Chasing Shawn

Rating: R

Pairings: Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels

Summary: Bret hires the Undertaker after the 97' Survivor Series Screw job to take care of Shawn... BUT his conscience starts to get to him... Based on the events of 1997, altered a little of course :)

Genre: Suspense/romance

Warnings: Slash

Chapter 1

Bret's point of view-

That bastard. I hate him- I really do. I don't understand why he felt the need to lie to my face like he did- he knew I'd find it out some how. Everything always comes back to me in a matter of moments.

Shawn doesn't know how the hell to act. He thinks everyone is just going to bow down to him because he's... well, Shawn Michaels. But not me. I won't let him screw me over just because I'm leaving for WCW.

That's what brought me to the door of a man whom I feared and respected above none other. The Undertaker. He was just the man I needed to get the job done. At this point I don't care how he does it, as long as he makes Shawn pay... I raised my hand and knocked on the dressing room door.

Paul Bearer opened it. He always set my alarms off as someone who you couldn't trust as far as you could kick him. Granted, if he rolled he could go far... But we're assuming he didn,t okay? "Yes...?"

"I need to speak to um... Mark please..."

"Who is Mark..?"

I sighed but found it best to humor him. "The Undertaker. I need to see the Undertaker, please."

"Very well." He said and stepped aside to let me in.

I took in the sight of his room- it scared me. The only lights came from the black candles, which flickered slowly, casting errie lights over the smooth surface of a coffin standing straight up against the wall. Nervously I lifted the lid- should I have knocked first?- but as I soon found out... He was NOT there.

I frowned turning around to face Paul- finding that he was not there. I let out a low whistle. Maybe this was a bad idea after all... "I'm just going to leave... Sorry for bothering you... Both of you... Uh.. bye!"

As I went to leave, a hand grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back against a body much larger than my own. I gulped and looked over my shoulder slowly.


"U-Undertaker..." I gulped.

"What is it that you wish of me, Bret. You've come with a problem. I think I know of what it is..."

"Shawn Michaels.." I whispered remaining perfectly still.

Undertaker didn't say anything for a long time, but... I got a strange sensation. As if I could feel him smiling slowly, wickedly. "So I see. You wish for him to pay..."

"For the.. the..."

"The wrong doing. You were supposed to win. I know. I shall make him pay for it. Don't you worry..."

"W-Wait! What are you going to do?" I asked frantically as I feel him pull away from me.

I don't see where he walks to in the darkness but I can feel him walk by just inches from my body. And suddenly I know where he is- right in front of my face. Those blazing eyes bore right into my mind, burning holes in my soul. "I will do what I see fit to him, Bret."

"O-Okay... I'll bet you do a good job..." I whispered as I was lead out of the room. I walked back to the hotel in a daze. So this was getting revenge. Normally I would never do something like this. Shawn deserved it. He deserved it. He did. Really. ...I wonder what Undertaker meant by that whole 'I'll do as I see fit' thing... Don't think about it, Bret! Shawn will get what's coming to him.

3 days later-

Alright. So maybe Shawn getting what's coming to him should not include me having him drugged and tied in the back seat of my car. I couldn't do it. I couldn't leave Shawn to the Undertaker's whims. Whatever they were. Yeah, I hate him. And yeah, he deserves supreme torture. But I can't let that happen. Especially since what ever the hell it was going to be would be because I asked for it.

I know Shawn is going to be one big bitch- Like he always is- when he wakes up and finds himself bound and gagged. (I'm not an S&M kind of guy, but those binds were necessary. He'd try talking to me if I didn't gag him, and he'd try attacking me if I didn't bind him.)

I should have taken care of this myself. Then I wouldn't have felt guilty. I don't even know where I'm taking him, or how, if, and, or when the Undertaker will show... If he shows at all. All I know is it's going to be as far away from any WWF superstar as humanly possible.