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The Fellowship of Extraordinary Men

Ivanhoe wasn't entirely sure how it had happened. One moment he was desperately hacking away at countless demons, who never seemed to run out of men no matter how man heads or limbs he cut off, and then he was hit in the side by a flying green figure that knocked him to the ground.

He leapt to his feet and was about to attack the creature before he saw that it was Robin, and relaxed.

"You won, then?" he asked his new friend, as he moved his sword in an automatic gesture while attempting to deflect the blows of the demons around him.

"Yes," Robin said simply, pulling out his bow and starting to fire arrows wildly at the dark army around them. "Now, just try and hold for a bit longer…" he muttered, glancing back in the direction he'd leapt from.

Curious, Ivanhoe turned around to look in the same direction as his friend…

Only to be met by a massive, blindingly white explosion that threw him and Robin off their feet and sent several demons running away from, screaming in agony as they started to rapidly burn up.

"What the…?" Ivanhoe asked, looking around in confusion. "What happened?"

"Morgraine must have exploded!" Robin yelled, as he hauled Ivanhoe to his feel and looked around himself, desperately trying to find the others. "The loss of her energy must have triggered some kind of internal destruction in the magics that built this tower!"

"Exactly!" a voice called out from behind them

Spinning around, Ivanhoe and Robin were shocked to see the Prince and the Black Arrow holding Marcus up and trying desperately to cover him with cloaks; he almost appeared to be smoking on every exposed bit of skin.

"What happened to him!" Robin yelled at the Prince in horror, indicating Marcus's smoking form.

"I think it's the vampire in him," the Prince explained, looking down at the smouldering form beside him. "Whatever that blast was, if it's had such an adverse affect on the demons," here he indicated the demons around them, who were running about screaming as flames started to sprout all over them, "evidently makes no exceptions for the fact that Marcus here is essentially an enhanced human rather then anything else."

"Right," Robin said, glancing around the tower, his eyes eventually falling on a largish window on one side of the tower. He could see some glints of sunlight through it- evidently they'd been unconscious for longer then any of them had guessed- but right now, beggars couldn't be choosers. They'd just have to help Marcus could cope with a few minute's exposure to the sun at least…

"This way!" he yelled, charging through the mass of demons, the rest of the Fellowship close behind.

As they charged through the mass of monsters, Ivanhoe, who was at the back, took the opportunity to glance around as the tower collapsed, and realised that things were worse then anyone could have expected; the portal in the middle of the room was firing out random bursts of energy at all the surrounding demons, and it even appeared to be getting smaller.

It was as though it was trying to absorb energy from them to keep it going now that it had lost the focus supplied by Morgraine's magic, and, since the Fellowship were probably dwarfed by the number of demons around them, it was having to focus on the less pure life energies of the demons in the area.

That just made it all the more essential they get out of here.

Robin froze as he reached the window, and his eyes quickly darted over the scene in front of him. He sighed; they were several metres above the ground. With their limited time, there was no way to just try climbing down the tower.


He spun around to look at the Prince. "Can you still tap into the tower's magic?" he asked.

The Prince looked up for a few seconds, and then nodded.

"Just about," he said looking over at his leader. "I warn you, though, the tower is currently so unstable that any further drain on its power will only hasten its destruction."

"Well, that shouldn't be a problem; we'll be jumping out when it starts to fall," Robin said, indicating the window. "We need to jump out of this to escape. As soon as you can, slow the flow of time around us so that we can adjust our falls to prevent any major injuries; we don't need any injuries when we're this close to escape."

"Right," the Prince nodded, as he looked at the window. "Let's go."

"Wait!" Ivanhoe said, waving one arm at the sun outside the window. "What about Marcus?"

"Forget….it!" Marcus grumbled from under the robes covering him; it sounded like his mouth had been damaged somehow. "We don't….have a choice….now. If I…burn, so be…it; I'll be…alive, at least…"

Robin hesitated, and nodded.

"If you're sure," he said to Marcus. From underneath the robe, Marcus gave Robin a thumbs-up with a slightly red hand.

"Right then," Robin said, turning back towards the window. "Fellowship… JUMP!" he yelled, as he leapt out the window, followed closely by his new friends. As they fell, the Prince waved his hands, slowing the rate of their descent…

A few hours later, the Fellowship stood beside their cart, looking back at the collapsed ruins of the tower that had been the focus of one of the greatest dangers the world had ever faced.

They'd gotten out of the sun easily enough, the robes that had been covering Marcus providing him with enough cover to get him into the cart, where he'd waited out the next few hours of sunshine while the rest of the Fellowship watched the tower collapse in on itself.

At the last moment, just before it fell apart, massive tentacles had stretched out of the large portal, as though trying to claim the freedom that it had been deprived of so many long years ago. Then the portal had collapsed in on itself, and all that had been left was rubble.

The Fellowship had stared at it for a few moments, and then the Black Arrow sighed.

"It's really over," he smiled, looking around at the others. "We won. Against an army of darkness like nothing the world has ever known… we won."

The rest of the Fellowship exchanged looks, and then Robin smiled and looked back at his fellow archer.

"We did indeed," he said simply.

He held out one hand, palm downwards, out in front of his new colleagues. The rest of them looked at the hand briefly, and then laid their own hands down on top of Robin's, looking around at each other with a smile on their faces.

They couldn't predict if they would ever work together again.

They couldn't predict if they would ever meet each other again.

But one thing was for sure.

These last few nights, as they had met each other and fought together against the power of Morgraine Le Fay and Mordred, a legend had been forged…

And, with any luck, it would continue on into this new world that was developing all around them.