By Lila Paige Rose

Sakura sighed. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Nagisa then lifted a hand from her sleeping position, as if reaching for something. Sakura gently held her hand as Nagisa settled back to sleep. She smiled fondly at her and her brother as she again settled back at looking at the mountains. I'm coming back. Its been six years since I left Konoha. I wonder how everybody's doing. How... Sasuke's doing. I bet he married another. He does want heirs. She glanced at her son as she had flashbacks of her past.

At the age of eighteen, Sakura has become one of the most renowned girls in the history of Konoha, if not the most. Her fan club can rival those of Sasuke's and Neji's. Her once short hair flowed with the wind and her curves came along nicely. Her clothes changed too, she wore a dark green mini-dress that matches her eyes, with boots.

Sakura grinned. And I'm still wearing dark green now, but longer clothing. I do have to act like a mom. Though, her grin got wider, That doesn't change the fact that I have a slit right in the middle of my dress with black short shorts. And black go-go boots. I do have to go with fashion!

Sasuke had asked for her hand in marriage. She accepted it though she knew that he only wanted an heir and that he had no special feelings for her. Yet she accepted, because she loved him. Ironic, it's a one-sided love. But it has all been too much. He hurt her emotionally and once, physically. Sir Kakashi, Tsunade-sama, as well as Ino, were her only comforts. She didn't want Naruto to know because she knew he would worry and try to beat the hell out of Sasuke. And Sasuke would know she was telling. And that was worse.

Sakura felt a tear slide down her cheeks at the memory.

When it all became too much, she ran to Kakashi's home, and one night, Sasuke came and showed his just how he didn't care for Sakura, and only for his so-called 'heirs'. By that time, Sakura was eight months pregnant, and her stomach was the size of a basketball. Yet everything was too much for her fragile heart to handle. She ran away. Fortunately, a girl she met on the way helped her when she was in labor. Turns out, she had twins. A boy, Natsuke, and a girl, Nagisa.

Sakura smiled and looked up to the stars.

Thanks to that girl she met, she was able to live in a group of settled people hidden from people in known villages like Konoha. It's like a hideout for people with good intentions.

Sakura closed her eyes slightly. But now I'm returning. Where does Natsuke get his ideas?! He asked me 5 days ago if they could see my home town and their father. I couldn't possibly deny them that! She opened her eyes. Good thing the children doesn't bear a grudge against their father. Just a little bit of annoyance. I do need to tell the children the truth, just in a slightly modified version. She grinned. I just told them that I left their father because I didn't want to burden their oh-so great of a dad.

Finally, she lied down in her sleeping bag and closed her eyes. Tomorrow, we will reach Konoha.


Ino bolted up from her bed and exhaled. Shikamaru, her husband, sat up as well, being awakened by her actions and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I bet something special is going to happened tomorrow."

"Maybe it's just because of the children contest's finals tomorrow afternoon."



The day dawned beautifully as Sakura and her children left camp, carrying their baggage.

"Momma, are we gonna see Poppa immediately?" Shy Nagisa asked. She was wearing a light lavender dress that reaches to her knees with sheer long sleeves tightly bound to her wrist. Her shuriken holster was strapped to her right leg. Her long pony-tailed hair, its tint lighter that her mother's, its color is similar to lilac. Her eyes were like her mother's, though both she and her brother inherited and used the advanced bloodline of the Uchiha, which, taking into consideration their young ages of six, was a miracle. Nagisa is like a reflection of Sakura in her childhood.

"No honey. I want to surprise Sasuke." Actually, Sakura doesn't know how to say it, nor does she know what his reaction will be, so she simply didn't tell him, nor anyone else for that matter.

"Sure that's the only reason Momma?" Natsuke coyly returned. Natsuke was a mirror-like image of his father except for his eyes. His fighting skills are great, and he and his sister may already be at Genin level. He was wearing a blue shirt with a high collar and white shorts, his shuriken holster strapped at his right leg. Just like his father.

"Darn it, this kid is as stubborn and smart as his father! Sakura thought. Out loud, she replied, "Sure is!"

Suddenly, there lay a village before them. Sakura walked forward to its' great open doors as the children watched the environment in awe.

Sakura looked happily at them and said, "Nagisa-chan, Natsuke-chan, welcome to Konoha village."


Naruto was on his way to Ichiraku Ramen, thinking, Hinata is too tired because of Hiruto's crying last night. Who can blame him? He's just a year old and as hyper as his dad!" He entered the restaurant, ordered seven take- outs of miso ramen, paid, and sat on a table, waiting. One for Hinata and six for me!

Suddenly, he saw a flash of pink at the table diagonal from him. (You know, restaurant's in Japan are separated by thin walls from each other.) When he looked closer, the adult girl with long cherry hair was sitting with his back to him. All he saw was a little Sasuke sitting across from her, and beside him, was a little Sakura, playing with the little Sasuke, who was laughing.

Am I dreaming? At this, his order arrived and he dashed out of the place to tell of his discovery to his wife.


Meanwhile, Tenten and Ino were together, talking about the event about to take place later in the afternoon. They were heading to Ichiraku Ramen to eat out when they saw Naruto speeding out of it, heading home.

"What's gotten into him?" Ino asked, which Tenten answered with a shrug.

They entered the place and Tenten ordered. Ino settled at the place Naruto was in earlier. Again, the unsettling image Naruto saw was repeated to Ino. When at last, Tenten came and set down their food, Ino pulled her and whispered, "See that table diagonal from us? Look at the occupants closely."

Tenten did as she was told and yes, she did see. "Chibi Sakura and Sasuke?! And a woman with pink hair?!" Ino nodded. Then they chorused, "Nah, it can't be."

So they just finished their ramen in 5 minutes and were out the door.


"No Nagisa! Don't throw that to your brother! And no Natsuke, don't grab your sister's arms like that!" At last, the two settled in and continued to eat their food quietly.

"Good children." Sakura sighed. "Now finish up so we can leave and find an inn."

The minute they entered the village, Natsuke said that they are hungry. Seeing nothing wrong with this statement, as they haven't eaten their breakfast yet, they went to the Ichiraku Ramen, which is, surprisingly, still standing and is now much bigger. This made Sakura wonder how many ramen Naruto eat for a day.

At last, the children finished eating, and they left in search of an inn.


"Really, Kakashi, you gotta see this!" Naruto cried, dragging his former sensei to the ramen bar.

Unable to persuade his resting wife to come, he just dragged his sensei, who was visiting instead.

Unfortunately, when they entered the Ichiraku, the table of the mysterious family was empty.

"Oh no!" Naruto howled. I was so sure!

"You and your hallucinations, Naruto." Kakashi grinned, though barely seen through his mask. "I know you want to see her, like everyone, but you can't tell lies!" at this, he left, Naruto trudging dejectedly behind him.


"Hey Momma! Look!" Natsuke said, pointing at some poster beside the inn they were heading for. In it were details of a said final match between children of 5-8, grouped in pairs. "Hey Momma! Can Nagisa-chan and I go?"

"Yes Momma...can we?" Nagisa timidly asked.

Sakura sighed. "Oh, all right. What's the name of the champion everyone's fighting?"

Natsuke answered. "Nara Ika and Shikon."

Ino's and Shikamaru's children.


Jiraiya was passing through the Konoha inn when he saw a woman with pink hair holding the hands of two children with lilac and black hair. That woman looks just like Sakura. Those two look awfully like her and the Uchiha kid. Too bad she left, putting that Uchiha in a depression. He stopped walking.It's his fault anyway. He didn't show his love until it is too late. The idiot.

And at this, he continued hopping nicely to his training ground, content in thinking that all he saw was an image conjured by the decent part of his not-so-decent imagination.


Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage herself, was walking down to the park beside the inn when she saw a very disturbing image. At first, it's just a usual sight. A mother under a cherry blossom tree, watching over her playing children. But at closer notice, the mother has pink hair the color of cherry blossoms above her and the two kids has an awful similarity to her once student and a kid of the Uchiha bloodline.

Tsunade then turned around and headed back to the Hokage Tower, thinking that she is missing too much of her student to hallucinate such an unbelievable image.


"Momma, can I go to the forest over there? I want to get some flowers to brighten up this room." Nagisa asked.

They were currently settling into their white room, with a big bed that can contain them all. It only has a desk, two chairs, and curtains a the window. There was also an empty vase at the side table located beside the bed. This is what gave her the idea to get flowers from the nearby forest, or at least, large group of trees.

"Okay, but be careful. I'll arrange things here, just get back before lunch. Natsuke, you go with your sister. Guard her, and you can do some training in the process. And remember, watch your steps!"

"Yes Momma!" they chorused.


Sasuke dropped down from training. He was up since midnight because he can't get the alien feeling that something special is gonna happen. He decided that hard training may relieve him from it, but whatever he do, he just can't remove or at least, understand the sensation.

As he sat wearily at the cherry blossom tree in the forest. A single petal fell from its' branches onto the jounin's lap. He picked it up gently and inhaled its sweet fragrance. "Sakura..." he murmured. I wish I really showed you how much I loved you. I wish I didn't have to place that barrier. I thought it was for your own good, that you will be more hurt if you saw my darker side. And now, you're gone. It's my fault. He sighed. When I learned Sakura was gone, I went nuts, fighting Kakashi and Naruto, only to realize it was my mistake. Then I sunk into depression. After years, I came out of it, still filled with your memories. Oh Sakura, I'm so sorry.

Unexpectedly, a reticent voice asked, "You know my Momma?"

Sasuke jumped up and grasped a kunai, ready in his hand, when a young boy leaped as well in front of the young girl who spoke earlier, obviously protecting her. The young boy said angrily, "Stop picking on children!" At this, he pulled the girl and the ran away, heading to the main part of Konoha.

The only thought that managed to register in Sasuke's mind was, What the?!


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