Disclaimer: Seriously, I don't own anything, so don't even bother to sue me. Even if you did, it's not like you'd get much.

I'm not a really big fan of the Amanda Show, but one day my sister and I started to come up with these really stupid Totally Kyles, so...here's a whole series of them. Please R&R!!

From his garage, it's Totally Kyle!!!

Kyle: [stops playing guitar] One day, I was like, going through the freezer for like, some ice cream, and when I found it, I like, started eating it out of the carton, when I like, thought that it was missing some, like, sugar, so I like went and drizzled like, a whole bottle of chocolate syrup on it, when my mom like, walked in, and she was like, "Kyle why is that gravy all over your ice cream?", and I like, swallowed my ice cream and gravy and was like....."Oh..."

That was Totally Kyle!!!

Kyle: Totally!!! [starts jamming on guitar]

Okay.. .say it's stupid if you want to, but I'll be back with another one soon. Until then!!!