Hey everyone! This is my first fan fiction, yet!! Yes I know, quite a shocker, but I will try my hardest, for the sake of the show! Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my FAVORTIE SHOW OF ALL TIME! So I'm going to try very hard to write a good story(. This story takes place in the sixth season, so enjoy the story!!

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Well, here she goes...
The cold night was wrapped in darkness and mystery, as the dark sky hung like indigo velvet above the damned world. In an abandoned ally, a young girl of fifteen cried out in anguish. A hideous monster, with red, blood- shot eyes and skin to match rose over her, about to take the life out of the poor girl. Suddenly, out of the shadows, came a lean figure with amazingly blonde hair. "You know, I never liked raw meat." She ran towards the beast, who was now facing the slayer, and did a kick flip in the air, sending the monster to the ground. "But I guess I'll have to make an exception in your case."

The demon rose itself up and took a medallion from around its neck and smashed it to the ground, inches away from Buffy's feet. A white-hot energy burst filled the small ally, sending the two girls, Buffy and the victim, flying into the brick buildings. The demon escaped in a wisp of smoke, into the stiff, cold air of the Sunnydale streets.
"So, you say the demon was red? Like how? Swimming in blood, red? Or, skin pealed off, red?"

The scoobie gang sat around the Magic Box table, all exchanging ideas on what the demon was. Xander, sitting next to Anya (of course;)), had his hands folded and was leaning forward exasperatedly. "I mean, we've all seen different colors of demon in our day. I can tell you about a demon that almost made me-."

"Xander" Buffy shot a glance in Xander's direction, before sitting next to an anxious Anya. "It was blood-red. He, or it, threw a necklace thing at my feet. I don't think it really did anything."

"Well you know, it might have been a spell of some sort. I've heard of demons that use magic, pretty and fake, to escape a b-bad scene." Tara, who was reaching for a book on a high shelf, came back to the table and set the book in the middle. "There m-might be some demons in there who use magic."

Xander got up from where he was sitting and reached in for the book. "Let's see. Blah blah, demons who use potions. Blah blah, demons that use they're own skin for potions." Looking slightly queasy, Xander passed the book on to Willow. "I think I've had my full of disgusting demon ways."

Willow gently turned the pages carefully, face expressionless. "Oh, well, here's something. A demon who uses talismans to distract a victim or threat in order to get away." Willow looked up and smiled at Buffy. "It was probably nothing. You don't have to worry about it."

Looking slightly relieved, Buffy got up from the table and walked towards the back room. "I think I'm going to train a little. You know, just in case." With a quick sweep of her hair, Buffy shut the door behind her, blocking the way to her private quarters.
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