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Slowly, Aya floated back to the kitchen with a dreamy look on her face that only those in love can make. She

was so caught up in her recollection of the 'incident' in the garden that she did not even notice the huge ladle that was

dancing in front of her until…


"Oh, MY GOD! Who the HELL did THAT!" Aya screamed, her voice loud enough to break even the hardest


"Why, you STUPID girl! How DARE you yell at someone who is OH-SO-INFERIOR to YOU!" and so Aya was

greeted by a shower of nasty –ahem- saliva. It did not stop there though, to Aya's horror, she was next given a close-up

of yellow teeth and horrible breath, "And more over, the person who is OH-SO-SUPERIOR to YOU, is also your current

BOSS. Who is giving you good MONEY to work instead of STANDING there with that SILLY expression on your FACE!"

Sudden realization struck Aya when she finally got all the cotton-wool-of-love out of her brain. The sickeningly-

yellow teeth and the familiar bad breath that she was hit by almost every day, belonged to none other than her… BOSS.

(A/N: I repeated boss because I wanted to show how distracted Aya was. It's not a redundancy!)

"HUH! SORRY! I'M TERRIBLY SORRY!" Aya apologized profusely while bowing, cold beads of perspiration

already forming from her forehead.

"Hurrumph. Whatever! You're let off easily tonight because I'm so busy. I TRUST… there will NOT be a next

time. Yes, AYA?" The cook's eyes widened menacingly. Aya felt as if she would be fried on the spot.

Trying to refrain herself from trembling, Aya swallowed and nodded, all the while not meeting the cook's glare.

Fortunately, a scream sounded from the kitchen which led to the fat cook waddling away hurriedly to see what had happened.

At the meantime, Tooya had problems of his own.

"How could you do this to a noble!" Queen Jinglan was careful not to scrunch up her face as she hissed angrily

at her son. She didn't want her perfectly-done-make-up to be ruined.

"Mother… She was really irritating. I could not stand her behaviour. The way she kept pushing herself at me

was…" Tooya shuddered. "Horrible."

"However so, you should not have left her alone on the dance floor! I do not care how she acted. The fact that

you left your partner on the dance floor is unacceptable!"


"I have already promised a dance to her. Now go! DO NOT lea…" A sudden wave of pain engulfed the queen.

She held her heart as she breathed heavily. She could not let this illness control her.

"Mother!" At the sound of her son's voice, Queen Jinglan's eyes snapped open. "Are you alright?"

"Yes… It's nothing to worry about. Now, do not leave her on the dance floor again!"



Tooya gulped and proceeded to do as his mother ordered. Seriously, the look in her eyes… It has as if she

wanted to hack him into pieces right there and then!

So, reluctantly, Tooya approached Miori who was positively beaming. You could see the light radiating off her!

"Good evening, Miss Miori. Would you grace with me with the honor of this dance?" It was a wonder that he

managed to choke that out. The sight of Miori batting her eyelashes was enough to send him running in the opposite


As much as Tooya wanted Miori to reject, he knew it would not happen. He closed his eyes briefly and tried to

envision Aya's lovely face as Miori said, in her screechy voice, "Of COURSE, PRINCE Tooya! I would be DELIGHTED to!"

Miori hooked her arm around Tooya's and followed him gleefully to the dance floor once again, eyeing off girls

watching with a cold glare. The music started, flowing into the ballroom as couples started moving to the rhythm. Dang,

it was slow.

They got into position and began to move gracefully to the music. It was then when Miori started to advance

on Tooya. Deliberately, she shifted so she could brush her lips 'accidently' on Tooya's perfectly-sculpted ears. Tooya

jumped as if receiving an electric shock.

Miori smirked. Very slowly, she whispered something into Tooya's ears. Words meant only for Tooya.

Tooya was stunned. He couldn't believe it.

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