This is dedicated to one of my best friends, Jeneal Watts.

Jeneal and I have been friends since 2nd Grade. She moved to Michigan, and I did not hear from her again until 6th grade. She called my house, hoping to God I hadn't moved, and our reunion began. To my surprise, despite her too-busy-for-a-kid schedule, she still managed to immerse herself in anime and videogames just like I had. We're the best of friends like we used to be. I commend her for putting up with me, even when I talk about myself in third person. (ARE YOU GETTING THE DRIFT?)

She is a faithful reviewer of my fanfics, and tells me always, in private if not in the review, what I need to improve upon. She has sent me countless things through the mail, and pays for the long distance phone calls (I know this gets expensive). When I was all upset about my mom being hospitalized, she always made me laugh about her shenanigans wink and sent me all kinds of random and funny things online. She is a true friend, and one of my most treasured gifts.

To all my other friends, don't worry! You're fanfiction or otherwise tributes will come! I may draw you a picture or something. I'm only doing this because I feel I don't praise this woman enough!

So without further ado, I present to you, the biggest fan of Hiruko Ubusuna ever to walk the earth, eating Cheetos and reciting Poe, Jeneal Watts!

Jel's Journal Entry- Day 1

I think Hiruko-sama really likes me! Today I met him for the first time for my Onmyoji apprenticeship. He knows I'm his biggest fan ever.


But, by God, I am gonna work my ass off to make him proud! He's going to look back and say, 'Damn, she was a first-rate apprentice!'

We're not messing this up like last time...poor Amano-sensei...

Well, I guess I have to sleep now. Big day tomorrow.

Gah, Jel, don't kill me! It's gonna get better!