WARNING! This fic is about boys in love with boys, meaning this fic is plain gay. Yes, two men in love with each other. If you don't like shounen-ai, do not read. No one's making you. Just go back and find another fic to read. Thank you. If you still want to flame me, go ahead.

Author: Dark Moon Crystales

Summary: Link loves Roy, and in a way, Roy loves Link, but he just doesn't want to accept it. Working in the same place, in the same office always leads to juicy moments alone Link wouldn't let go to waste… [CSI:ish, yaoi-goodness!]

Music: Nek - Tu Sei, Tu Sai

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EPISODE 01: Femmes Fatales Part 01 Not a Suicide


"You here?" Roy knocked on the door, leaning against the wall next to him, waiting for Link to reply.

"Yeah." The elf answered, browsing through the file cabinet, obviously trying to find something.

"Got a moment?"

"Always for you." The Hylian lifted his eyes from the cabinet, holding a folder he had been looking for and turned to face him. "As long as it's not work."

"Sadly, it is." The redheaded teen answered, taking a seat opposite his working table. "Do you remember Mr. Ueda, the one who created Ueda Secure Program?"

Link sighed, dropping the file on his table and sitting down in his chair, lifting his boots on the table. "He's the one with the freaky 70's-style glasses, huh?"

"Yeah…" The general admitted, looking a little around as Link thought. The room was a small one, messy as hell would've breaken loose in there, in the air was a pungent of pine, probably from the air refreshener over the register. The table Link had wasn't actually a table, it was an old door, put on top of two small file cabinets. Not much but better than nothing.

"I remember him." The Hero answered, smiling. "With those glasses he doesn't need a windshield in his car, trust me."

Roy chuckled, imagining a picture of Mr. Ueda with a windshield on his nose.

"Anyway, what about him?"

"He's been killed near harbour, multiple stabbing wounds in his chest. He must be very good at doing a suicide if he's been able to cause these to himself." The redhead gave Link a few pictures taken of the body, his chest was filled with deep wounds, no one could've killed themselves like that.

"I wouldn't even think about suicide, seeing all those wounds."

"Well, his wife says it was a suicide."


"No one asked any questions. Ruled as a suicide. Simple as that."

"Suspicious, huh?"

"That's what I'm thinking. There's something here they aren't telling everyone. The pictures weren't even given to the newspapers."

"Why would it be ruled as a suicide when it clearly isn't one?"

"Maybe there's something to hide? Something they wouldn't let us know…" The redhead concluded, rubbing his chin with his thumb, looking out through the window.

"It's got to be pretty classified."

"That's our case." The redhead said calmly, taking the pictures back from the elf, flashing a smile. "Boss thinks it's a murder."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Link hopped off his chair and walked to the door, looking back at the boy, waggling his eyebrows. "Or would you like a little something before…?"

"Let's go, before you get any wilder ideas."


Link walked next to Roy, knowing that the boy did like him although he didn't show it, at least not much. He always had to corner him to get a kiss, but every time he did, someone had the guts to disturb them. When he seldom got what he wanted, it really was worth the effort. When Roy surrendered to his kisses, he felt like heaven and he just couldn't stop kissing him, knowing that the moment wouldn't last forever. Still, giving up on him wasn't what he would do, he would rather keep on 'harassing' him until he would accept the fact that he did like boys and would tell him that he loved him as well.

He slipped his fingers between Roy's, causing the boy to pull his hand away and take a little more distance to him, but he only chuckled. This was so normal. He was used to this by now, at first he had really thought that Roy didn't like him, but then they had got drunk in a party and the boy had come to him, asking him all kinds of questions about himself. He had encouraged himself to press his lips on the general's and Roy had answered, pulling him even closer. Of course, the next morning he acted like nothing had happened and wouldn't talk about it.

They walked into the National Bank, the biggest in the world, also the most secured building. After lots of security they were finally able of meeting the leader, and have a little insight on what was going on.

"Did you know Mr. Ueda?" Roy asked, his face emotionless. No one could say what he was thinking at the moment.

"No, but I heard about his suicide. I've given my regards to his wife." The leader, a small man with a well-stylished hair and a tuxedo said, looking at them friendly.

"How thoughtful." The redhead said unemotionally. "Tell us about the Ueda Secure Program."

"Well… It's very top-secret, I don't know much about it."

Link gave the man a smile, rising his eyebrows questioningly. "Do you think someone might've killed him for it?"

"No, the program has nothing to do with Mr. Ueda's suicide." Tuxedo said firmly.

"Who installed it?" The redhead asked, leaning his head a bit.

"They were working for Mr. Ueda, none of my employees."

"Where can we find them?" The Hylian asked what the general would've asked and the boy gave him a quick look. He had once again been able to catch a glance from him, their eyes meeting for only a second before Roy turned his face away, knowing what he was thinking.

"Probably from Mr. Ueda's company, the Uedagram." He looked like he would've wanted them to leave, like he was in a hurry, he checked his watch more and more often.

"Then I guess we'll get there. Thanks for your time." The redhead said, getting up to leave. Link followed him and Tuxedo seemed relieved.

When they got out of the bank, Link spoke:

"I wonder why he was so nervous…" They stopped at a red light.

"Maybe he's got something to do with Mr. Ueda's death, but I don't think so." Roy answered simply. The elf slipped his fingers between the general's, taking his hand in his, pressing it gently. This time the boy only rolled his eyes and sighed.

"You never give up, do you?"

"I just want to hold your hand, that's all." The Hylian smiled at him.

"No, that's not all." The general looked vexed as he ascertained. Link chuckled, wanting to tease him a bit, but knew that Roy could easily escape from his hug in a public place.

"Okay, I lied. But I can tell you spesifically what I want if you're willing to hear it." He whispered to the redhead's ear, breathing hotly, wanting to bite his ear gently and pull it.

The general didn't answer, he was clearly awaiting him to do something. He cursed himself, why had he started pulling moves on the boy in a public place, where Roy would definitely freak out if he began kissing him and touching him. He told himself angrily to keep his perverted thoughts inside until they would be alone. At the moment, the only place to bill and coo was their office where the redhead spent awfully little time because of his profession.

Link was an investigator and Roy a psychologist. He knew that they were partners only because he had no idea of the murderer's mind which was the general's specialty and because Roy was poor at setting traps for the murderers and catching them. Still, he was with Link very little and he hated that. He wanted to keep Roy close so that he could ward off anyone interested in him.

And he couldn't take Roy to his place because firstly, he was afraid he might pull moves on him. Secondly, he lived with his smaller self, who was rather… well, blunt. He had once brought Roy to his place when the boy had been drunk, but he had left after Young Link had said a few comments. He was embarrassed greatly even by the thought of it.

He woke from his thoughts as the general took his hand out of his and looked at the general a little lost. When he realised the lights were green, he hurried next to the redhead.

"Hello, have we met?" He joked, catching a surprised look from him.

"Link, I wonder if we should speak to Mr. Ueda's wife." He said, looking back at him with his sapphire blue eyes, ignoring what he had said.

"I think we should really do that. Find out if she inherits him…"

"Do you know where she lives?" The redhead asked, not really thinking that Link would know.

"Actually, yes, my love." The elf ascertained. "I'm not much of a psychologist, but I did know that you wanted to meet her sooner or later."

"Great." Roy answered, not too enthusiastic. "Where should we go then?"

"Wait, let me check." The Hero took a piece of paper from his pocket. "Umm… Westside Boulevard 342."

"Let's take a cab, it's too far to walk from here." The redhead said, waving for a taxi passing them by which stopped to take them in.

Link wanted to say something sexy at the moment, but decided to keep it inside. He would pull moves on Roy in the office. He could hold himself back in a public place. Although it was rather tough.

But he could.

He would.

Nah. "You remember the movie where the newlyweds--"

"I don't want to know." Roy cut him off with a smile.


Did Mrs. Ueda kill her husband or not? Does the bank manager withheld information? Why was Mr. Ueda's death ruled suicide? How close will Link get to Roy?

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