Summary (Full): She swiftly jumped on her black harley, and gripped the handle bars. She ran her hands through her thick black-raven hair, and let out a sigh of pleasure. She adjusted the rear-view mirror, smiled a bad-ass grin. She was Kagome Higurashi, the girl who even put Hell's Angels to shame. When she thought that her reputation could never change her life in an instant, she would have to think again.

Author's Notes: Lets see, I've had Kagome be normal, quiet/mute, a playgirl.. now how about we take another turn.. a gangster! This is going to be so fun to write because finally, I'm going to use my personal experiences, and what I've learned about into writing. So, in a way this story in non-fictional, but, in certain ways it will be. Well, I hope you guys enjoy this story, because I promise I will not let you down!

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Hell's Angel

Take One:

Rain Lullaby

And I'm going to meet you, I'm going to greet you.
At her back door as you're coming out, oh, I just know...

'Cause I used to have angels that used to watch over me,
Love was not a stranger, but love ain't not what it used to be.
And I don't want these angels they're knocking at my door,
No, I can't love you no more.

-Devils and Angels
Toby Lightman


She stood outside in the rain letting it caress her face. It was gloomy, it was dark.. the rain became heavier. Some one was crying for her, God was crying for her. They were tears from heaven coming down in droplets. She could feel the moisture, the texture of the rain forming on the bottom of her chin. Then she realized that some of those weren't rain tears. They were human tears. Man-made tears..

She held the locket in her hand, and sank to her knees. Her eyes were covered by her bangs, as the thunder shook the ground she had taken a fall to. Lightning lit up the atmosphere behind her as she closed her eyes, and dropped the locket into the watery grass.

The rain began to calm down, but it still felt like it was crashing upon her shoulders. Her clothes were soaking wet, and the ribbon in her hair became flat. She pulled it out and ran it across her neck, to her shoulders, then up her chin to her lips.. she kissed it, and blew it into the warm and humid forceful wind.

She then tilted her head up, letting the rain kiss her face. She opened her eyes and whispered, "Come back.."


Her slick black boots touched the ground as she jumped off the black harley. The heels of the boots made a tapping nose as she walked to the opening to the prison that was known as high school. She carried her backpack over her shoulder in a sling, and shook her head in a way that made her dark-raven hair fall behind her shoulders. She opened her eyes, which shone a dark-mysterious brown-ish color, and put on a look that said "don't-mess-with-me". She had a bump to her step, and when she was at the door of the prison, you could hear motorcycles coming up behind her. She stopped in mid-step, and put on a bad-ass grin. There they were. Her pack, her buddies, her gang.

With their leather jackets, and their leather spiked gloves, they jumped off their motorcycles and began walking up towards her. The head of the gang behind the leader: Miroku Houshi. Perverted, but a total bad-ass. He never let a lady down and always had that seductive twinkle in his eye, ready for anything they would plan to throw at him.

Next: Kouga Wolf. He was the obsessive one of the group. When he had his eyes set on something, no one would dare take it away from him. He was known for a bad record, stealing and all, but there was one girl who could deal with his antics, the leader. Behind Kouga was his sister Ayame Wolf, a total suck-up to him. He dealt with her as best as he could but sometimes would lash out at her. She was hurt, but when the leader came back to rescue her, she felt back on top.

Now with every bad-ass group, there was a bad-ass reputation. To say that they ruled the school was an understatement. Everyone was afraid of them. No one would stand up to them, and no one would dare to disagree with them either. When they said something was done, it was done. They ruled the road also. They were kings and queens; no one could ruin this, not in an instant!

The tricks that Kouga and Ayame did were stunning. The stunts that Miroku could pull was amazing and how long he could go for without stopping. The leader.. was all about speed. No one could match it, she'd never been beaten. EVER. She won the races, she did the time, she deserved every minute of glory she could handle. Now, she may be good at this, may be good at that, but.. there was still one thing she couldn't handle..

A bunch of fan-girls and fan-boys ran out of the school building running towards her. This was like a routine every morning, and there was no way in hell she could ever escape it. How she would wish she could, how much she prayed, how much she bribed people with.. no. Never. It was bound to be this way for a very long time.

..the people that came along with the reputation.


She sat in class tapping her pencil against the desk, and sighing. It was another normal day in April, the trees swayed in the breeze and the sun shone brightly. The clouds were scattered in patterns in the sky and gave off a peaceful and content look. She pulled out a piece of paper from her binder and began to draw with her black and blue pencil. First stroke on the paper was a circle, then three smaller circles above it. She chewed on her pencil tip, when a girl in back of her tapped her in the back with her pen.

The girl pointed to Miroku and she looked over at him. Miroku was drooling on his desk, and muttering something about homework. She gave off a grin, and crumbled the piece of paper she had been doodling on into a ball. She threw it at Miroku's head, and he just stayed asleep. She became annoyed. If she had to sit there and listen to a dumb teacher teach something about math, so would he! She began to throw random objects and when she finally got really pissed off at him, she threw her math book at his head.


Jesus Christ, that was the tenth one this week.

Everyone in the class sneered at her. When she turned around and glared at them, they all sunk into their chair's hoping for a quick and painful death. She turned around calmly and situated herself in her seat, looking at the blackboard. Something about exponents, numbers, square-roots.. she could honestly care less. She jingled the keys in her pocket and tried to think of something to do to pass time.

She looked around at all her classmates, sneering. They were all sitting there, learning.. acting like good little kids. She couldn't understand how they could do that, and why she didn't just drop out. Oh yeah, she remembered why. If you don't go to school then she can't get a job and get money to buy new motorcycles. Then again, she could always just bribe some rich guy to buy her one. Using her looks was taking advantage of people.. but did she care? Of course not. As long as she got what she wanted, that's all that mattered.

She began to yawn and she took off her leather jacket. She stretched letting out a sigh, when all the preps stared at her. She grinned. Of course they were staring at her in jealously. Their boyfriends were looking at her body and lusting after her. Those preps could never compare with her, she could kick their ass in a second.

As a matter of fact, she had just done so a couple of days ago, but thats another story. She then turned around to her left and looked at the preppiest girl in school, a total slut, Kikyou. As Kikyou was putting on her red-apple-colored lipstick, her blush, her dorky eyeshadow, Kouga decided it would be funny if he kicked her chair. So, he did and her lipstick got smudged all the way down her chin. Two points for Kouga.

Kikyou squealed, and all her little minions came up behind her flabbergasted on how she looked. They sympathized her and offered her some tissues.. Kikyou being the idiot she is just messed it up more and her eyes started filling with tears. Kouga just began laughing like a mad-man, and Kikyou slapped him. He stood up and pushed her, "You wanna' mess with me, prep?"

Kikyou stood up and all her preppy friends backed her up, as the teacher spoke. "Stop it you two! There is no time for this now!" Kouga and her both sat down, both sending glares at each other. But, when the door slammed open that got their attention.

There walked in a boy with long black-violet hair and death in his eyes. Behind him came a girl about his height, a very rugged looking guy, and two sisters side-by-side. His leather jacket was being carried over his shoulder and he put the black sunglasses he was wearing on top of his head.

He spoke to the teacher, "Inuyasha Taishio. Sango Taijiya. Naraku Saimyoushou. Kanna and Kagura Wind." The teacher seemed to know what they were talking about and marked them down. She pointed to the seats which they would sit in when Miroku's eyes bulged out of his head.

He had heard of these people.. Inuyasha. The toughest most known gang out in the city next to theirs. He could guess why they were here at this school for the year, and what they wanted. Especially from the way Inuyasha looked at the girl sitting next to him.. the leader. He would have to warn her about them as soon as possible.

She looked over at Inuyasha, looking him up from head-to-toe. She was wondering what was making everyone so uncomfortable in the room by looking at him. She raised an eyebrow and squinted. She couldn't put that name to that face.. but, it sounded so familiar. But, why?

Well, she had more things to worry about. Like all these challenges she had been given lately. Its like someone is testing her for the worst to come.. she could feel it, it was all around her. She had never backed down, or lost a challenge before in her life. And as soon as she thought that, the boy next to her spoke.

"Kagome Higurashi, consider yourself challenged."

Now she could never decline a challenge..


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