Paring: established Sam/Jack

Spoilers: Series-6

Summery: Sequel to 'The Report'; The first English SGC team arrives…

The New Guys

O'Neill stood against the HUMVEE he'd been assigned as the RAF C-130 Hercules transport taxied the last few hundred feet of the runway and cut its engines. He'd been told to expect a team of four, with an accompanying intelligence officer to coordinate with London.

The transport's rear cargo hatch slowly lowered, revelling darkness. This was shattered a moment later when a set of high-intensity halogen headlights flashed into light, and the loud roar of a powerful engine filled the air. A large black Land Rover practically erupted from the back of the Hercules and skidded to a halt near O'Neill.

"Do that again Sergeant and I'll have your stripes for breakfast!" A voice from within the airplane hollowed, "Have you any idea how hard it would be to get spare parts for that thing over here?"

"Sorry Boss." A Liverpool accent thick enough to float a brick came from within the car, the door of which opened to reveal a short man with oriental futures, "Just got a bit carried away."

"Just watch it in future." The first voice exited the plain, revelling a man in a British Army Captain's uniform. He walked over to O'Neill and saluted, "Colonel O'Neill I presume? Captain Mark McPherson, 22nd Special Air Service Regiment." He handed over a sealed manila folder, "Our orders and papers."

"You're sergeant always drive like that?" O'Neill asked as he opened the folder and had a quick look through the files.

"I'm afraid Sergeant Garang is a notoriously bad driver." McPherson explained, "He blames it on being borne in Liverpool, but I'm personally of the opinion that he's crazy."

"How much do you know about your assignment here?" O'Neill asked as the other men made their way out of the C-130, each carrying a large backpack, "I take it you know we don't really do deep-space radar telemetry here?"

"We where fully briefed before leaving Hereford, and Lieutenant Carver here," McPherson motioned to a second officer who had arrived and saluted O'Neill, "has been going over your mission reports ever since your government reviled the existence of the Stargate program to our Ambassador."

"Must have been fun." O'Neill smiled.

"Well, I'd better introduce the rest of my team," McPherson stood to one side to show the three other men, "This is Sergeant Paul Garang, formally of the 1st Ghurkha Rifles,"

"Sir." The driver of the Land Rover saluted.

"Privet Fred Jones, formally Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders."

"Sir." A mountain of a man with thick black hair saluted.

"And finally Privet Mick Wright, formally Pathfinder Company, Parachute Regiment."

"Sir." A wiry man with the intense eyes of a born scout saluted.

"What where you?" O'Neill asked McPherson, "Marines?"

"No sir," McPherson smiled, "Royal Black Watch."

"Impressive selection." O'Neill nodded, "We've set aside a building here at the airbase for you to use until you get settled in and find a more permanent place. We need you all to sign these," He handed out sheets of paper, "Just a little security percussion."

"Nick?" McPherson looked at Lieutenant Carver, who was scanning the document carefully, "We ok with this?"

"Doesn't look too different from what we sighed back home." Carver nodded, "I think its ok."

"No offence Colonel," McPherson had seen the look in O'Neill's eye, "But we have our own rules, same as you."

"Cool, what ever." O'Neill shrugged it off, "We'd better get you to you place so you can settle in and work off the jet-lag."

"Honey, I'm home!" O'Neill called out as he walked through his kitchen door, "Please tell me you're not still ready that scientific journal?"

"No, I finished that: I'm trying to set the clock on your VCR." Carter called from the living room, "So, what do you think of the new guys?"

"Well, let's just say they are just like I remember the SAS being like." O'Neill opened the fridge, "You want a beer?"

"I'd kill for one. So, tell me more about the Brits?"

"Well, I'm never going to lend their Sergeant my car, but apart from that I think I like them."

"Where are we going for their first mission?"

"I was thinking P3X-729, something nice and simple, to break them into things gently."

"Juna? We haven't been back there since Cronus died."

"It'll give us a chance to check up on things." O'Neill cellular went off, "Colonel O'Neill. What? Ok, I'm on my way."

"What's happened?"

"The Brits caught a couple of NID agents trying to brake into their place; PM's say they've got them hanging upside down from the roof."

"Now THIS I have to see." Carter grinned, grabbing her coat.

The End

Note: a longer Stargate/Rainbow Six story is in the works, so don't hassle me…