Hello everyone! -recieves glares- yeah, I know, it's been 11 months since I've updated... no excuses. Within those eleven months though, I have completed another year of high school. Sans the finals, which start...TOMORROW. So...why am I here writing to you? Well, I'm actually supposed to be in gym but I got kicked off the bike trip last class because...well, it's actually a long story. Read my blog for my rants. is for fanfiction!

Just a little reminder that Ileana owns nothing. And this chapter is for dawnsona, triquetraperson, paladinraines, johhnydeppluver26, Maniac Magic Girl, Lighting-Dono, and Amy Lee.

(Cheesy Annoucer Voice) From his garage...

It's ToTaLlY KyLe!1!1!

(Kyle stops playing guitar, looks glumly at the camera, and speaks) "Like... one time, I was playing guitar in my garage and my friend walks in and was totally like... "hey Kyle, can I borrow your speakers?" andi'm all like, "sure!" butthen he's like, "uh...Kyle? you're guitar's kinda plugged into thehole where you inflate a car tire..." and i'm like..."oh..."


omg that has GOT TO BE my dumbest idea by far. i'll come up with something better before i leave for summer.

I remember a reviewer asking me to do a hillbilly series. I promised to do something about it last chappy, but I obviously forgot. I'm definitly not going to do a series on it but the following lines are what I'll give as a small attempt. I don't remember anything about this part of the show...but i'll do my best.


Girl says, "NOK NOK"

Guy says, "HOOSE DERE?"

Girl says, "(insert object)"

Guy says, "(object) HOO?"

Girl says, "IME GONNA HEET UR HEAD WEETH A (object)!"

Guy + Girl start laughing, "HEH HEH! HUH HUH HUH!"


Yeah, I obviously don't know their names. That's all I'm gonna do with hillbilly! And I found an awesome tk in one of my reviews:

"like this one time i was like at band camp and I saw this instrument and i was all like dude look at that cannon and my friend Leif was all like dude that's a tuba and I was all like oh" by paladinraines

About the cheesy 'says' I use and the parenthesis: Yeah, I kinda had to change the format because released a statemend reminding us that scripts aren't allowed. Just ignore it, though. Next time, I'll talk about what I get out of writing tk's. I learned about doing stuff like this in an art museum.

Thanks for reading! You must have been reeeeeeeeealy bored to sit through all of that babble : )