Zero 2

ST: Hola! Coma esta?

TK: Translation: Hello. How are you?

ST: Yes, enough Espaniol today. Cause today you get my new story! This is Zero 2. TK, summary please.

TK: Well, it's about Tai and his band, Zero 2. It's hard to explain exactly what it's about but trust me; it's pretty good.

ST: Yes, it is. Tai starts a band, but also starts a new love that makes everything in his world twist upside down.

TK: OH, and when we say Zero 2, we do not mean the Digi Zero two. But it's not AU. Get that?

ST: Teeks, stop confusing them. Kay, warnings, there is a bit of shonen-ai, but I always have shonen-ai, so no biggie! Also, there is some swearing, but not really bad. There's a reason if they swear. And the characters are OOC, as usual. Other then that, it's all crisp clean PG-13!

TK: Whoo.

ST: Yep. Without further adu:

TK: Here's the story.

-Chapter 1-

Yamato and Taichi sat in the booth of the local pizza parlor, both munching on pineapple and sausage pizza. There was a slight air of silence between the two. When both had finished their current piece of pizza and had chugged half their soda, Tai broke the stillness.

"Broke up?"

Yama sighed. "That's what I said."

"Why? That's just so, so, sad."

"Sad? How's it sad?"

Tai poked at a pineapple that sat on his crumb littered plate. "Cause you guys were so happy."

"Pshhh, yeah right."

"Oh fess up Yama. You two were perfect, inseparable."

Yama glanced down. "Yea, maybe at first. But things change ya know."

Tai scowled. "That's what you always say!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Awww, whattya know Yagami, huh? You weren't the one sleeping with Ken, now were you?"

Tai frowned even more. "That's what you call your relationship? Sleeping with him? Nice to know what you truly value."

Tai stared to get up, obviously not wanting anything more with his friend.

"Tai, don't you dare leave! You don't know crap about crap!"

Tai glared at him. "Why did you break up with him?"

Matt gaped and then glanced down. He said nothing.

Tai "hmphed" and left angrily, leaving the speechless blonde to himself.

As Matt watched his friend leave the parlor he flicked a the pineapple that Tai had been poking at earlier.

Suddenly, he growled to himself, "Dammit Yamato. You know perfectly well that he's right."

He sighed and got up from the booth, leaving some cash from his jacket pocket on the table before he stared to walk towards the exit.

"Yea," he muttered lowly. "But it's not like I regret ever doing it."


TK and Dai, fingers intertwined, laughed along with Kari. Kari waved her hand, signaling the two boys to shush for a moment.

"And then I told her, 'No m'am, I said Roxy- not foxy!"

"No way!"

The three burst back into laughter, their cheeks inflating a little and a red flush on all their faces. As their laughter subsided, TK sighed and leaned his head against Dai's shoulder. When Davis leaned back against the blonde, Kari giggled dreamily.


Kari shook her head at her blonde buddy. "Nothing, you two are just so cute."

Dai turned to look TK in the eye. "This thing, cute? Nah."

TK pretended to agree. "I know. Sometimes I wonder why you don't just leave me high and dry for- .. Kari."

"Ewwwww! She's worse than you!"

Dais squeaked in shock when Kari's hand connected with his head. TK laughed as he watched his koi rub his head gently.

"Poor baby." Dai's smile shone it's hardest when TK lightly kissed his forehead, a small blush appearing on his face.

Kari completely tarnished the moment. "Awwww! That's so sweet!"

TK smiled sweetly at her. "I may be ugly, but I am sweet." He turned back to Davis. "Right Dai?"

His burgundy love nodded quickly in agreement. "Like pumpkin pie."

Kari laughed. "You mean apple pie."

Dais shook his head. "Nope, Keru is my pumpkin pie."

Kari rolled her eyes as the two love doves smiled ever-so lovey dovey, their eyes glittering. She nearly started gagging when the two started to peck kisses onto each other's lips, the next kiss longer than the first.

"Ugg. Did I just see tongue?"

The two boys stopped for a moment, giving dearth glares at the invading girl before giving each other one last kiss.

As they separated, Dais sitting back more onto his own chair and TK leaning back into his, TK turned to a waiting Kari.


"Not really."

Before the three could continue whatever was going to begin, the front door opened and slammed shut. A totally pissed Tai walked into view from the kitchen bar, causing the other three to turn their heads.

They watched curiously as Tai threw off his shoes and his jacket in a rush before hurriedly sitting himself among the others in the last empty seat. His arms were crossed and his face was all scrunched into a frown as his eyes scanned TK's, Dai's and Kari's.


His sister's words unleashed the bottled anger. "You won't ever believe what that asshole did! It's just so god dammed stupid, so insanely screwed up!"


Tai, shocked, quickly quieted down when all three had simultaneously said almost exactly what he'd been getting at. "Yea! He-"

All three younger instantly said, "Broke it up?"


A group of groans escaped from everyone, excluding Tai. TK rolled his eyes. "This is, like, the 17th time, right?"

Kari shrugged her shoulders. "I dunno. Let's name 'em!"

"First Sora."

"Yea, then Meems."

"Then that Cindy chick."


"Oh yea, and Bobert."

"Then Marcus."

"Goodness, how could we forget that guy?"

"And don't miss Jenny."

Tai laughed. "Those are all his 'relationship' relationships. What about all his fans?"

"Marsha, Hy, Anthony, Allie, Caitlin."

TK smiled wickedly. "And then there are the ones that you guys don't even really know about."


"The chick with the purple and black hair, the drummer chick from some band in Hiroshima, Xantic I think, the doughnut salesgirl at Doughnuts R' Us, the 17 year old girl scout who was selling peanut butter cookies, the cashier guy who works at the local Stop N Go by my apartment, and, I think, Joe. Oh, and the people who work at the Muzac Discs N More store. They count as one."

Tai, Dai, and Kari were racking up the total. Finally Dai cried out, "19!"

"And Ken makes 20."

Tai, remembering his earlier anger, quickly scowled again. "Damn player."

Kari shook her finger. "No, man-whore is the correct word for him."

TK and Dai snickered, "Man-whore. Hee hee."

Tai whined, "Yea, your right. But him and Ken had a record. What 7 months?"

TK nodded solemnly. "It took Mattie 6 months to finally do him."

Tai blinked. "What?"

Kari shook her head yes. "Yep, Ken was really holding out."

Tai blinked twice. "No way.."

"Yes way."

Shock was quickly replaced by fury. "Who does he think he is? A sex god?"

TK, Kari and Dai merely glanced down at the ground, their faces blank.
TK slowly answered, "Naw duh."

Tai growled. "How the hell didn't I see it?! He's my damn best friend and I don't see his damn faults? Impossible!"

Kari laughed. "No, it's not Tai. Like you said, he's your best friend. Good friends look past their friends faults."

Tai scowled. "That's BS. That asshole! That gay-ass jerk! That mother fuc-"

Kari placed her hand in front of her brother's face, silencing him. "Tai, if you feel so strongly about this, uh, stuff, then do something about it instead of complaining about it." She winked, hinting at something.

Tai's face lit up. "You're absolutely right! I love you sis." He quickly hugged her before racing off to his room, the slamming of a door ringing throughout the apartment.

TK, Dai and Kari simply gave each other glances, settled back down comfortably into their chairs and continued whatever they had left off before.


(a/n: Now, I know that the whole song writing process and band process is a whole lot more complicated, but I can dream, can't I? Oh, and I wrote the song that Tai's gonna make up. Enjoy!)


Tai paced his room, his thoughts racing through his head. Quickly, he grabbed the guitar that lay beside his closet door and started strumming a riff.

No one really knew about Tai's hobby. Except Kari, who in the late of the night would lay her back against his closed door and listed to him mess around, no one else had a clue. Over the past year and a half, he had gotten pretty good.

Suddenly he stopped playing and reached for a pen and a notepad that sat on his desk. He quickly started scribbling notes and words as he sat on his bed, taking his guitar with him.

He tried playing what he had written, stopping to change very now and then. Once content with his work, he threw his hands into the air. "Yea!"

He stumbled out of his room, his guitar hanging on his shoulders and dragging his amp along with him. He placed himself in front of the others and plugged his guitar in, a wide grin on his face.

TK and Dai began to snicker. "You play?"

Tai gave them a death glare. "Just listen. Kay?"

The two boys quickly quit laughing and gave Tai an eager look. Kari nodded at her brother, urging him to go on.

Tai grinned and prepared himself. The, he began.

/How can you go about your day/

/Doing things that way/

/I don't get what you say/

/That you didn't care anyway/

/You are a loser/

/A future boozer/

/You use her/

/Abuse her/

/Then loose her/

/For another/

/And you don't wonder/

/Bout poor her/

/How can you go about your day/

/Doing things that way/

/I don't get what you say/

/That you didn't care anyway/

/You are racking them up fast/

/Girls and boys of the past/

/Don't haunt your ass/

/Although they should/

/I know they would/

/If only they could/

/You go about your day/

/Doing things your way/

/Never minding what I say/

/I doesn't matter anyway/

/Cause come what may/

/Some day/

/You'll decay/

/I'm not going to interfere/

/When some poed ex kicks your rear/

/If I were you I'd run in fear/

/How can you go about your day/

/Doing things that way/

/I don't get what you say/

/That you didn't care anyway/

When he finished, two sat with their mouths hanging open and another simply smiling ear to ear. Kari started clapping. "I knew you'd find an outlet!"

Dai and TK quickly exchanged glances before looking back at Tai. Dai speedily said, "Hey you were pretty good-"

"Yea real good. You wanna start a band with us?"

Tai, totally unprepared for the unexpected question he was asked, did a back take and blinked. "Wait, you guys have a band?"

Dai smiled weakly and TK bowed his head. "Well, not really. Matt's friend taught me bass and Dai picked up on the drums really fast. Only prob is that we don't actually own any instruments."


Dai suddenly shook his head. "Nu uh! Keru, remember what whatshisface said? 100 dollars for his old bass and amp? And a friend of mine needs a place to store his extra set of drums. Cha ching!"

TK smiled tartly at his koi. "I don't have a hundred dollars, love. And where the hell would we put a set of drums?"

"Ummmmmm...... I dunno?"

Tai interrupted. "Hey, you guys are forgetting one thing, me. I have 45 dollars in my room right now and I know how to get the rest. Also, I know where we can store the drums."

The two younger boys became ecstatic. The started whooping and jumping up and down. Kari laughed at her friends before turning to Tai.

"So, whatcha gonna call yourselves?"

Tai seemed to ponder it for a moment. Then he said, "Zero 2."

This made TK and Dai whoop even louder. Kari sighed and whispered to her brother, "Maybe the band business will make them grow up a bit."

Tai shook his head as he slipped out of his heavy guitar strap. "Really doubt it."


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