Disclaimer: I don't own anything. I got the idea from a book series I like to read, called "The Royal Diaries".

March 15, 1872

It's torture living in this castle. Pure torture. Oh, how I yearn to be outside with the common folk. They walk past as I look out my window, trapped inside this castle of doom. It hurts as I see them work for a living. It's a strange way of thinking, especially coming from a princess like myself. I'm sure the common folks would give anything to be in my position. But my position isn't as glamorous as everybody thinks it is. As Princess Stephanie McMahon of World Wrestling Entertainment, I struggle with living a normal life.

I was born in to the McMahon family just thirteen years ago, four years after my brother Shane had been born. Shane is heir to the throne and he actually likes living this life. I just want to be a normal thirteen- year-old girl, but instead...I am a princess. I have my royal duties and if I don't fulfill them, I shall be known as a disgrace to my family. A disgrace in the McMahon family is not normal...for my father is King Vince, the most controlling King of all the land.

King Vince is evil, rude and cruel. He has no heart. Nobody ever dares to argue with him, and his decisions are always final. He sits on his throne, bossing every single servant we have around. If a servant does not fulfill their duty quickly, my father orders his henchmen to whip the servant until they collapse. My father is greedy and does nothing with his money except spend it on himself. Sure, I have benefited from the money my father has, but I'd rather be living on the streets than under his roof. He treats my mother and I like we are lower than dirt, making us do chores, just like the servants. My brother Shane is heir to the throne and he has a special bond with my father. Maybe it's because both are cruel?

I shall continue this later, for my brother is knocking on my door, ordering me to go help the royal Chef cook dinner.

After Dinner

I never want to see another potato for as long as I live! Shane was in the kitchen, ordering me around. He had me peel four barrels of potatoes and didn't let me take a break until I had finished peeling the skin off each and every single one. He then had the nerve to talk back to the royal Chef, yelling at him when Chef had suggested putting Indian spices on the meat, instead of the usual black pepper. Shane had an outrage, screaming obscenities to the Chef. I would never yell at an adult. Shane has a lot of nerve.

After I had finished peeling the potatoes without any help, Shane let me take a break. My break lasted for about two minutes because Shane put me back to work, helping one of our servants, Funaki; mix the ingredients for our dessert. My brother just walked around, bossing people around. He doesn't know what it's like to work. Shane is ignorant and stupid.

March 16, 1872

It's a beautiful morning and I just want to run out in to the streets and dance. The sun is shining brightly and there isn't a cloud in sight as I look out the window. The birds are chirping merrily, putting a smile on my face. As I look down on the streets, I notice a boy that looks to be the same age as myself. He has golden blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Well, I think they're blue. I couldn't tell too much because my room is too high to see the ordinary people clearly. He was helping his father carry crops to the market. He worked so hard, the roll of wheat tied to his back and a bag of vegetables in his arms. I saw him, but I don't think he saw me. Oh, I wish I could run down there and speak with him. My father would truly disapprove of that, since he doesn't even associate with the common folk. He gets his royal Speaker, Eric Bischoff to do that for him.

I don't even know why I'm a McMahon. I wish I were born in to a normal family, instead of under the name of McMahon. Sure, my last name and status gives me so many privileges, but nothing compares to my longing to be outside with everybody else. My mother wants to be outside too. She doesn't want to be known as Queen Linda; she just wants to be Linda. Whenever we have time alone, we always confide in each other about our fantasies about being out of this family. We always joke around about planning to leave the evil kingdom known as the McMahon family forever. Deep inside, I wish it could really happen.


I saw him again! I was looking out my window again and I found him walking with his father, both with smiles on their faces. They were laughing and making jokes. Instead of the evil smiles that Shane and my father have when they make jokes, they had cheerful ones on their faces. I finally got to see his face better, for he looked up at me when I was looking down at him. We didn't exchange words, but we exchanged smiles. I was floating on air after I had seen him. Nothing would kill my good mood.

March 17, 1862

I spoke too soon. Father had arranged for Prince Kurt Angle of Olympic Champions to come visit. He's coming here in two days. Oh, how I despise Kurt! He's too smart and very annoying. My Father adores him because he thinks he would be right for me. Kurt too, is thirteen. Whenever Kurt comes to visit, I always try to avoid him. It's hard though, because he irritates me so much. One time when he came to visit three months back, he barged in to my room when I was getting dressed by one of my maids! I think he did it on purpose. That sneaky pervert.

I had received word that Prince Kurt was coming from my faithful dressing maid, Lita. She had overheard my father talking to my brother when she was walking by. The moment she had heard the horrible news, Lita ran to my room and told me. I adore Lita, for she is very sweet and kind. She always dresses me in the nicest dresses, and she hates Kurt too. That is one of the main reasons why I love her so much. I haven't told Lita about the boy from the window yet. Nobody knows about him except for you, diary.