Her Boston Celtic jersery hugged tightly around her small torso as she walked down the hallway of the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Her ber brown eyes scanned the hallways, looking for anyone that could help her with directions. Carrying her own luggage, she walked into a room where she saw lots of tall, muscular looking people. A tall, thin brunett took notice of the lost girl, and walked up to her.

"Can I help you with anything?" the brunett asked.

"Yea, you can actually."

"Whoa, wait, don't tell me. John Cena's little sister right?" the brunett guessed smiling. The lost girl glared at her nodding her head.

"What's it to you? You know where my brother is?" the Boston native asked.

"I do actually. I'm Dawn Marie by the way," the brunett introduced herself.

"Peachy, where's my brother?" Dawn Marie laughed at her co-workers younger sibling; she knew that they would be alike somehow, but this was too much. "Ok now.......What's your name?"


"OK Lex, here's what I'm going to do. Your brother is a very, very dear friend of mine, so first, I'm going to need proof that you actually are his sister." Lex looked at Dawn Marie dumbfounded, having a sudden urge to smack her.

"Are you fucking serious? Tell me you aren't serious. I'ma have to smack you soon. Now here's the deal. I'm sure John told you, our parents are divorced," Lex started. Dawn nodded her head, motioing for the younger Cena to continue her story. "K, so after the divorce, I got stuck with mom, and John got stuck with Dad, and as you can tell, I moved to Boston, which is why my accent is strong than John's. Anyways, after the divorce was final, mom met this other guy, Frank. Long story short, mom dies, Frank dies, now John has custody of me since both sides of the family refuse to take me, and me and dad.......That's a different story for a different time. Now, where's my brother?" Dawn looked at the younger Cena; a sign of sympathy shown through her eyes.

"Sweetie, are you sure you want to surprise him like this? Why are you here by yourself? Didn't you bring a friend?" the diva asked, walking her out of catering.

"Well, Dawn Mary, if you listened to my story, then you would know that I did come here by myself. Man, all you pretty girls are all the same." Lex stared at Dawn, tapping her foot impaciently.

"How about I go with you?" Dawn suggested, reaching her hand out.

"How about no?" Lex replied. She quickly started to walk down the hall way, and stopped at a large metal door. "This his room?" she asked, pointing to the door she stopped in front of. Dawn nodded her head, and left Lex by herself. Taking a deep breath, Lex knocked agressivley on the door, using the side of her fist. Waiting a few seconds for an answer, she knocked even louder, even kicked the door, causing a small dent from her steel toes. The door flung open as the seven foot monster known as the Big Show opened the door.

"Hello," he greeted her, opening the door slightly wider. Lex's mouth remained open as she stared at Big Show.

"You're really tall," she pointed out in a whisper. Gathering her composure, she tried to make her 5feet tall figure seem bigger and asked where her brother was.

"Your his sister?" Big Show asked, looking down at her. Lex nodded her head yes, trying to see over the large man to see if her brother was in the room. "Prove it." Rolling her eyes, she looked through her purse to find her wallet, and brought out her birth certificate. With her hand shaking, she gave it to the larger man, watching his face as he approved of it. "Hey John! You got a girl here! Alexis Marie Cena." He grinned at Lex, "that's a pretty name. Oh snap, here's John." John wrapped his arms around Big Show's waist, and tried to pick him up. He quickly gave up, holding his back as Big Show moved so John could get out the door.

"One day Show, one day," John warned him pointing his finger at the larger man. When he turned around and saw Lex in her Boston Celtic jersery, his jaw dropped. Motioning for the Big Show to leave the room, John grabbed Lex's arm and brought her into the locker room. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit...." John mumbled pacing back and forth.

"Surprise," Lex tried to joke. She took a seat on the closest bench to her, putting her bags down beside her. "Look, I'm sure I can find someone else...."

"No, no, don't worry about that. You're my responsibility, you're definitly my fault..."

"Oh gee, thanks." Lex responded. "I know, you're too young for this, you have a carreer ahead of you, you don't need some 14year old to fuck this all up..."

"Watch your mouth. Your mother shouldn't have raised you with that mouth." John looked at Lexi in the eyes, and saw the resemblences. His cheekbones, his jaw line, his hair, his eyes, his mouth. "What happend to Kate?"

"She died, thats why I'm here. Sorry, I know I shouldn't have came, I am messing this up. But yea, Kate died, your parents known, don't worry about it. I'll leave." Lex started to pick up her bags, but John stopped her.

"I know. I'm sorry to hear about Kate......I guess you're mine now." John picked up her bag for her, and put it by his stuff.


Author Note: Wooooo, here's my first chapter. For my sake, and your sake, we're making John a year old than he is (28) for the story. I highly doubt this happend in real life, so I'm calling it fiction, and I only own the chracters that don't look familar. Thanks, and read and review!