Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in Peach Girl, Miwa Ueda does. I own Stephanie, though, because Stephanie is ME!

Momo sighed happily. "Oh Kiley...nothing could ever come between us now..." Her voice trailed away. Kiley swept her platnium blonde hair away from her face as he leaned in to kiss her. Suddenly, there was a loud and obnoxious sob that alarmeed both of them. A pale and short girl was crouched down in a feeble position on the ground. "KILEY! BUT I LOVE YOU! REMEMBEER ME? IT'S STEPHANIE!" she cried. She leapt for Kiley. Kiley gasped in bewilderment. Then he slapped Momo. "Screw you, bitch, I love Stephanie!" Momo touched the red mark on her cheek. "B-but Kiley...I thought you loved me! This is just a psychotic and stupid fangirl!!!" Her voice broke. Then Stephanie widely grinned. "Hop on my bike, Kiley!" Stephanie evilly cackled. Kiley hopped on her neon yellow moped. "BYEEEEE, MOMO!!!"