

The little brat was proving to be a different breed than even he had ever suspected and Potter had already managed to get Blaise to do several things she hadn't planned on. He'd even managed to get her to concede a few minor points.

As slight as those points had been, though, it had Severus concerned. Blaise was never one to back down.

As he watched Blaise pick up her spoon to continue stirring the serum, he started to feel a touch of anxiety over the solution bubbling in the cauldron.

What if Potter the guinea pig had something up his sleeve regarding the serum as well?

Their meetings had become infrequent as they brewed the Chirurgia Serum. For periods of a few days the Potion often needed simply to simmer.

As Blaise was the more experienced brewer, she sometimes insisted, in the owls he sent regarding their meetings, that Potter not come anywhere near the Potion or even her while she worked on it.

Blaise took the time to catch up on the subjects she had been somewhat neglecting in favor of researching the Serum. Harry took the time to figure out how to wiggle his way out of taking the Serum.

He'd tried various ways of trying to dissuade Blaise from her brilliant idea of him trying the serum, but none of them had worked. The way he saw it he was either going to have to drink that serum or get another partner, which quite frankly, wasn't really an option.

His concerns now were first, how the serum would manifest itself within him and second, how Blaise would handle the power of observing him under the serum.

Harry was fairly certain that the Slytherin wouldn't simply take notes on him, despite what she had to say about it.

He'd seen a couple of different sides to Blaise over the past weeks; however he hadn't forgotten the fact that she was, first and foremost, a Slytherin. And despite what the Sorting Hat sang about each year, Slytherins had a good deal of malice and hatred in their hearts and so the young man knew he couldn't trust her.

Thus, Harry decided that he would take the Serum, it would make the project a good deal easier after all, but he wouldn't have Blaise taking notes on him.

If he got one of the easier results to deal with, such as the intended numbness or the sensation of being "lost in himself," he figured he could take notes on that himself after the serum wore off.

It was the heightened sense thing he was worried about. What if he took the serum and the scratching of Blaise's quill drove him insane with agony? He had the feeling that she might be the type to test his limits for the sake of discovering more about the effects of the serum.

At least if he experienced the effect of one of his senses being heightened alone, there wouldn't be anyone to make noises or anything to upset him too badly.

So Blaise had to somehow be taken out of the equation on the day of the testing. For two weeks, Harry spent his time figuring out how to do that.

On the Friday evening they had chosen to test the complete, and according to Blaise, perfect, Chirurgia Serum, Harry was pacing the Room of Requirement nervously.

When Blaise suggested they return to the room on the date of the testing as it would be able to adapt best to whatever happened to Harry, it had made him feel a bit better about his plan.

Now that the date had arrived however, all he could feel was terrified. A small vial of Dreamless Sleep Potion sat in his pocket and with each step he took the Gryffindor felt it press against his thigh.

He wondered if he should just go to the Headmaster, Hermione, or even Snape and simply rat Blaise out. Any one of the three wouldn't allow him to take an obscure serum unnecessarily.

Harry realized that he'd never put himself at risk like this before. Sure, he'd done some pretty dangerous things, but those were all involving Voldemort or some great evil.

What was this for? Research? It seemed rather idiotic. But as Blaise walked into the door of the Room of Requirement, carefully carting along with her a large cauldron, Harry whipped out his wand and muttered Thirst Charm.

Even as he completed Phase 1 of his plan, a part of him couldn't really explain why he was going through with it.

Once she set down the cauldron on a low table in the center of the room, Blaise immediately started coughing. After a moment she stopped and looked at Harry as she pondered her sudden thirst.

Confused for a moment, Blaise rubbed at her throat, and then shook her head. There would be absolutely no reason for Potter to cast a Thirst Charm on her.

If he didn't want to take the serum the logical thing would have been to tell Dumbledore, get her into a mess of trouble, and then perhaps get a new partner (or in this case it would have to be group as the entire class was perfectly paired) to work with.

But, for some reason Potter hadn't done any of that. Blaise had expected it, prepared her excuses and tensed every time she came anywhere near Dumbledore, but nothing had ever happened.

For some unknown reason Potter was actually agreeing to take it.

Blaise was too thrilled by the opportunity to observe the serum in action to think much more on his motives. It was probably another display of the famed Gryffindor bravery, lion's pride and all that.

"Glass," the girl rasped out speaking to the room itself which had provided Blaise with some kind of goblet to pour the serum into.

Two glasses appeared in the place of the goblet and Blaise looked at Potter with a frown.

"Hey," the Gryffindor muttered casually, "it's common courtesy not to make me drink alone and plus you seem to be dying of thirst, Zabini."

Instantly a sink appeared in the corner of the room behind Blaise and as Harry walked toward it, he scooped up one of the glasses presumably to pour Blaise a glass of water.

The Slytherin was carefully measuring out the right amount of the serum which was a surprisingly appealing shade of greenish blue. It would have looked like some kind of fruit juice had it not been for its thickness.

Lifting the glass as to see exactly what line of measurement on the cup the bottom of the meniscus of the serum touched, Blaise wondered if Potter had remembered to tell his friends that he'd be out for a good long while working on his project.

The last thing she needed was Granger bursting in during the middle of the four hours Potter was going to be under the effects of the serum, shrieking about how he'd been kidnapped.

She'd explained to Potter that he had to take at least four hours worth of serum as it was made for operations and the ingredients don't work properly in the body unless taken in decently sized amounts.

She opened her mouth to ask Potter exactly what was taking him so long with her water when he approached from behind and handed it to her. Blaise raised the glass to her lips, but stopped when Potter went digging around in his bag and pulled out his note book a quill and some ink.

A bit annoyed, Blaise set down her glass, went to her bag and pulled out a quill, ink, and parchment of her own.

When Blaise returned to her seat on one of the chairs near the table with the cauldron on it she noticed that Harry was holding the glass of the serum and carefully looking into it with a frown.

As she picked up her own glass, the Gryffindor was startled out of his thoughts and they raised their glasses at the same time.

Desperate to quench her almost painful thirst she drank the whole glass down quickly, finishing before Harry.

Immediately after she set the glass down she blinked very slowly. When she opened her eyes, Harry could see a mixture of somewhat dulled anger and disappointment in them.

Vaguely he wondered, as he simultaneously watched her fall asleep and finished his glass of the serum, if she was disappointed in him or herself.

"Bright blue Sleeping Potion, plus clear water, plus a very well executed masking spell equals what looks like a harmless glass of water. Well done, Harry," Professor Dumbledore muttered quietly as he watched the Gryffindor finish slurping down his glass of Chirurgia Serum.

"If he knew he was going to knock her out, then why did he take the serum?" Mad-Eye Moody asked the Headmaster gruffly. "Seems pretty pointless."

"Remember, Alastor," Dumbledore said with a patient smile, "Harry prefers to take on danger alone. It seems he finds them easier to control when he only has himself to worry about. As Harry obviously managed to make it past this night we're viewing, perhaps he had the right idea in incapacitating Ms. Zabini. We shall see."

"The right idea?" Snape fumed. "The little idiot has taken out of the picture the only person who knew he was taking the serum. If the situation were to have gone wrong he would have had no one to get help and no one to assist him. He just did perhaps the one thing that would make taking the serum about 5 times more dangerous. He's eliminated any form of assistance."

"Well, let's not forget who it was who decided that he take the serum, Snape," Moody garbled menacingly, "Do you really think she was only going to observe him? You don't think she would have been tempted to do more than just watch him when she could… test him perhaps?"

"Just because a person is tempted by an idea does not mean that they would carry through on it, Moody," Snape responded in an icy and quiet voice.

Tonks appeared to be getting nervous as she listened to the conversation around her. Professor McGonagall put an arm on the Auror's shoulder as Professor Dumbledore silenced the two arguing men.

"It will be alright, Nymphadora," the Professor said softly, taking a leaf out of the Headmaster's book and daring to call the Auror by her first name.

"The good thing about watching the memories like this is that we already know that Mr. Potter gets out of this situation alive and relatively unharmed. We just have to see how he manages it."

All Tonks could do was nod as she stared unblinkingly at Harry.

End Chapter 6

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