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Cookie Dough-Chapter 6: Their Friends Stripped Bare

There was a tinkling peal of laughter as Terra tossed her long dark brown hair over an exposed shoulder, holding her cocktail with one hand and Robin's arm with the other, all the while smiling flirtatiously at the elderly man standing across from them.

"Oh, Mr. Heeb," She giggled, batting her eyelashes. "Behave yourself!"

Jinx watched this with a hidden smile, tipping her glass to her mouth to make it appear she was drinking. Fish Man-Aqualad-had contacted her yesterday with the Titans' full plans. Having kept close contact with other HIVE graduates and the Underground, yet having been fully-well, partly-redeemed, she was now the perfect Go To girl. Sighing, Jinx tipped the rim her drink towards her, once again in mock intake. The only reason she had slipped the invitations to the Ex Titans was simply because things had been quiet on the crime side of things, and she felt like stirring it up.

Absentmindedly her fingers went to her hair, bobbing by her chin. This had to be the shortest she'd ever worn it, as well as the only time she'd dyed it black. Black of all things… It was a ridiculous waste of time, she had argued when the Ex Titans had briefed her. Slade had already contacted her about the position to play nanny to Robin's kid. That was the only reason she'd received tickets to tonight's party. Slade had mentioned that he wanted her, Jinx, to meet his new partner. He'd be suspicious if she showed up with a new look. He's old, she'd shouted at Robin. Not senile!

But did the Titan Twits listen to her? No. Why bother, Jinx thought sarcastically, she was just the ex-criminal.

However, when they wanted full hog disguises it was there she had to put her foot down. If they were going to go and crash this party, they were going to do it the Jinx way. Instantly that ruled Beast Boy out from going. There was no amount of concealer in Jump City that could cover his green fur. And Starfire, the "warrior" princess? Starfire was just too… Starfire-like to be able to attend as a guest. If they had to use the changeling and the alien as backup, then they could both stay in the background.

For awhile Jinx had been unsure if Cyborg should be allowed to go-and she told them all so. Cyborg the Titan had been known for his mechanical body-Victor Stone was known for his mechanical prowess. Even with all his remolding, he was still a recognizable figure. If Slade had the resources to kidnap Raven and the child, wouldn't it be safe to assume that he had the resources to know which Titan retired to which civilian?

But once again, did the Titans listen? Nooo…

"Look," Jinx had tried to explain, her long pink ponytail bobbing behind her. "I only received two tickets-one for myself, and one for my 'date'. The others I've given you are black market rip offs-You'd be hard pressing it slipping more than two of you in. The alien, the green guy and Blondie are all too recognizable, and I have a date, so really-"

"Fine" Robin cut in, his blue eyes cold. Shivering, Jinx silently told herself to get over it-it was stupid to expect him to still wear his mask after all these years. Nodding towards Cyborg, Robin continued, "Terra, once fully disguised, can be my date, and Cyborg can be yours"

There was no use in arguing with an idiot, as from Jinx's experience they only dragged you down to their level. Still, this was her job, and she'd be damned if she let a bunch of goodie-goodies ruin it. If they stepped one toe out of line, just one, she'd flip sides so fast Terra's new wig would fly.

Too busy mulling all sorts of traitorous thoughts in her mind, Jinx started when Cyborg came behind her and wrapped a large hand around her elbow with an ease that was beginning to piss her off… immensely.

"What?" The witch hissed, glad she had an amazing sense of balance and hadn't spilt her drink. That would have been too suspicious. Slade, knowing him, would have been onto their ploy in a HIVE minute…

"Relax," He drawled, pretending to be whispering something suggestive. Giving Jinx a little nudge, she gave a fake smile, acting as though she liked what Cyborg was saying. "Robin's about ready to rip off that Heeb's head and hunt down Slade himself. Is there anything we can do to speed things up?"

"Well…" Facing him, Jinx placed her palms squarely on his chest and pushed him out of the milling crowd and against a window, making sure there was no one in earshot. "Can't help much with that one. I'm meeting Slade after the meal-but unless you have some ingenious contraption that could slide under all those detectors and scramblers he randomly throws around the building, I'd say any chance of following him home like some pathetic puppy is… slim. Do you have an ingenious contraption, or have all your circuits finally shorted?"

Cyborg ignored that last dig, and lifted his hand, running it down her face to make their talk look more intimate. "Maybe… We need to act now, like you said-"

Snapping out of her glazed eye daze-it'd been years since anyone had touched her like that, fake or not-Jinx cried, "I didn't say that! I just said you have no hope of finding out where Raven is tonight!"

The large Afro-American frowned, his hand dropping from her cheek. "That's not the point. We need to get Raven and Treeflower back as soon as possible-we have no idea what Slade's planning, and the sooner we-"

Jinx stared up at him, incredulous. "You are the biggest bunch of idiots I've ever met. HEELLLOOO! He's hiring me to be the kid's friggin' nanny! The nanny! Does that not tell you something? Think! He wants me to be the nanny; that either means he doesn't feel like playing houses, or he's-"

"Gonna bump off the mother" Horror dawned on Cyborg's face and Jinx sighed.

"We have a winner" Throwing him a snide look she asked, "Tell me something, Stone. Is stupidity common in all retired superheroes, or is it just lucky you?"

He cast her a furious glare. "Look, Danielle, you don't know anything. A freak no one expected to ever see again has kidnapped my friend and her daughter, my best friend is cheating on his wife with a woman I thought was better than that, and now I have to stand here and listen to you deconstruct every possible plan we've gone through. You're free on borrowed time, girl-I wouldn't push it"

That stung. Pulling out of his hold completely, Jinx scowled. "I have news for you, Mr. Wonderful! I may be a criminal, but you're a washed-up superhero who grew out of spandex and into tighter shit! You're living a mundane life as something you're not, your friends are falling apart around you, and-and this is what pisses you off the most, you know it!-you're afraid that for once, the Titans can't beat the bad guy"

She finished on a stumble, giving the man across from her the evil eye. Heaving a deep sigh, Cyborg looked out the window. "You're right" He muttered. "You're bloody right" Staring hard at whatever he was seeing with two cold eyes (one a contact lens), he continued, "Slade's got Raven and at every corner-every bloody corner-he's stopped any idea we might of have" Pausing for a moment, Cyborg looked back to Jinx. "I wouldn't be surprised if this whole Ball thing was a trap"

"And finally the jerk gets it" Jinx's voice was ice, and the mechanic felt his heart drop. "What did I try telling you lot earlier? Slade's got spies throughout this entire shindig. Mr. Heeb, the accountant Terra's doing the Marilyn impersonation on? Yeah, spy. The Robertsons we were talking to? Both spies. The guy severing punch? Spy. Am I getting through all that metal?"

To her surprise, Cyborg's gaze just went back out the window, his mouth smirking. "Perfectly"


Lola hooted, sliding from the recording controls to the computer behind her. "That's fantastic, baby!" Congratulating her husband using the headpiece she was wearing now, the curly haired woman grinned. "See if you can get her to blab about where she's meeting Slade, and I'll have Gar right on it"

Typing in the positions of the others to show up on the map that was now on screen, Lola gave a little chuckle, reprimanding herself for being as silly as to worry about her Victor. He could handle anything, stroppy exes included.


Beast Boy sighed, his compact blinking. Flicking it open, he squinted at the screen, trying to remember which spy was where. "Okay, so the punch guy is third to the left red mark window, and Heeb is five right down, leaving those Robertsons at twelve center-I think I got it, Lola. Any word on Slade?"

He could hear Lola snort into the microphone. "Not a chirp, though Vic's working on her. How are you and Starfire going so far? Can you see a way in?"

Shaking his head, Beast Boy sighed. "We're fine, and no-Star's on the lookout now. We're thinking that there's a window nearby or something. Rich messaged just before… he really wants to get Slade, and now"

"Well, Dick can wait" Lola's voice was hard, making the green man blink in surprise. "He can't blow Rae and Flower's chance just because he's getting ants in his pants. If he complains again, tell him to… oh, I don't know… tell him to… to go jump in the fountain!"

Beast Boy almost choked. Grinning he murmured, "Will do" before he ended the transmission.

Turning back to the building, he looked up at the sky, hoping to see Starfire. She shouldn't have been this long…

"Is there something of matter, Beast Boy?"

Whirling around with a firearm at the ready, Beast Boy relaxed when he saw the alien princess behind him, her fists at the ready.

"Star" He was relieved to see her, she noted. "Did you find anything?"

Relaxing herself-a fighting stance had been a natural defense in the last twenty years-Starfire nodded, already starting to lift from the ground. "I believe I have located a window at the building's rear end-if we hasten, we may be able to slip into the function without notice"

"Oh, okay. That's good" Suddenly Starfire noticed how tired her friend was. He had dark bags under the eyes she always remembered as bright and alive, and despite his protests, the green man's hair was thinning at the temple. He was also gaining weight-something that made his short frame seem stocky.

Carefully slipping his gun-or was it a laser? Starfire could never tell-into it's holder, Beast Boy sighed, swiftly transforming into a eagle, then following her as she glided around to the back of the building.

"This is it" Starfire whispered, stopping at a large, dark bay window. "There appears to be no one on this floor-we are fortunate" Nodding, the eagle flew up to the glass, surprised when it fell open so easily under his light tap. Figuring the room had been used before and the occupant had merely forgotten to close the windows, Beast Boy quickly tumbled in and landed onto the thick carpet, transforming into his regular self. "It seems safe" He whispered, picking himself up and dusting off the dark legs of his uniform. "You can come in Star"

She glided in carefully, the glow of her power lightening only the tiniest of corners. "May we proceed to the lower levels, now?" The alien woman seemed edgy. "I am-"

"You are many things, sister. But bright, it seems to be, would not be one of them"

Starfire gasped, aiming her glowing fist in the direction she'd heard the voice and in a burst of green light illuminated Blackfire, who was sitting on a vanity stool, calmly applying her lipstick in the mirror. The black dress she wore glittered and sparkled under the glow, and quickly smoothing it down, she wound down the lipstick before turning around and laughing. "Don't act so surprised, Star" She mused, her voice husky with age. "Did you honestly believe I would stay with that heap of sludge for the rest of my life?"

"You were meant to have been transferred back to prison, Sister" Beast Boy, standing to the side, started at the harsh tone Starfire used, wondering if years of war had taught her how to do that.

Blackfire started to laugh. "Oh, please. The Centari police are a force of bumbling idiots. They did not keep me for long" She grinned then, her gaze shining with malice. "Besides-I had a promise to keep"

Starfire's stomach felt like it had just dropped to the ground and through the floor, but she ignored it, coming to the understanding that her sister was trying to distract her.

Straightening her arm so that the glowing fist was presenting more a threat, Starfire commented in a quiet voice, "If you set a single foot wrong, Sister, I will not hesitate to shoot you"

Blackfire's dark eyes flickered for a moment, and never taking them off her sister, she took one step forward.

Nothing happened, causing the black haired woman to smirk. "I knew you wouldn't do it" she mocked, the thick and heavy jewels on her wrist tinkling as she placed a golden hand on her hip. "After all, I was the better fighter"

There was a moment where Beast Boy thought his heartbeat was the loudest thing in the room, then suddenly a burst of green light shot past him, hitting Blackfire directly on the chest and making her scream as she stumbled backwards.

Unfazed, Starfire let her hand drop. "I said a wrong foot, Sister. Not a left" She turned to her green friend, whose eyes were wide. "Beast Boy, now would be the time for you to go to the others. I can handle this situation. Please, go now"

He moved to the door then paused. "Star-"

Something of the old shine flickered in her eyes, then she blinked and it was gone. "Go"

Beast Boy nodded, paused only one more time, then raced out the door and into the dark hallway.

Standing, Blackfire scowled, dusting off her dress. "It seems that you've grown some nerve. Pity, really. It'll only make this so much the harder for you"

Starfire frowned. "Why are you here, Sister?"

For one moment the alien queen thought she saw her sibling's mouth twitch with amusement, making her frown harder. This did not bode well.

This really was fun, Blackfire thought, trying not to smirk. The little twit obviously had no idea what had really happened-it wouldn't hurt to play for a bit.

"Why, I'm a business woman now, little sister. Mr. Wilson has kindly offered me a partnership in his new industries-and since you used to speak so highly of Earth, I took the opportunity"

Mr. Wilson? Starfire tired to remember why that name seemed so familiar, and then connected it with Jinx's talk the other day-Mr. Wilson was Slade's alias.

"So, tell me sister" Blackfire's painted mouth was smiling in the fake way it used to "how have things been for you since you've returned? Is Earth the same wonderful place you remembered-or has it… changed?"

Starfire's green eyes sharpened, at her fists flared for a brief moment making her sister's smile grow wider. So, her plan had worked after all.


"The current affairs of my life are not of consequence to you. You have broken both Tamaranean and Centari laws by being here-and I, as ruler of our planet, command that you give yourself up"

Raising an eyebrow, Blackfire scoffed. "I hardly consider myself to be a Tamaranean citizen now, sister. These earthlings are my people currently… but you never mentioned-how are things going for you in the old K'Norfka's place?"

Something ugly ripped through Starfire at the mention of her beloved nanny. How dare her only sister treat him with such disrespect? "Do not talk of Galfore in such a manner!" She cried. "He was nothing but a kind and wonderful ruler-and I feel only the deepest regret that I had to take the place that should have been his for a long time!"

Oh, oh, oh, just the cue Blackfire had been waiting for. "Really? I would have thought that leaving a boy such as Robin would have been a bigger cause of regret-tell me, did he wait for you?"

There was a sharp intake of shock, and the green glow that had filled the room briefly died. In a quiet, deadly voice Starfire whispered, "Do not drag my friends into the fight that you and I must battle in alone. This dispute is between you and myself, no-one more" Then there was a flash of blinding light, and then green glow settled back.

Blackfire smirked; holding up her own hand which suddenly flared with the purple contrast of her powers. "Then let's do as the humans say, and 'get this party started'"


Abe was bored. He, Joan and Hannah were stuck with a stupid teenager calling herself "Missy" for a babysitter. She didn't even play the Game Station 12 with them-all she did was talk on the phone with some stupid guy called "Mick", giggling and whispering stuff about "going down" somewhere, whatever the hell that was meant to mean.

And now Hannah was screaming at Joan for ripping her doll's head off-not that Abe minded that (the doll kinda freaked him out), but the seven-year-old's voice was reaching that pitch where it started to hurt.

He had no idea what all the old people were doing, but he did know that it had something to do about Aunt Raven and Flower. The boy hadn't seen either of those two since the other night when Flower was meant to be staying over-maybe something bad had happened?

"J-Joooaaan" Hannah sobbed, holding her furry hands to her face. "J-J-Joooan, I'm, I'm g-gonna tell m-mum!"

"Good for you!" Her brother retorted, striding over to his best friend and sitting down, Wanda the Clown's head swinging from his tanned fingers. "Whadda you doing Abe?"

The dark boy looked at him, his gray eyes unblinking. "I'm thinking"

Joan nodded, like he knew that already. "Aw, yeah" there was a pause, and then frowning he asked, "Whadda you thinking about?"

"What's wrong with Aunt Raven and Flower"

Hannah's noisy tears stopped, and amazingly her green eyes were clear. "Aunty Raven?" She asked, joining the boys (she didn't even blink when Joan's grip on Wanda's head tightened threateningly). "I dunno 'bout her, Abey, but I know there's something wrong with Uncle Richard-we saw him holding hands with that pretty lady that stays with you, didn't we Joan!"

Joan frowned harder. "Yeah. Hate to say it, Abey, but she's right. Maybe Aunt Raven got mad at Uncle Rich and took Flower away?" He blinked, and looked to his friend. "Mum gets mad at dad lots and then she makes him sleep out in Soto's old kennel. Maybe it was like that, 'cept Aunt Raven didn't sleep in a kennel"

"Yeah," Abe muttered. "Maybe" He still felt something weird was up, but didn't say anything more about it and just listened as Missy giggled (again) about blowing something up.

Teenagers were so creepy.


Robin really believed that his head was about to burst. The annoying fake laugh of Terra's was beginning to shake up his nerves-he needed action, and he needed it now.

It was so tempting to just whip out his new communicator and buzz Beast Boy and Star and find out what the hell was going on, but logic kicked in and he just had to settle for Terra's false interest in shared stock.

"Why, really Mr. Heeb? I would never have guessed that's what you do with it…"

Robin's fingers twitched. All he wanted was just one sign, just one. He glanced around the large room, at its huge windows, it's long tables… just one sign. One.

Suddenly he saw the telltale flash of a green blur running to take shelter behind a plant pot, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank-you, Beast Boy" He murmured. Terra's eyes sharpened on him, and too late Robin realized that he had spoken too loudly.

Mr. Heeb coughed, and pulled out a handgun along with his handkerchief. "I think, Mr. Micheals, you've revealed yourself much too soon"


"Excellent" Slade murmured, watching as his agents slowly cornered Robin and his comrades through the security camera screens. "Things are finally coming together after so long"

He turned from the now fighting Titans to the viewing window, watching as the doctors gathered around their now unconscious young patient, and smirked.






AN: Yeah, yeah, I know it's late. And I know it's left a lot of things untied… but trust me darlings… trust me. (Muhahahahaha)

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