Arigato (thanks)
Arigatougouzaimasu (thank you very much)
(Inuyasha is red, kagome is green and Kikyou is blue Miroku's color is
purple) (If letters are smaller than usual then it means that their whispering.)

Chapter 1: MINE!!!
"HE'S MINE" Kikyou yelled, as they threw rock's and dirt at each other
"HE'S MINE!" screamed Kagome, throwing some more rocks back at Kikyou.
As Inuyasha watched this he started laughing and he was enjoying this immensely.
"I SAW HIM FIRST" Kikyou yelled back, as she throws another rock at Kagome.
"HE LIKE'S ME MORE THAN YOU SO NAH" Kagome screamed.
"O.k. ... your point being...?"Kikyou said back.
"My point being he like's me more so he's mine!!!?" Kagome said back.
"Ya know what" Kikyou said as she started to calm down, "lets be friends instead" she held out her hand to shake.
Kagome hesitated while she started to growl.
Inuyasha looks at them wondering if their gonna start the comedy again so he can laugh some more.

"Fine he's yours" Kikyou said.

Kagome hesitates and smile's and shake's Kikyou's hand. "o.k. Truce?"
"Truce" Kikyou said.
"Want some candy?" Kagome asked Kikyou. She holds out some smartie's.
Kikyou tilt's her head and wonders what this 'candy' thing is then takes the candy and examines it very closely." O.k." Kikyou said,
And Kagome handed her the smarties,"It's called candy, you eat them, do you know what sugar and honey is?" Kagome asked.
"Yeah I know what honey is" Kikyou said,
"Well sugar is a lot like honey it's mainly the same thing. Try it, its actually really good" Kagome said.
Kikyou start's to pull on the end's of the rapper and therefore...made it twist, "I am fascinated by this rapper as you call it" Kikyou said in a fascinated voice.
"Arigatougouzaimasu. Want some noodles"? Kagome asked.

"YES, Arigato, Arigato, Arigato, and did I mention Arigato?" Inuyasha said.

Kagome prepared three instant noodles, one for Kikyou, one for Inuyasha and one for herself, and everyone but Kagome ate the noodles hysterically.

"Inu will you PLEASE SHUT UP!!! If you don't we'll have to use a couple seal arrows on you" both Kagome and Kikyou said at once because of Inuyasha's slurping. Inuyasha finished his noodles and then got up and stretched.
"Don't call me 'inu'." He told them.
And for his ignorance kagome shoots him with a seal arrow in the butt.
"Why'd you shoot him there? He's not going to like that when he wakes up. I know exactly what he's going to say." Kikyou told her, though happy at her choice.
"I don't care, he has to be just a little nice around me and the three reasons" Kagome told her, smiling.
"What are the reasons?" Kikyou asked.
"#1:because it's a test to see if he likes me though all this. #2:because I didn't know where else to shoot him since you already shot him once in the chest. And #3: because I'm just plain mean." Kagome told her, again smiling.
"I heard that and I have something to say, I HATE YOU ALL!!" Inuyasha yelled at them.
"Yes we love you too." Kikyou said to him.
"Did you hear what I said inu?" Kagome asked.
"I told you not to call me "inu" and no I didn't hear all of it, but I heard from three on!!" Inuyasha said.
"Um... Kikyou where are your little dragon thingies? Because I'd like to see what inu has too say and what's in his mind about us." Kagome said thoughtfully.
Kikyou called the dragons and when they get there she pointed at Inuyasha and the dragons went to Inuyasha and started to read his mind and Inuyasha gets a headache.

"Ahh headache ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh" Inuyasha screamed his head off.

"Oh shush inu, it will go away in a minute, besides I want to know how you feel about Kikyou and I. And it's only a tiny headache." Kagome said annoyingly
"No please don't there very personal" Inuyasha pleaded
"Ohh very personal thoughts! I love VERY personal thoughts." Kikyou said with excitement
The dragons stopped reading his mind and went to Kikyou for
instructions. Kikyou told the dragons to tell Kagome first and then tell
Kikyou the news since Kagome was more involved than she was.
"O.k. Let's see the show. Inu hates your guts, sorry but it's true, he likes me more than I want him too, he wants me to have some kids for him and to marry him, he already tried to get me pregnant so I need to check on that...and inu...I HATE YOU" Kagome yelled angrily at Inuyasha
With that the dragons came over and told her she's pregnant.
"Your pregnant?!?" then the dragons came over and told her she's
pregnant with Miroku's child. "Aaahhhhhhh!!!!!! NOT MIROKU!!! PLEASE
NOT THAT PERVERTED FREAK!!!" Kikyou said, and so she started screaming
and running everywhere hysterically to try and forget.
And inu screamed, "Make her stop Kagome, PLEASE!" while holding his
"Kikyou calm down, I've got a idea." Kagome told them.
"You do? YES THANK YOU!!" Inuyasha said.
"It's not about to make her stop running and screaming very soon"
Kagome told him.
"Dagnabbit, I HATE YOU" Inuyasha screamed at her.
Kikyou stopped running and screaming but was still shaking. "What
is your idea?"
"YES, I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!" Inuyasha said and he
started kissing Kagome hysterically all over.
"Is he kissing me or am I dreaming and my idea was..." shot Inuyasha
with a seal arrow. "We turn half-demon if it will do a lot of good
towards guys. Was he kissing me or was I going crazy? I must have been
going crazy." Kagome asked dazedly.
"Your idea is good and I think he was kissing you" she pulled out a
circular jewel "think this will help?" Kikyou gave the jewel to Kagome.
"Yeah that'll be fine. Shikon No Tama, I wish Kikyou and I were half-
demon." And by that time, Kagome and Kikyou were already transformed to
"WOW, Kagome you were cute before but now you're just..." licks one of
his fingers and put it too Kagome's arm..."smoking" Inuyasha said stupidly.
"Um...inu are you okay? You're acting very strange." Kagome asked while
they watched Inuyasha drool over herself.
"Wha...yeah I'm fine...I'm great, who wouldn't be with someone like you
around? You would have to be stupid not to be like I am right now,"
Inuyasha said stupidly yet again.
"Inu?" Kagome asked.
"Yeah Kagome?" Inuyasha asked.
"Your scaring me big time so can you please stop that?" Kagome said as
more of a demand.
"O.k. my love" Inuyasha said while drooling.
"Ahh I told you to stop!!!" she screamed at Inuyasha for scaring her
again. "Now I'm going to go to bed although i have no idea where I'm
going to sleep and also sleep on for a pillow"
"Uh oh you shouldn't have said that" Kikyou said matter of factly.
"You can sleep on me and use me as a pillow" Inuyasha said
"Told ya you shouldn't have said that" Kikyou told her friend.

"I don't really mind cause right now I am really tired, but I guess when I wake up we can at least start to build a house to live in so we won't have to sleep either in the woods or in someone else's house." Kagome said sleepily.

"I'll build a house while you sit down after you get some rest." Inuyasha told kagome excitedly. "Oh man, your going to sleep with...no wait...on Inuyasha? Man you must really like him" Kikyou said confused. "He's okay," Kagome said as she watched Inu try to hold back the tears because of what he thought she thinks of him. Don't worry and STOP CRYING, I can't stand to see you crying because of me. I really like you. Inu, I like you a lot so can you please stop crying?" "You like him more than just a part of the gang now?" Kikyou said. " That's surprising " "You like me? YES! This is more than I could ever think possible." Inuyasha said. "Yes I like like him...um...Kikyou could you possibly go out of sight or hearing so I can talk to inu privately?" Kagome asked. "You sure cause I sure ain't?" Kikyou asked. "Please?" Kagome asked pleadingly. "You want to talk to me privately? Man I must really be moving up in your book." Inuyasha said.
"O.k." Kikyou said hesitantly.
"Thanks. And to answer your question inu, yes." Kagome told them.
"YES! YES! YES!" while Inuyasha started yelling this, Kikyou jumped off.

"Inu what I wanted to say that Kikyou had to leave for was that...I Love You" Kagome told him.
"Are you kidding? This seems to good to be real." Inuyasha was just moments away from fainting and if he hadn't heard Kagome's next word's he wouldn't have recovered.
"It's true, I really do love you if you want I can get the dragons over here and they can tell you my true feelings they've already read my mind." Kagome told the surprised dog demon.
"Yes I have to know" and he watched her bring them over and told him. "WOW" he said as they hugged and Kagome fell asleep in Inuyasha's arms after they hugged. "Uh...Kagome? You fell asleep didn't you? Thought so." And he sets her down on the ground and lay's down with her. "Ahh."
Next month "Inu would you please let me help you've been doing everything by yourself ever since we found out about me." Kagome asked madly.
"NO! You sit there and relax." Inuyasha commanded. "I command it of thee."
"PLEASE? PLEASE? PLEASE?" Kagome pleaded.
"NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" Inuyasha said forcefully.
"Sorry, BUT STAY THERE!" then he went outside to cut some wood for the house and Kagome started to fix him some food. "Kagome I thought I told you to SIT DOWN!" Inuyasha said as he came back in.
"I was just making you some food." Kagome said innocently.
"I TOLD YOU TO SIT!" Inuyasha yelled at her.
"ALL I HAD TO DO WAS POUR THIS IN A BOWL." Kagome yelled, still acting innocent.
"YEAH BUT YOU BROUGHT IT OUT HERE TO THE LIVING ROOM!" Inuyasha said, turning as red as his kimono with anger.


"YES, I STILL GOT IT!" Kagome said happily. "What is it?" He asked as his curiosity started to take over.
"You should like it, it's called...DOG FOOD." Kagome told him.
"Are you calling me a dog?" Inuyasha commanded
"Yes since that what you are!!!" Kagome said.
"DON'T CALL ME A DOG YOU #!ING WOMAN!" Inuyasha yelled at her.
"ARE YOU TALKING TO ME!?!" Inuyasha said.
"WHAT ABOUT YOU?" Inuyasha spat back.
"Other than me then, I DON'T THINK SO!" Kagome said with menace.
"You better not talk to me like that or tonight I'll take care of you big time!" Inuyasha said.
Kagome started to laugh at this. "Inu, three things 1: I just went human last night so I don't go human for another month, 2: I'm half demon, and 3:you go human tonight." "I do?" Inuyasha asked, scared and confused. "Yes" Kagome smiled. "Uh Oh...I'm in trouble." Inuyasha stated. "O yes, you are in trouble." Kagome told him.
"Uh...Kagome? Could you please not do anything drastic?" Inuyasha pleaded
"I don't know, the way you were acting, but maybe." Kagome told the hoping yokai.
"Hey...you guys already fighting?" Kikyou asked.
"Why hello Inuyasha, Kagome, how are you doing?" Miroku bowed.
"Not so great." Inuyasha said softly
"Just fine for both of us. Inuyasha should be able to live through tonight...possibly...if I'm nice enough." Kagome told them all.
"Got in a tight spot with Kagome eh?" Miroku asked in an experienced voice. "Oh yeah, you'd better believe it." Inuyasha told his hoshi (Monk) friend.
"I'll come by tomorrow just to make sure your ok, if your not then Kagome can always come to me." Miroku told him.
"He'll live most definitely." Kagome said nervously.
"Dangit." Miroku said very softly.
"I heard that Miroku, so don't get any ideas." Inuyasha told him.
"No kiddin." Kagome said softly.
"Miroku you should know not to disturb Kagome like that in her state." Kikyou said.
"IN WHAT STATE??? I'M JUST FINE!!!" Kagome told them, yelling in the process.
"Just making a statement. Just be glad he's not going for you much." Kikyou said.
"Most definitely, do you think you could keep him to yourself? I've got inu to deal with and I don't think he should see it cause it ain't gonna be pretty." Kagome said to Kikyou quietly.
"I should be able to." Kikyou told her. "What's that supposed to mean?" Inuyasha demanded. "That you'd be better dead." Kagome said calmly. "Do you think you should come over tonight and sleep, or do you think you'll be alright?" Miroku asked hesitantly. "I don't want to come over, but I don't think I'd better stay here tonight." Inuyasha told him. "Lets get going then." Kikyou suggested. "He'll be just fine here with me, so he's not going anywhere." Kagome told her best friend.
"I ain't staying here! Not with you being a demon tonight and me being a human, I don't think so, I'll be dead before the night is over." Inuyasha told his wife.
"True, true. Well then you'll have a big mess to clean up in the morning at their house from you bleeding just as bad as you would here, and I can work as much as I want with you gone so...if you're going then I can just start cleaning up the house, (or what's built so far) and the yard." Kagome said to him.
"Well that's not too bad." Inuyasha said thoughtfully.
"And building the rest of house." Kagome said.
"Alright that's It, I'm staying." Inuyasha told them.
"Okay, It's your funeral." Kikyou said to him.
"I know, I know." Inuyasha muttered.
"Man, woman these days." Miroku contorted.
"Tell me about it." Inuyasha said.
"Good. Start building so I can sleep in a house tonight." Kagome said to Inuyasha.
"I don't know if I'll be able to get it done tonight." Inuyasha said.

"Well then I'll help." Kagome said.
"Oh no you won't." Inuyasha said, raged that she would think she could get away with that.
"It'll only be little stuff and a little bit. And If I want to, then I very well will do as I please." Kagome asked him.
"Oh no you won't. You ain't working...not while I'm still around." Inuyasha told her.
"So what is going on here? I mean, common, you guys love each other, but you have got to stop this. Inuyasha, she can do stuff on her own, she is still very capable by herself, and the baby won't get hurt non by her doing stuff that she would usually do all the time." Kikyou said.
"Yeah so you better give up...I did a long time ago and she's doing fine." Miroku told Inuyasha.
"Well I still don't like it, but I guess she can do some things by herself." Inuyasha said.
"Okay, well now that that's settled I can finally do some cleaning, thank you Kikyou, Miroku, I'm very much obliged." Kagome told them.
"Well I guess I can finish the house while your cleaning it, so I'll see you in a couple hours." Inuyasha sighed.
"O.K." Kagome said to him.

"Uh Kagome. Can I talk to you for a minute?" Inuyasha asked.

"Sure, what is it?" Kagome asked.
"Why do you have to be so stubborn and persistent?" Inuyasha asked her.
"It's my nature. I get it from my father." Kagome said.
"What was your father like?" Inuyasha asked.
"A lot like my brother in-law. Only not a demon." Kagome told him.
"And that is who??" Inuyasha asked, puzzled.
"Your brother Sesshoumaru." Kagome told him.
"Oh Shiz." Inuyasha spat.