Flights of Fancy

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Shanza used her horn and magic to return all of them to the unicorn meadows, the many unicorns and other beings that had gathered there welcomed the travelers with great joy and jubilation. The many unicorns were quick to heal any injuries received in battle and restore the victors strength. Then after all that was done they gathered around and demanded to know the details of the event from all involved. Tira herself emerged from the castle to come listen to what had happened.

Shanza, being a unicorn and a natural story teller told them of the dangers they had faced and the battles they had fought, how she had been trapped by a spell and taken off by a demon. Gimod took over from that point explaining how the four turtles had managed to use their weapons and skills to call on the power of the void. ' Truly they are small, and some may consider them insignificant. But they do have magic, they do have power and even more they can roar like any dragon. I feel that they are my brothers.'

Shanza picked up the story, ' When the dark ones combined their power I felt for sure it would be the end of Necron and the Void only confirmed my worst fears. I am not sure what they did, but whatever they did they set things to right.'

The large group of unicorns, Pegasians, centaurs and other beasts as well as the dwarves, fairies, nymphs, dryads and other such beings turned with looks of awe and admiration to the four turtles.

Leo gave a humble shake of his head "It wasn't just us Shaman helped us. He said it needed directing."

Shaman came up between his dam and sire, stepping slightly forward, ' It is very wrong for the forces of darkness to combine in such a way to bring such devastation. Only the void could set it right. I can not call the void, but I can aid it when it comes. I'm not sure how I know how to do it, I just know I can.' Shaman stomped a hoof and shook his head, he snorted softly before continuing, ' I told the void to strip the dark ones of their combined power and ensure that the dark ones would not gain such power again any time soon.'

Zar's ear twitched as he heard this, ' Then my grandson, you may stripped those who participated in that event from all their powers and abilities, turning them into mere children. Not much of a threat.' Zar laughed and squealed with joy rearing up and kicking out with hind legs,' It is also a lesson to others of the dark forces who think they may combine power without having to pay a price, or suffer the consequences.'

Tira the sorceress nodded her head " True, we may be safe from such attacks for some time to come, but the balance of our world remains, as it always has." She gave a small pert little smile, " Though as is often the case in these situations the balance has shifted more to the side of the good."

" Nothing wrong with that," a lady elf remarked, " for when the good rules, life is good, and when the forces of good are very strong it takes a while before the dark ones can swing things back to the dark paths and ways."

"Great!" Raph snapped, "So everyone ends up with a happy ending! Except for us how the hell are we getting home?" he demanded abruptly.

" Hey Raph things have settled down now it could be fun staying here" Mike pleaded. "Learning more about this wonderful place I'd love to stay here."

Leo scowled, "It is nice enough Mike and I wouldn't mind, but Splinter isn't here. Our lives aren't really here we belong back home."

"Where we have to hide in a sewer instead of being free to roam..." Mike interjected.

"There are good things at home Mike." Raph goaded.

" Sure name one" Mike retorted.

"Movies, comic books." Don grinned.

"Junk food." Leo stated a smile on his face.

" Most important pizza." Raph beamed. "and video games."

Mike licked his lips "Okay you win."

Tira smiled "Leonardo check your belt pouch."

Leo checked through his belt and came up with the cube a baffled stunned look crossing his face, " I...How did?"

Don laughed "On a world of magic Leo, you have to ask?"

Leo grinned, "Yeah, guess your right." he sighed a bit, as he realized Don had come a long way on this world, and in reality he knew that it would be hard to leave this crazy world of magic, and all of the friends they had made. He went over to the dwarf who had given him the sword to begin with he drew the weapon "It served me well, and I was glad to have it. But I have the feeling it can continue to serve Necron in times of trouble." he bowed.

The dwarf took the sword holding it in his hands, "Aye in your world it will lose it's magic and be nothing more than a simple sword. But as you left your other weapons here we crafted a couple swords on them, and wish to give them to you as a gift. They have little magic in them, but perhaps what little they have will be retrained and serve you in battle." Some other dwarves came forward offering the long blades they had forged on the handle of one was an ivory unicorn, on the handle of the other a jade dragon.

Leo could tell that they were well crafted and he felt honoured to have these gifts.

Mike hugged Shanza tightly, "I'm going miss you."

' Unicorns appear in your world Michaelangelo, not as we do here, but as hope, joy and laughter. You have ridden a unicorn and drank of the purest water of all, you have been my friend and companion. Trust me you will know when a unicorn is near you, even in your world. I am certain that many unicorns will be watching you.' Shanza replied.

Don looked around for Marina but saw no sign of the fickle catafly as Leo began verifying that they were all ready to return home.


The dark coolness of the sewer lair welcomed the turtles, and they found Renet sitting on the couch. "I figured you'd like be back about now" She stretched out her hand for the cube Leo was holding.

Leo offered it up to her. As Raph sneered "Nevah bother sending us on another time trip."

"Oh come on Raph didn't you enjoy it and the toshe and...a chance to not be a freak?" She asked innocently.

Raph glowered at her.

"Besides it gave you something to do other than being bored." She pointed out. "Now I have things to do."

"Yeah, sure get lost and don't come back." Raph snapped.

Mike chuckled as he picked up the phone to order a pizza, when he finished he took the braided hair out from the chains of his nunchucks with a smile he headed to his bedroom to tuck the braids away in a safe place as a reminder of his journey.

Don headed for his lab and sat down at his computer in moments his fingers were flying adeptly over the keyboard, he heard a soft mewing cry and for a moment he thought of Marina, and that perhaps she was near but a quick search of his lab only revealed Mike's kitten Klunk, Don sighed remorsefully as he picked the cat up scratching it affectionately around the neck, before tossing the cat out of his lab, Klunk tended to get into too many things when left in the lab.

Don turned back to his computer and saw a tiny dainty looking kitten batting at the mouse, something about her looked almost recognizable perhaps it was the eyes and the small size of the cat, for the colouring was far different, a deep dark black that almost looked blue.

"Marina?" He asked in a low whisper.

The cat looked up his way, smiled and winked at him before sitting up very prettily and purring loudly.

Don shook his head, Marina hadn't been around to say good bye, and this kitten had suddenly showed up out of nowhere. Klunk was scratching at the door and Don absently went to let the cat in, the kitten jumped down in front of Klunk hissing loudly, though only half of Klunk's size. Klunk looked at the black kitten and sniffed her, he fuzzed himself up and ran out the open door as if he'd seen a ghost. The black kitten smirked and proudly pranced over to Don rubbing about his legs.

Don bent down to pick her up and the kitten scrambled up to sit on his shoulders.

At one time Don hadn't believed in magic, it was a hard thing to accept but after his adventures on Necron, he realized that there was many things science couldn't explain or even had answers too, and those things could very well be magic. " I don't know if you are Marina or not. I don't know how you got here or came to be here, but you are welcome to stay if you like and I'll call you Marina, just because you remind me of her."

The kitten purred and bunted his hand.

The End