Flights Of Fancy

Disclaimer: I deny any ownership of any adult or adolescent transformed shadow warrior chelonians. Nor do I own Renet.

Rating – PG 13 for some swearing and possible violence.


" I'm bored, sooo bored" Mike complained rolling his eyes as he leaned against the back of their battered couch.

" Mike if you say that one more time…" Raph growled in irritation, he was flipping distractedly through the channels on TV.

Mike glanced at his brother recognizing well, the threat hidden in that warning, he arched his eye ridge in amusement " Bored, bored, BORED!" he stressed.

" That is it you are dead!" Raph yelled tossing the remote aside and leaping off the couch after his brother.

Leo groaned and returned to cleaning his katanas it was always like this when they had gone from a period of intense fighting with the Foot to a period of almost no action at all. Such swings seemed to do things to their normal battle readiness.

Splinter hearing Raph's angry shouts and Mike's yelling emerged from his room and headed towards the living room to see what could possibly be amiss now. Mike in his hurry to escape Raph almost bowled his Master over as he went to dive around the rat towards the dojo with Raph coming up fast.

" Come back here you little…" Raph yelled catching sight of the revered master Raph slammed on his brakes and quickly swallowed what ever else he was going to say.

Splinter piercing narrowed gaze grabbed hold of his angry son, the Master's long tail switching in irritation at being interrupted yet again.

" Michelangelo, Raphael what is the meaning of this?" Splinter demanded sharply.

" Raph wants to kill me because he is bored" Mike replied innocently.

" No I want to kill ya to shut ya up," Raph corrected.

Splinter raised his walking stick and struck the floor of the concrete pipe hard narrowing his eyes even further casting a hard baleful stare at both of his sons " I suggest you find something to occupy yourself with quietly before I decide to put you to work" Splinter declared.

Mike gulped he knew that meant extra practices or long sessions of meditation and enlightenment and while he was bored he wasn't quite that bored at least not yet at any rate.

" Sure Sensei it won't happen again" he hastened to assure the ninja Master.

" See that it doesn't I have had quite enough of such interruptions" Splinter replied before returning back to his room.

" Now what?" Raph demanded.

Leo smiled " Well we could…"

" If you say practice or training run Leo" Raph cut in.

" No I was going to say we might as well use this quiet time to our advantage and maybe get some well earned rest."

" Like head out to the farm Leo?" Mike asked cheerfully.

" Something like that I guess" Leo agreed.

At that moment they heard a surprised yell coming from Don's lab and they rushed over that way to see what was up.

" What happened?" Leo inquired hoping it might be something interesting, if only to break up the monotonous day, but well expecting Don to tell them that he had finally finished his latest invention or had some new idea to work on, which  with Don was far more likely of the two.

" This appeared out of nowhere on my counter with a note from Renet" Don answered holding up a small cube that had many small buttons sit into and around on each of its six sides.

" Oh no not another one" Mike muttered, recalling the last cube Renet had sent them and they had decided to try it out. That cube had sent them traveling to various points through time, often changing certain parts of them to coincide with the time period they were in.

When the cube took them to the days of pirates they had peg legs, rotten teeth, and eye patches. When the cube took them back to their omelet days they actually had part of an eggshell over their bodies with only little legs sticking out and a hole in the shell to peek out of.

Raph had wanted to fight any thing they came across which included the alligator that wanted to eat the little eggs on feet causing Raph to demand " Come off it Leo we can take this guy. I mean what kind of eggs are we turtle or chickens?"

Leo's reply had been a simple " Shut up and dive Raph."

Now after recalling those adventures Mike heaved a sigh " I don't think I need a vacation that badly."

" I'm with Mike." Raph said.

Don was reading the note and the instructions " Renet says, Hi guys. I knew you were thinking of taking a break at this time space, and thought you might enjoy something truly different. Time Mistress Renet."

" Do we dare?" Leo wondered.

Sure Renet had given them some pretty interesting adventures in the past and it was definitely one way of livening up another wise dreary day but there was also the possibility of getting into things they might do better to leave alone.

" Come on we have nothing better todo then sit around and get on each other's nerves for the moment and according to the instructions she sent it is fairly easy to use" Don pleaded, he had actually enjoyed their previous adventures that were courtesy of Renet and was eager to see what lay in store with this one.

After all being the Time Mistress Renet had many devices that could look into or even take you to different times.

" Are you sure you can get us back though Don?" Leo asked.

" Sure no problem like I said the instructions are very straightforward I bet Mike could even do it" Don replied cracking a grin.

" All right we'll go."

" No we aren't Leo we don't even know what it is or does for that matter. We don't know what we are getting into," Raph snapped.

" It is called Fantasim teleporoal synchronous" Don replied glancing at the notes in his hand.

" Which means what?" Raph demanded.

" It has to do with time and teleporting the fantasim is what I'm not sure of exactly," Don said.

" Look Raph either we stay here and drive one another crazy and then have Splinter giving us hours of practice or we can go take a break and maybe test our skills a little" Leo offered the choice.

" What about the farm?" Mike protested.

" This will be more interesting" Leo smiled encouraging his brothers.

" That is one way of putting it," Raph agreed as he crossed his arms over his plastron.

" Aw, why not we really don't have anything better to do and it might be fun" Mike gave in.

" Come on Raph have a little faith in Renet and in me" Don pleaded.

" What do you say Raph are you in or not?" Leo inquired.

Raph glared hard at each of his brothers having a strange feeling that this was going to be a very big mistake no matter what " Fine I'll go someone will have to bail you out of this mess" he reluctantly replied.

A few minutes later after suiting up and meeting back at the lab Don began to push some of the buttons and the next moment the familiar lair and the sewers of New York disappeared.


Author's Note: Renet is a character that showed up now and again in the TMNT original comics by Eastman and Laird. The time cube adventure was actually from comic 33 and called Turtles Take Time.  I should have chapter one up after dinner some time but don't be afraid to R and R now. Thanks Ramica