Chapter 1


"Hurry Aya! Hurry!" the cook shrieked at her.
"I'm comin'!!!"Aya grumbled. "You fat pig." She added under her breath.
"What did you say!?!" the cook screamed.
"Nothin', nothin'... "Aya sighed to herself to herself. It had been a year since she started working at the imperial kitchens. Her only family, which was her brother Aki, was sick and when I say sick, I mean seriously. You know, he might just pass away anything? Anyway, the medical fees were expensive and they were running out of money so Aya had to apply for a job as a maid in the imperial kitchens.
Aya and Aki were twins. Their parents had abandoned at an orphanage when they were three. They did not even know their surname! It was just Aya, Aki, Aki, Aya. So the kind lady in the orphanage took care of them till they were old enough to work, like twelve or something.
"I thought it said 'maid' on the application form. Maid? Try slave." Aya muttered. She had been working her butt of f ever since she began working here.
"Hurry up!" the cook screamed again.
"Wait for a minute, can't ya!?!" Aya wanted to scream back. But the thought of Aki made her shut up. She did not wanna lose this job.
She started chopping the vegetables faster. Chop chop chop. Aya hacked at those vegetables carelessly. I mean, who would care about the way the vegetables were shaped? As long as they tasted good...
"Aya! I better see the vegetables in my pan in five seconds or you'd be outta here!" the cook said warningly.
"I'm done!" Aya gave the cook the chopped vegetables.
"Aya!!! How did you cut them!?! Or should I say chop!?! The prince is coming back today and I want this meal to be perfect!" the cook yelled at her. "But there's no time left! It will just have to do..."
Aya sighed once again. His royal highness is coming back this afternoon after two years abroad studying. "I'd bet the cook fed him with a golden spoon since he was young!" she thought. "Good thing I have a day off today right after I finished helping with the meal!"
Aya pushed her blond tresses out of her eyes. Aya was a beauty, sixteen, blond hair, blue eyes, a body to die for, desirable lips and a voice that can melt anyone's heart. Bad thing was: no one really cared. So she was stuck in the kitchens scrubbing the dirt off the floors.
"Okay Aya. You're done here. Go for your day off." The cook said finally.
"Yes!!! Goodbye sucker!" Aya thought cheerfully and bounded to the door.
She flung it open and walked out into the sunshine.
"I'm finally free!!! Well, at least for a day." She thought defiantly. She walked into the palace gardens and admired the beautiful flowers that grew there.
Aya sat down on the grass and spread out her skirt under her. She stretched herself and closed her eyes. She did not even hear someone walking up to her.

Tooya's POV

I saw a girl sitting there in the palace gardens. She looked every bit like a fairy, among all the flowers. I did not dare to even breathe like I was scared she might vanish or something. She was too beautiful for real!
But her clothes ruled out the possibility that she might be a celestial being. It looked like something fit for a commoner but commoner or not, she was still very beautiful. I envisioned her in a gown and it just took my breath away.
I walked up to her and asked, "Who are you?"

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