Almost three weeks had passed since Hiei saw the little scene between Kurama and Yomi. Hiei had returned to Mukuro's domain. Mukuro had healed from her battle with Yusuke and was quickly whipping her troops into shape. Although the rest of her troops seemed to be in top shop, her second in command was kind of sluggish. She knew something was wrong the night he returned from Gandara. For the past three weeks, he hadn't spoken to anyone, which was usual, but he didn't even speak to her. On the battlefield, he was almost killed several times. It seemed he didn't even care if he lived anymore. She had a feeling it involved that human she briefly met. She spotted Hiei in his usual stance by the window in his room. He stared blankly out into the landscape. He didn't even sense her approach.

"Hiei?" Mukuro asked.

"What?" Hiei replied. This was the most she's gotten out of him in weeks.

"You're dismissed from the battlegrounds." Mukuro said. That didn't even faze him. Usually he would be pissed if he didn't get to fight. He stared on blankly.

"Did you hear me?" Mukuro asked. 'It's like talking to a wall.' Mukuro thought.

"You're on messenger duty. You're going to deliver a message to Yomi." That got a response out of Hiei. For the past weeks, anytime anyone mentioned Yomi found themselves on the receiving end of a sharp katana. Mukuro only received a scowl from Hiei. It seemed his reactions had dulled. He really was turning into a lifeless stone. She left the message on his table and turned to leave.

"Tell someone else to go." Hiei said. Wow, a miracle, five whole words!

"No, Hiei. Everyone else has their hands full fighting off Yusuke's troops."

"Tell a useless demon to go."

"Right now, you're the most useless demon on base." Mukuro said. Hiei turned his face from the window to look at Mukuro. There was a slight glint of pain in his eyes. Mukuro knew that Hiei had felt useless before he became her heir. She was the one that had told him that he could become something and one day rule the Makai. Before he met her, he only had raw power, yet no way of controlling it or using it to his advantage. She had taught him how to use his powers and had given him some hope that the Forbidden Child wasn't just a demon outcast. And now to have the one that believed in you tell you that you were useless, well, that just hurt.

"Sorry, you know I didn't mean that. I just meant that you're too distracted. The other demons are focused on this war. Your mind is elsewhere." Mukuro said. Hiei cast his eyes downward. He knew he should help Mukuro; he was indebted to her. Mukuro turned to leave again.

"Take the message to Yomi. While you're there, sort out your mind. Don't come back until you're focused on this war." Mukuro said. Hiei looked at the message on his desk. Could he face Yomi again? He felt his temper rise every time the image of Kurama on top of Yomi rose in his mind. He never thought that he would feel pain that would be worse than any physical injury. He also felt ashamed that he couldn't keep Kurama, that the fox would choose Yomi over him.

Hiei walked over and picked up the message. He could flee right now and live out the life of a common demon. He would never have to see Mukuro, Yomi, or Kurama again. He had considered running away for a moment, but he was never that cowardly. He looked at the message, bearing Mukuro's seal. He had worked so hard to become something in the Makai. He would be damned if some human took it all away from him. He decided to go to Gandara and kill the human. Yes, that way he would prove that no human had any hold on him; that he was still the cold and ruthless demon he was. He had grown soft with Kurama's speeches about love. There was no such thing as love, just lust. Kurama had just used him for sex.

Hiei took the message and headed for Gandara. He easily found the city he was so accustomed to entering. He dropped the message off at Yomi's office and then proceeded to locate Kurama. He found himself walking toward the direction of Yomi's bedroom. Just the thought of those two together behind those doors made him see red. He waited outside the room, concealing his energy, until one of the two left the room. He waited for a while. He was grateful that the walls and doors were thick. He didn't want to hear what they were doing, even though he already knew. Just as he was about to give up and leave, Yomi exited the room. He had a huge smile and walked away happily. Hiei wanted to run up to him and stab him a million times. However, Yomi was a powerful ally against Yusuke. He would kill him painfully as soon as they took over Raizen's territory.

Hiei slowly pushed open the door and quietly entered the room. Yomi and Kurama's mixed scent engulfed the room. Hiei had to once again quell his thirst to kill Yomi. He saw the vixen wrapped up in blankets in the bed. Hiei approached the bed and saw the person that had caused him so much pain. He knew he should have quickly drawn his katana and killed him, but he couldn't bring himself to do so. He watched him sleep, but it didn't seem like one of Kurama's usual naps. There was a hint of pain and sorrow in his face. Hiei brushed away a loose strand of hair that fell on his face.

"Hiei." Kurama said softly. Hiei swiftly backed off. Did Kurama notice his presence? No, he was only talking in his sleep. Hiei moved closer again. His heart softened. He had missed the fox, no use denying it. His eyes swept the bed and found many stains. His heart hardened again. And it wasn't just Yomi's seed on the bed; it was Kurama's as well. The fox had enjoyed himself. Hiei unsheathed his sword. He would have to get this over with right away, if he lingered, he would probably wake the fox. Just as he was about to bring his katana down, Kurama spoke.

"I'm sorry, koi." Kurama said. Hiei stopped. Kurama was speaking in his sleep again. What the hell was he dreaming about? Curious, Hiei took off his headband and his jagan opened. He focused on Kurama and was thrust into his mind.

Hiei was amazed at Kurama's mind. It was vast and well protected. His demon self must be ancient. There were so many barriers to guard against spells and mind control. His mind seemed to let Hiei through though. Hiei saw a few flashes of Kurama's old life. It seemed he had a lot of lovers, and he seemed to have a lot of riches. Then, he saw a little breach in the minds and came upon Minamino Suiichi's mind. It wasn't as well guarded as the demon's. It actually seemed fairly innocent. He saw a few flashes of his growing childhood, and he saw his mother. His mother was overly patient with him and loved him unconditionally. He then saw when his mother got sick and Kurama fled to the Makai to get some herbs. He saw when Kurama met Yomi and how trapped he felt. Hiei felt how happy Kurama was when he first met him, how happy he was that he found a friend in the Makai. Kurama was excited when they had their first kiss and was really happy when they made love. Why then would Kurama give himself to Yomi? Kurama really was happy with Hiei.

Then, Hiei discovered Yomi's sick proposition to Kurama. He felt Kurama's fear for his mother and his safety. Just as Hiei was about to exit Kurama's mind, he saw the scene that had made him hate Kurama. He felt Kurama's revulsion and shame when Yomi fucked him. Kurama was unaware that Hiei had seen them. After Hiei left, Yomi had fucked Kurama relentlessly. For the past three weeks, Yomi has taken Kurama over and over and each time Kurama felt like he would die of shame. Hiei had had enough and left Kurama's mind. If he wanted to free Kurama, he would have to kill the demon watching Kurama's mother first. But, how would he get to the Ningenkai? Taking one last look at his fox, he gave him a quick kiss on the lips before he left.

Hiei left the city and used his jagan to search for any portals. There was one a few miles to the north, but it was heavily guarded by the Reikai. He headed for the portal and disposed of the guards there. He jumped in the portal and was transported to the Ningenkai. Hiei flitted around; looking for the place his fox had lived. He perched himself on a tall tree and looked around for Kurama's human mother. He couldn't find her. There were too many buildings and other contraptions in his way. The Ningenkai was so noisy. How could Kurama ever live there? He searched around for a few hours and was about to give up. The world was too big. How could he ever find a single woman?

Hiei rested on a branch to collect his thoughts, when a tree branch swung at him. What's this? Trees in the Ningenkai weren't supposed to move. However, the tree attacking him wasn't a human tree, it was a Makai tree. Hiei disposed of the plant with his flames. Then an idea hit him. Kurama summoned and controlled plants, so naturally any plant from the Makai would have to linger near his house, right? Even if the fox were gone from the Ningenkai for almost a year, the plants he summoned would still be there. Kurama loved to be near plants.

When Kurama first entered Hiei's room, it was plant-less. After a few weeks, Hiei's room almost resembled a rainforest. Hiei used his jagan to search for Makai plants. Sure enough, he sensed huge plants with youki within them. He headed off in that direction. He approached the general area of the plants and sensed a demon lurking nearby. That must be the demon Yomi sent to watch Kurama's mother. In less than a second, the demon was dead. Hiei burned the body so Kurama's mother wouldn't have a heart attack when she found a dead demon. Now that the demon was taken care of, he just had to return to Gandara, kill Yomi, and then he and Kurama could live happily ever after.

Finding a portal back to the Makai was harder than he thought. The Reikai really was strict about not letting humans find out about the Makai. After hours, Hiei finally found one portal, but it was really unstable. He wouldn't know where in the Makai it would take him, but he would take his chances. He knew most of the Makai's geography. He hopped in and landed in Gandara. Lucky him. He looked up at the evening sky. He was gone almost a day. Stupid Ningenkai.

He easily found his way to the city and swiftly entered Yomi's building. His senses told him that Yomi and Kurama were together behind closed doors. He ran faster and burst into the room. Yomi cursed and turned around to see who disturbed him. Kurama was just as surprised to see Hiei. Kurama looked away in shame. Yomi climbed off Kurama and pulled a sheet around himself.

"Brat, what are you doing here?"

"Retrieving something that's mine."

"Oh? And what would that be?"

"Fox, I'm taking you with me." Hiei told Kurama.

"But he doesn't want to leave with you, isn't that right, pet?"

"No." Kurama answered monotonously.

"If he won't come, then I'll take him by force." Hiei said as he drew his katana. Yomi looked amused.

"I don't see why you want him back, Hiei. He's-" Yomi was cut short as Hiei thrust his katana at Yomi's head. Yomi easily avoided it. He summoned his youki and Hiei did as well. Hiei released the headband to reveal is jagan. Yomi fired his ki in huge balls at Hiei. Hiei easily dodged them all and tried to slice Yomi with his katana. Both moved super fast. With each blow, the energy used increased. Yomi and Hiei soon destroyed the part of the building they were in. Hiei charged at Yomi with his katana again, but Yomi caught it between his hands and broke it. Yomi punched Hiei several times in the chest and then fired a ki ball right into Hiei's forehead, where his jagan was. He grabbed Hiei by the neck and flung him to the other side of the building. Hiei slowly got back up and started to release his most powerful attack. Yomi prepared to counter it. As Hiei released his black dragon, Yomi caught it with his hands and wrestled with it for a few minutes. Yomi successfully managed to push the dragon away from him and dispersed the attack. Hiei, having used up all his energy calling the dragon, collapsed. Yomi laughed triumphantly.

"Oh, Hiei, you were so stupid to attack me. Now you'll die for your insolence." Yomi gathered huge amounts of youki into his hand and prepared to strike Hiei with it. Suddenly, he felt powerful youki behind him. Who else in Gandara was a S-class demon? He turned around and saw... Youko Kurama. Yomi's breath caught in his throat. Where did he come from? Wasn't he dead? Kurama's body completed its transformation and Yomi saw the youko in all his glory. Golden eyes narrowed on Yomi.

"Yomi, you were such a fool to attack Hiei and think you wouldn't rouse me as well." Kurama said.


"The one and only."

"This is your true demon form? But you died. A spirit hunter shot you."

"So most say. But all great thieves always have an escape plan. I just happened to reincarnate within this human boy." The great Makai plants started to surround Yomi. Yomi started to get nervous. Some of the plants were blood sucking ones. They could kill you by draining all the blood from your body. What a painful way to die. The other plants had vicious teeth and some and acid and poison dripping from their mouths.

"H-How did all these plants get in here?"

"Your garden. I had planted them all there when I first found the place. They've had a year to grow and mature. Now it seems they're hungry." Kurama seemed to have an iron expression on. Then, the plants circled Yomi and dove for him.

Yomi dodged a few of the blood sucking plants, but he couldn't avoid some of the acid dripped on him. He managed to destroy some of the larger plants; they made easier targets. Vines wrapped themselves around his feet so he couldn't run. Yomi stopped for a few seconds to destroy the vines, only letting the more vicious plants enclose on him. As the plants dove in for the kill, Yomi erected a barrier around himself and deflected the plants. Kurama ran toward Yomi, ready to strike. Kurama didn't move as fast as Hiei did, but Yomi had already worn himself out fighting off Hiei and Kurama's demon plants. Kurama was getting more vicious with his blows, a year of pent up anger showing itself in his attacks. Yomi moved his head back to avoid Kurama's incoming claws, but his eyes didn't see the plant sneaking up behind him that caught his neck. Kurama aimed to cut off Yomi's head, but Yomi moved, and Kurama ripped off Yomi's eyes. Yomi screamed in pain. If that wasn't bad enough, he didn't see that he was walking right into a plant dripping with acid. The acid fell into his eyes, scorching him for life. Kurama decided to let his plants take care of Yomi.

He ran to Hiei. The fire demon was still breathing, but he had wounds from fighting Yomi. His ribs were broken and his jagan seemed to be bleeding. That wasn't a good sign. As Kurama scooped up Hiei into his arms, Hiei slowly opened his eyes. He could barely make out Kurama's form. However, he didn't see his sweet human Kurama. He saw Youko Kurama, the one who was a legend in both the Makai and the Reikai. "K-Kurama?" he said before he passed out again.

Kurama fled from the building, hoping his plants had taken care of Yomi. He carried Hiei like he was one of his most precious jewels. Kurama wasn't quite familiar with the landscape since he had been gone for fifteen years. He kept running, holding Hiei closer to him, hoping he was all right. Kurama entered a deep and vast forest. It looked familiar. He recognized the tall makai trees and the lush vegetation on the ground. This forest used to be one of his covert lairs. The trees were perfect for keeping unwanted visitors out. The forest recognized their old master and promptly cleared the way for him. Kurama followed the path the trees made for him and he found a secluded cave.

He entered cautiously. Since he was gone, another demon that wielded similar powers to him could have set up camp here. His senses were all alert. Kurama sensed no danger. The cave looked familiar too. Kurama walked onto some lush vegetation inside the cave and set Hiei down. He went back outside to gather some wood and then lit himself a torch. No wonder the place looked familiar, it was one of his old romping grounds. He made a fire in the center of the cave.

The fire revealed treasures within the cave. There were jewels hidden in the cave and other beautiful treasures lying around all waiting for his return. They weren't all jewels and precious stones; he had ancient scrolls and other items he had stolen from the Reikai. There was a makeshift bed off to a corner of the cave. It wasn't really so much a bed as a comfortable place to bring pretty youkai to sleep with. Kurama lifted Hiei and put him on the bed. It wasn't that comfortable, but it was better than the ground.

Kurama unclothed Hiei and summoned healing herbs and plants to his side. He dressed his wounds. There were no bandages around, so Kurama tore off pieces of his robe. After Hiei was properly bandaged, Kurama walked around his cave.

There were jewels that he never thought he'd see again. He picked up a blue gem and held it close to his eyes. It never lost its sparkle. He had such rare and valuable items here. He appreciated them more because he hadn't seen them in such a long time. He dug through the pile of treasure looking for a specific item. He hoped he had left it in this cave and not his others. Inari, it would be painful if he couldn't find it.

Hiei started to regain consciousness a few hours after Kurama had brought him here. He looked around to see a lot of jewels and rare items. He wondered how he got here in the first place. The last thing he remembered was fighting Yomi and then passing out. Did Yomi spare him? Was he now in some sort of cave of torture? No, he wasn't chained down, there weren't any wards around and a prison wouldn't have jewels lying around.

Something caught Hiei's eye. There was a fluffy white tail sticking out of a pile of gold. Wait, he had seen something silvery before he passed out. It kind of looked like a youko. It was tall and had golden eyes. Who was that? Was it the same creature buried underneath the gold? Curious, Hiei slowly got up from the bed and wobbly walked over to the swishing tail. He gave it a hard yank.

"OW!" Kurama cried. He pulled out from under all the treasure.

"Why'd you do that, Hiei? My tail is sensitive!" Kurama said.

"Who are you?" Hiei asked. Kurama looked surprised.

"Hiei, it's me, Kurama." Hiei narrowed his eyes and took a defensive stance. He reached to his belt for his katana, but it wasn't there. Actually, his clothes weren't there. He was confused. Where were his clothes?

"Hiei, relax. I took off your clothes to tend to your wounds."

"Where's Kurama?"

"I AM Kurama." He said with frustration. Did he really seem so different from his human counterpart? Since Hiei didn't believe him, he changed back into his human form. Now Hiei looked really surprised.


"Yes." Kurama said in his softer human voice. Realization finally gripped Hiei. He did see a youko fighting Yomi. That was the same youko that was just in the cave with him. That youko was in fact Kurama, he was Youko Kurama. Hiei was shocked and stood still for a moment. He then walked back to the bed and sat down. He needed time to absorb this.

Kurama cautiously walked to Hiei's side. He wasn't sure how he would respond to the news. Hiei seemed to gather his thoughts and warily looked at Kurama. 'No wonder Kurama didn't seem quite human. He looked flawless. He was always graceful and seductive. It's because he is a youko.' Hiei thought. How could he have fallen for one? Youkos were known for being very promiscuous and selfish, more specifically, Youko Kurama was famous for being a sex god and one of the most cunning and cold-hearted thieves. How could such a spirit reside in that seemingly innocent body?

Kurama saw the look Hiei gave him. Hiei didn't trust him anymore. All demons gave him the same look when he was still a youko. Everyone wanted him, yet they all feared him. No one really wanted to get close to him, to get to know who he really was. As far as anyone knew, he was just a youko with an insatiable libido. The only one that cared for him and he cared for in return was Kuronue, but he was long dead. Now it seemed the relationship between him and Hiei would follow the same path of the relationship he had with Kuronue - heartbreak. Hiei looked at Kurama with caution. Seeing the distrust in Hiei's eyes, Kurama went back to digging for that item when Hiei spoke.

"Fox, you're naked."

"Huh?" Kurama looked at himself, indeed he was. When he fled from Yomi's he was in youko form, which always seemed to have his white robes on. However, his human form was naked when Hiei intruded on him and Yomi. Kurama always had a spare outfit in his caves since his sexual escapades always ended in torn clothes. He found the outfit and put it on. It was a little big and flashy, but he tied knots around the shoulders and tore off some of the fabric so it would fit.

"Why did you heal me?" Hiei asked.

"Why do you have to ask? I was worried about you, that's why."

"You don't care, fox."

"And how would you know?"

"You're youko. Youko Kurama. You don't care, you kill, rape, and pillage." Hiei said. It was no use denying it, it was true.

"That was a lifetime ago, I've changed."

"Did you? Fifteen years in the Ningenkai changed your entire lifestyle?"


"Don't lie. That's impossible."

"I stayed here so my mother would live, Hiei. If I really was back to my old self, I would have left a long time ago."

"I'm just saying you might have ulterior motives for staying."

"And why would I stay in Gandara and agree to be Yomi's sex slave?"

"Yomi has ancient treasures and powerful weapons hidden in his building. You're telling me those items didn't interest you? Just take a look around this cave. Did you steal all this treasure while you were imprisoned?"

"No! I stayed because Yomi trapped me. If I didn't stay he would have killed you and my mother!"

"How convenient that you got to have all the sex you wanted while you were trapped." Hiei paused. "Tell me, was I just another fuck for you?"

"NO! How could you say that?"

"You're saying you didn't enjoy it with Yomi?" Hiei accused.

"N-no, Hiei. I- I couldn't control my body." Kurama weakly said. Hiei gave Kurama a disgusted look. He got up to leave.

"Where are you going?!" Kurama asked.

"Anywhere away from you." Hiei said. He staggered and almost fell when Kurama caught him. Hiei froze. No matter how much he denied it, he couldn't control the warm fuzzy feeling that engulfed his heart every time Kurama touched him. Kurama carried him back to the bed and put him down.

"Hiei, please don't move around, you'll hurt yourself." Kurama adjusted a few of the bandages around Hiei's chest.

"Hn. I can take care of myself." Hiei said gruffly. Kurama could tell that he was defeated. No matter how much he loved Hiei, he would only see him as the demon, the ruthless youko, not the human that loved him dearly. Kurama got up and started to leave the cave.

"Where are you going?"

"You want me to leave you alone, right?"

"What about all your treasure?" Hiei asked. Kurama smiled sadly.

"I've already lost the two most precious things to me." Kurama said sadly.

"I'm sorry, did you drop a few precious items after you raided Yomi's vault?"

"No. Yomi must've ordered my mother's death when you attacked." Kurama said. There was genuine pain in his emerald eyes. Hiei saw it and instantly regretted all the things he said. Maybe Kurama had changed. Perhaps that single human woman was capable of changing his depraved lifestyle with love.

"She's not dead." Hiei said.

"How do you know?"

"I killed the demon watching her before I went to see you and Yomi."

"You snuck into the Ningenkai?"

"Kch. It's not like it's that hard." Hiei snorted. Kurama smiled. His mother was still alive. He hadn't lost one of the people he loved the most.

"And what was the other thing?" Hiei asked.


"The other precious thing to you."

"Oh. It's um..." Kurama stuttered. 'It's you Hiei.' Kurama thought, but he couldn't bring himself to say it. Kurama couldn't look at Hiei and cast his eyes elsewhere. Hiei caught the hint. Hiei knew it was he.

"Hn. Never mind."

"Thank you for saving my mother." Kurama held Hiei's hand, but Hiei quickly drew it away. They sat in silence for a while.

"What were you looking for?" Hiei asked.


"When you were digging through the gold."

"Oh. Just a potion."

"For what?"

"Nothing. It was to make me stronger so I could finish off Yomi."

"You're lying." Hiei said. Well, seemed like his jagan healed.

"It's nothing, just a little potion."

"What was it, fox?" Kurama looked away from Hiei's probing eyes.

"A suicide potion. Quick and painless." Kurama said softly.

"What? ARE YOU STUPID? Why the hell would you want to kill yourself?"

"I thought my mother had died. There would be no point in living if there weren't anyone to love you. You never know how precious something is until you lose it."

"You never needed love when you were a youko."

"Hiei it's....... hard to explain. Once you love someone and they're gone, it's painful to move on. Worst of all, I know that no one would ever love me again. At least not on the same scale she did. I know I could live out my life as a youko, but there would be this huge hole in me that I know can't be filled." Kurama said. 'And I knew you wouldn't love me once you found out who I am.' Kurama silently thought.

Hiei understood. He walked around for a hundred years with a void in his heart. He was an outcast and never had companionship. He never had friendly love. The pain eased when he found Mukuro, but the void was still there. Then he met Kurama, the remedy to all his scars. His heart felt whole and warm. Then it shattered when he thought Kurama betrayed him. He understood the loss.

"Fox, you shouldn't kill yourself."

"What do you understand? You can't comprehend what I felt. I thought I had lost my mother and I lost y-" Kurama stopped himself. He didn't want to say that. Then it would be a reality. He hoped Hiei would still love him.

"Don't be stupid, you're not a coward. You know suicide solves nothing. It's an escape for the weak. You've become weak living with all those humans."

"What is this? First you hate me because I'm a youko and now you hate me because I'm human?"

"Fox, I don't hate you."

"Then what is it about me that you don't like?"

"It's not that simple. You have a dual personality. One is ruthless and one is fairly innocent. I'm just not sure which one is real."

"It's not like I made a personality up. I've changed. I still have some of my old characteristics, but I also have new ones." Kurama said. Hiei was silent. It was true, Kurama wasn't two people, he just evolved from his old image. They sat in silence again. Kurama tried to change some of the bandages.

"You don't have to do that. I'll heal on my own."

"It's the least I can do. You saved my mother and you tried to save me from Yomi."

"A lot of good that did. He almost killed me."

"You weakened him, so he was easy prey for my plants."

"You killed him?"

"I'm not sure. He's more powerful than me, so he might have escaped even though he was surrounded by some of the most vicious makai plants." Kurama said. He took off the bandages and applied some of the herbs onto Hiei's wounds. Surprisingly, Hiei let Kurama do so. It got uncomfortable when Kurama got to his inner legs. Kurama quickly grazed passed those wounds. Kurama was about to rip his clothes again to make bandages, but Hiei stopped him.

"They'll heal on their own." Hiei said. He was already naked, he didn't want a tempting half naked fox near him too. Kurama drew Hiei's cloak over his body. Kurama got up to leave.

"Where are you going?" Hiei asked.

"Back to the Ningenkai. I'm going to live with my mother again. I miss her."

"You're not going to stay longer?"

"No. After being here, I realize the Makai wasn't as great as I remembered it to be. And besides, it's not like anyone here's going to miss me." Kurama shone Hiei a sad smile and exited the cave.


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