THE LAST CHAPTER PEOPLE! WOOOOO!! It was a long LONG road, and started waaaaay back in May! I hope ya'll enjoy the very LAST installment of Chasing Shawn :-)

Chasing Shawn Rating: R Pairings: Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels Summary: Bret hires the Undertaker after the 97' Survivor Series Screw job to take care of Shawn... BUT his conscience starts to get to him... Based on the events of 1997, altered a little of course )
Genre: Suspense/romance Warnings: Slash AN: In real life, Shawn can cook damn well or so I've heard... Even has a recipe for something in some book... BUT THIS IS FANFICTION!!! :)

Chapter 30

"My baby!" My mother shrieked.

"Owen..." I paled instantly and felt like someone had pulled the carpet right from underneath my feet. Owen was tied to Undertaker's bizarre symbol, and didn't look too happy about it either. Well, at least we knew why he was late getting here.

Shawn didn't waste any time, he went straight for Owen and tried to get him free. "Hang on, Owen. I'll get you down okay?"

"No Shawn, no! Get out of here!" He shouted frantically.

Shawn shook his head and I was paralized on the spot with fear. "I'll have you down in no time at a-" A big hand wrapped around Shawn's neck and pulled him back into the darkness. He moved around wildly as if trying to hit whom ever was behind him. He broke free and scampered over to me. I gathered him up in my arms, his and mine's eyes widdening in fear. Undertaker stepped out of the shadows, and Shawn burried his face in my chest. "I'm not going to let him take you away from me..." I told his quietly and stroked his hair gently. "You hear that Taker?! You're not going to take him away from me!! I love him, and we're getting married- there's nothing, NOTHING you can do to take that away!"

Undertaker pulled a torch from off of one of the holders and held it dangerously close to the base of the symbol Owen was still half tied to.

"Holy shit!" Owen shouted and tried his best to blow out the fire on the torch.

"Hang on son! We'll think of something!" Dad said but I can tell he was thinking clearly either. We all started bickering uncontrollably- We were all so scared of what could happen- It was a no win situation! We were all so busy arguing that I failed to notice Shawn slipping out of my hold. He touched my shoulder and turned me around.

"I love you, Bret. I love you and I always will..." Shawn murmured. He kissed me briefly and put my ring back into my hand.

I felt like I was going to be sick. I watched him walk away from me, and my world shattered. How could I have been so stupid to hire the Undertaker in the first place?! If I hadn't things would have been so different... Maybe Shawn and I could have fallen in love another way and over a longer time... We could have been so happy... I squeezed the ring into my palm and shouted, "No Shawn! No!" I tried to run after him but my brothers held me back.

"He might do something to you, stupid!" Ross shouted.

"LET ME GO! SHAWWWWNNNN!!! SHAWNN!!! I LOVE YOU, DON'T DO THIS!!" I was forced to sit there and watch the love of my life sacrifice himself for my brother.

Shawn walked slowly over to the Undertaker and removed the torch from his hand. He sat it in the holder and bowed his head. It was like a scene from a bad movie! And I was being held back, being stopped from saving the one person whom I wanted to be with more than anything!

Undertaker removed Owen from the symbol, and he stumbled over to us. I could tell Shawn was crying, little tears were tumbling down his cheeks and staining the dirt. He motioned for Shawn to climb up on his symbol, and tied him down on it. Shawn was sobbing and shaking- he must have been terrified!

I was getting dizzy- my baby was scared and crying and I couldn't help him. This was the single worst feeling in the universe. "Shawn..." I croaked as tears flowed freely down my face. "I love you..."

Undertaker placed his hand on Shawn's head and suddenly he fell silent and unmoving.

"SHAWN! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM YOU BASTARD?!!!?" I shouted and strained against my six brothers pulling on me and holding me back.

He turned to us and suddenly everything became black. I fell in slow motion hitting the dirt with an audible thud.


June 17, 1998- Bret's POV

It was a nice summer day, not too hot nor to cold- and I definatenly had to take advantage of it. I packed up a lunch and went to the park to sit on a bench and eat. This is the kind of day where I like to sit back, relax, and look up at the clear blue sky.

I have been with the WCW for awhile now and I still kept in touch with some of my old friends from the WWF. The Survivor Series Screw Job was still fresh in my mind- but that seemed to be the only thing I can remember up untill around December. Right after the incident, everything seemed like a blur! I can't remember or recall one event from that time frame... The same thing with my family too! All I know is that I left the arena after Survivor Series, and I woke up on Novemeber 30th at my parents house.

I found alot of weird things in my room as well... Such as clothes I would never wear- leather pants, thongs... and a pair of cowboy boots? It didn't make any sense what so ever. My pillow even smelt a little different- Like kiwi. We don't have kiwi shampoo in our house so that was more than a little strange... The thing is no one remembers anything in that time frame as well! Hell, we don't even remember going to the carnvial, but apparently we went.

The kids were the weirdest though. They kept asking where Shawn went- Shawn Michaels of all people! Why the HELL would I bring him home?! Kids- what imaginations they have.

I sighed a little and took a sip out of my water bottle. And another thing I never figured out was why I had Great Grandma's ring so tightly clenched in my hand when I woke up the next day. The strangest thing is, is that I can't seem to bare to part with it either. An intense wave of emotion takes over me and I begin to mist up. Yeah, I don't understand it either. But I have to keep the damned thing with me at all times.

Another weird thing I can't seem to part with is a cowboy hat I found in the woods when I woke up on the 30th. It was plain, black and simple, but I couldn't throw it away. Something inside wouldn't let me. The strangest thing is is that it too smells like the kiwi on my pillow.

I stretched out a little on the bench turning my head when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. I forgot the WWE was in town in the same place as WCW was this week. Now I know Undertaker goes a little over board with the whole gothic thing, but this is ridiculas! He was wearing what looked like a full victorian suit with his long hair pulled into a neat loose ponytail, tied at the base of his neck. Shawn too was dressed in victorian attire, in a huge black gown, lace gloves, and his hair had beaded black butterflies weaved through it. He even wore a veil over his face and carried a black parasol.

They have to be the strangest couple I have ever seen. It didn't make sense to me. The way I see it is Undertaker would have to brain wash Shawn to make him go out with him. And to wear that get up to boot. I know they have a story line with him being able to brain wash, erase memory, and all that other garbage but that doesn't mean he can really do it. ...Right? Of course I'm right! No one can erase a person's memory! That's ludicrist!

I try not to look at Shawn as he goes by. For some reason every time I do, my heart hurts so badly. I don't get it- It must hurt because of heat. At least thats what I keep telling myself- Hell, it's the only thing that makes sense. But I do manage to catch a glimpse of those blue eyes and their vacant stare. I look at him, and he looks at me- and that intense wave of emotion comes over me. It hits me so hard I think I was going to pass out. But then they walked out of the way, and Shawn's vacant stare was out of my line of sight. Good thing too.

Sometimes I have weird dreams, like of me and Shawn. The thing is, we're real happy in some of them... I even had a REALLY odd one about him and me wrestling in the dungeon... And then another one of us doing things we shouldn't be on Owen's couch. Embaressingly, I had to bring myself off in the hotel bathroom after that one. I'll tell you, it's just plain weird.

And then there's this really, really fucked up one. We're on the ground and I tell Shawn I love him. Every time I think of it, I feel weak and my eyes get misty. Oh well. They're just dreams, and nothing more.

It's time to get going, I have a match at the arena. Maybe one day, my memories will come back to me. Up until then, it's no big deal. If something important would have happened, I would've remembered it.