Zero 2

oh boy, the long awaited clincher! drama is sure to be heading your way! you all are so lucky, two chapters in one day. or am i just nice? go on, admit it. i am nice, aren't i?

TK: psssh, you wish.

Draco: you know, she kind of is.

TK: (blinks) are you, umm, on something? cause, really, my brother knows a reeeely good rehab center that-

Draco: shut up you git!

(sniff) aww, dray, you're so sweet! c'mere!

Draco: ahh! no, i meant that maybe you were nice! i didn't say you could hug me! get away. shoo.

(rolls eyes) well, it was worth a try. oh, just a warning, there are a loooot of f-words in here. blame mattie boy and slut numba 2. you'll see... on with the story!

TK: hope you enjoy it. i guess....

chapter 1lven

at the Takashi residence

When Tai reached TK's place and strode into the hallway, he knew he had his work cut out for him. Davis was camped out in front of the hallway closet door with a can of Mountain Dew in his shaking hands. His pupils were dilated and when he saw Tai he almost started jumping as he sat.

"T-Tai! Ya-ya gotta help me! Ta-Takeru, he-he, awww! I'm a aw-awful b-b-boyfriend! I-I let Matt con-confuse mmme!" He dropped the soda and leapt up from where he was sitting to fling his arms around Tai's waist. "Ya-ya gotta talk to em Tai. H-he says he's not gon-gonna go on with the band. An-an him an me, we-we are thru. Thru. WE'RE THR-OO-OO-UU!!!!"

Tai's shirt was quickly stained with tears as Dai's eyes welled and leaked. The older simply held the crying boy and patted his back. Ken carefully picked up the (somehow) standing can off of the carpet, in case someone would knock it over and cause more of a mess. Nissa crept in and watched along side Ken as Tai comforted the distressed Davis.

"Dai, where is TK?" Davis wailed louder at TK's name and pointed at the closet. Tai guided Dais to Ken, who automatically reattached himself to the bluenette, and approached the hall closet door, knocking softly. "TK? You in there?"

"No shit."

Tai rolled his eyes and knocked louder. "C'mon Takeru, get out here. As your band leader, I demand you leave that closet, now."

"I quit!"

"Nobody's quitting anything. When you come out, you and Davis and the rest of us are going to discuss this maturely. Then you can make a rational decision, whether it be you quit or stay. Deal?"

"But I quit! You can't tell me what to do. Go away! And take that filthy two-timing slut with you!"

Tai actually heard Davis wince behind him and heard the young boy sniffle before whining in pain and then full our bawling. Growling, Tai gritted his teeth and rattled the doorknob.

"Alright! Now I'm telling you as an elder and as a friend! Get your butt out here before I get a fire axe and chop it down!"

"Try me!"

Muttering profanity, for Tai surely knew that there was no fire axe nearby and that Mrs. Takashi would probably not appreciate having her door chopped to bits, he kicked the door and said, "Fine. Stay. I hope you rot in there, sitting in your own self-pity and fear of confrontation! No better than your brother..."

Tai turned on his heels, his face set. But the visage that greeted him wasn't all that cheerful. Dai's eyes were wide and dark, tears spilling freely. He sighed and shrugged, for he was completely out of ideas; how could he explain this to Davis?

He didn't have to.

"O-only a discussion. No force. Right? Then I can quit, right?"

Tai swirled around, smile breaking his already fleeting anger. "If you still want to afterwards, yes."

"You promise?"

He looked to the others, receiving a nod from all three. "I promise."

Slowly the door opened to reveal a tired and uncertain, hesitating blonde, his eyes squinting at the light and his hair disheveled. Davis had to be held down as TK walked past him and seated himself on the couch in the living room. Tai sat next to him, followed by Nissa. Ken and Davis seated themselves on the floor, although Davis glanced longingly at the empty space to TK's left.

Tai clapped his hands together softly and said, "Okay. I heard a bystander's point of view. I think it's time to hear the innocent until completely proven guilty Davis. Dai, go ahead."

Avoiding all other eyes, he stared at the floor and inhaled deeply before beginning. "Alright. Ken, me and TK were going on brake. Ice cream parlor down the block, Ken said. About halfway there I realized that I forgot to turn off the recording, eh, recorder. Tapes are pretty expensive, you know. When I got there, Matt and Kanbara were there. Kanbara left as soon as I walked in and closed the door. When I asked Matt what he was doing there, he told me he was waiting for me. Told me he had something to give to TK and wanted me to do it cause they were in a fight or something. He started to get closer til I was pinned to the wall. I told him to f-off and tried to kick him, umm, well, you know, but he grabbed me and started kissing me. Then TK and Ken came in and, well, yea."

Everyone was looking around at each other. TK wiggled in his seat, his arms crossed and a scowl engraved on his face. "Bull. I don't believe it."

If anyone could possibly cry their heart and soul out, Davis could. He crawled over to TK's feet and sobbed, "P-please! I'm not lying! I'd never ever ever lie to you bout something like this! I love you. Please TK."

The boy stared deep into his lover's, maybe soon to be permanently ex-lover's eyes and slowly his face fell. Sighing heavily, TK, his hands trembling, reached out to Davis. And the brunette cried out and jumped onto his lap, the weight causing them both to topple over and land on the floor.

Ken smiled happily at the couple and looked at Tai, who was chuckling with relief. He noticed Ken's stare and turned to grin handsomely at his friend. Blushing, Ken stood up and took TK's now empty spot.

The reunited loves were lip locked and holding each other tight. Nissa's eyes bulged and she muttered, "Oh my gosh. That's so hot."

Not even hearing the girl's remark, Tai stretched his arms and yawned. "Well, that's enough emotional railing for me today. I think we all need a good-"

But nobody heard what they needed. As Tai was going to search his pockets for spare change, his fingers came across an alien trinket. Pulling it out, Tai stared at the cassette tape he held and slowly gasped.

TK and Davis, who were sitting up, TK on Dai's lap and their arms in a disarray around each other's bodies, turned to see what the commotion was about.

"What is it?" Ken walked over to take it into his hands.

"Hey, Ken, isn't that one of my tapes?"

The genius nodded and turned it over. "It isn't labeled. I thought you labeled all of your tapes."

Davis cocked his head and said, "I do. After I take them out. Maybe that's not one of mine. Ours. One of ours." As Davis corrected himself, he smiled at his boyfriend and kissed him sweetly.

"Well," Ken said, moving towards the entertainment center that was in the room and sticking the tape into the player. "Let's find out, eh?"

It mechanically started off a few seconds before the ending of the last recording:


And the tape ended.

TK frowned. "Was-wasn't that Matt?"

"Yea, I think it was." Tai waved his hand at Ken. "Rewind it." And so he did. About halfway through, Ken pressed play and found a perfect spot on the tape to hear:

"Hey TK! How'd that sound?"

"Awsome. Ken, you said Yolei also knows how to do this, right?"

"Mm hm."


"I'm starved. Let's skiv practice and grab some grub."

"Right with you Dais."

"Alright, I know this kick place that serves the best ever ice cream. Yes?"

"Yea!" "Oh yea!"

sounds of feet scuffling, door opening, and incoherent words

30-second interval

door creaking open and less footfalls

"Good, they're gone."

TK and Tai said at once, "Matt!"


Glaring, Ken said, "I think I know who that is."


"Hey, Kanbara, stop putsing around. We gotta do this quick. Try to find anything that we could use."


papers ruffled, stuff moving, table scraping against the concrete

1-minute- 30-second interval

"Find anything?"



"Chill Ishida. We'll find something."

5-second interval

snapping of finger

"I got it! How about we sabotage them?"

"Kanbara, you're such a fuckwit. That's what we're here for."

"No, no. I mean in other ways."

"Like what?"

"Break up the holy couple, duh."

"You mean Takeru and Davis?"

"No shit hot stuff."

"Don't call me that."

"Why not hot stuff?"

"Because. But yea, that's brilliant. I know my brother. He'll freak and cry like a baby about it. Then, prestomundo. No more fucking Tai fucking up everything."

"Ah, Tai and fuck in the same sentence."

"Huh? You mean, in the sense of "fuck you Tai", right?"

"Oh, wrong."

A small ripple of uncomfortable silence, well, more silence that was occurring; a silence that would've been silent, um, well, there was an air of awkwardness as Tai gulped and awaited his inevitable doom. Everyone listened in.

"Ha! What've you been up to you dirty sob? You better not've done him, cause, eckack, that would be just, ewwww."

"Naw, not yet anyways."

"Oh. Well, what've you done?"

"Oh ho ho, I've got him hooked, I'm sure of it."

"Did ya get to second? Third? Batting cage?"

"Come off it, you know how virginal Taichi is. He probably wouldn't touch on the third date."

"So what the hell did you do?"

"Not much, just stuck my tongue down his throat. He quite liked it, I may add."

Blushing furiously, Tai slunk in his seat, trying his best not to look at Ken, who was slowly inching away from him, a look of horror on his face. TK and Davis just continued to stare at the player, as if it were a newspaper headline stating the end of the world. Nissa remained silent, just as the rest did, listening intently.

"Heard anything from him yet? I'm sure you gave him your number."

"Uh, I think I'll give him another day or so. Maybe hit him when he gets back."

"Yea, well, then that'd be two perfect couples we'd break up, in a week. Damn, I wonder if there's some kind of world record for this or something."

"Heh, there should be."

"Hey, aren't you and, um, what's-his-face still going out?"

"Kouji? Oh, yea. I guess."

"Hmm. Hey, here comes Motomiya."

"How fucking lucky are you?"

"Yea yea. Get out."


"I don't know! Hide under the table or something!"

"Hell no! You deal with him, I'm leaving."

"Shit Kanbara, don-"

door opening then slamming shut and foot falls

"What the hell are you guys doing here. Get the f-"

shuffling of feet

"Hey, Dai, chill. I just need you to deliver a message to Takeru, kay?"

"Why the hell would he want to hear from you?"

"Just shut up, will ya?"

"Hey, get-get away from me you fu-"

struggling and rustiling

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Fuck off Ishida. Get the fuck away from me! I swear, I'll ki-"

muffled cries

2-second interval

door opening

"Dai! I got your face, double chunky fu- oh fuck."

"-ah! You mother fu- Get the fuck OFF me dammit! TK! Wait!"

feet scuffling

5-second interval


foot falls echoing and slam of the door

At the sound of the tape player clicking, signaling the end of the tape, everyone just turned to stare at Tai. He looked pale, even a bit of a tinted greenish purple. Ken harrumphed and got up quickly. Nobody stopped him as he walked out, the quiet snap of the door closing behind being the sign of his exit.