A/N: This is a small fluff-y Buffy (hey that rhymed!) fic that I did last night. If it really stinks, please warn me before I post it anywhere else

I couldn't believe it when I'd heard he went to LA. I loved him and he went there. The one place that even a vampire could feel wanted. And I hated him for it. It made me wish I had staked him when I had the chance.

But then I remember the happiness, all the pain he endured for me. He thought I didn't see the burn mark on his chest. I know it's from me, I left it there from my cross necklace.

A stick cracks off in the woods somewhere and I look up lazily. What do the Baddies matter? Only Angel...

I looked back at the grass in front of me, and twirled a little piece between my fingers. My legs were crossed Indian style and a foot ahead, a chunk of rock that somehow kept me coming back. Upon it were the words "She saved the world a lot".

Right, I was a hero. So why couldn't I stop thinking about Angel? The feeling of his lips on mine was just a memory now, but I strong clear one. Willow told me once I was talking to him in my sleep; I suppose I was dreaming of his kiss.

Even now, I could feel him right beside me, his strong shoulder leaning against mine, his mouth whispering in my ear.

I was a fool

I was amazed that I could still hear him; still remember his soft smooth voice. And it sent chills through my body. I shivered. In my mind a pair of arms circled my body and kept me warm. "What strong arms you have..." I muttered.

All the better to hold you with

His voice was clearer now, less of a memory. I closed my eyes and sighed. Now I was safe, back in his arms. His chest rose and fell steadily and I leaned my hand against where his heart should be.

For a second I opened my eyes to seek out his face, but there was no one there. My body was braced against air. My Angel wasn't there.

I shifted my legs around after the shock passed and stood up. As I looked down at my spot on the grass I swore I heard him again.

Just a damn fool