I sit on the steps looking at the old well. It's been a long time since I visited this place. Things happened so fast: Naraku was defeated, Kikyou laid to rest, the Kazanna closed in Miroku's hand and the Shikon no Tama completed. Then I handed the completed jewel to him. Him, the beautiful hanyou I loved. No sooner had the jewel left my finger tips than I was pulled back through the well to present day Tokyo. I fought it, I didn't want to be without him. Not see the sun glisten on his silver white hair, or the starlight on the New Moon lighten the ebony tresses. How can I ever forget his eyes? Those golden orbs that showed his every emotion. Flashing with anger, sparkling with laughter, filling with tears he never shed or shining with a love neither of us were prepared to admit to.

I never kissed him. I think that's my greatest regret, not even a innocent kiss on the cheek. Oh I hugged him plenty. I can still feel the muscles of his back as I would ride piggy-back through out feudal Japan. Feeling his chest expand with each breath, the muscles contract with each powerful leap. What would it have been like if I had given in to my adolescent fantasies.

I stepped closer to the old well to look down into it's depths. "Did you find happiness?" I ask him as my fingers dig into the ancient wood. I feel splinters dig in under my nails. The pain is welcomed.

"Kagome, you in there?" I hear my husband call. He doesn't know about my life through the well. I've never told him.

"Yes, be right out." I call, sighing with relief when he moves away. He's a good man, a good provider, all the things a girl should want for a husband; but, I don't love him. I've come to care for him over the years. He knows this, and understands that my heart belongs to someone else. Turning I start up the stairs as I reach the door, I turn once more to the old well. He won't hear but I need to tell him anyway. "The shrine has a new family living here. There will never be another Higurashi priest to guard it. I hope you found happiness Inuyasha, you more than anyone deserved to be happy." Shutting the door behind me I moved to the steps, it was time to go, I turn one last time to look over the shrine that was my childhood home. Only to come to rest on an old scar on the Goshinboku. "I'll be right back," I tell my husband. Finally I stand before the ancient tree once more, reaching my hand up to touch the place he'd been pinned.

"Grandma?" A sweet voice calls, turning I smile at my granddaughter. "Tell me the story again, please. One more time under the tree. The one about the handsome hanyou and the miko who loved him."