Author's Notes: The prologue of this story is the last chapter of 'The Curse of the Mercale'. Reyn is 15 now, and 18 in the rest of the story.

Prolouge: Who I Am

Mom and Dad left when I was twelve. It'd hard for me to think of them as the most powerful men that the world has seen in a long time, since Dad long ago stopped 'just letting me win'. He was pissed, and Mom laughed for weeks about it. Dad claimed it was because he wasn't using his Hyperion Knight. But like I was saying, I never thought of Dad as the Head of Presidential Security. Neither did I think of Mom as the President. They were just my family. But now I lived with old Uncle Kiros, and Uncle Nida.

Yeah my god-mother is Aunt Ellone, but she is so busy with these special clinics across the world that she has made. I could live with Aunt Selphie and Uncle Irvine, but they have lots of kids, older and younger than I am, and I'd never get alone time. Possibly I could live Uncle Zell or Aunt Quistus, but they were both to busy being happy newlyweds with their spouses of five years. Then there was Uncle Raijin and Aunt Fujin, but Dad always said that his friends, though married, couldn't even handle their own son Suijin. Uncle Kiros always said that Mom and Dad would have wanted me to live with Grandpa Damien or Laguna, but they died when I was born, along with a man named Ward. And I couldn't go live with the woman who gave birth to me, for she tended to an orphanage and took care of the elderly Kramers. So I lived in the land I knew and loved with Nida and Kiros.

Most of the time the two are busy with Garden, so I get all the time I have other than class time and training time to spend as I please. Right now it's my time to train alone with my gunblade and try to live up to my father Seifer and mother Squall. They name me after my grandmother Raine Loire and one very ancient ancestor, King of Ancient Esthar and Centra, King Rey Loire the Smith. I've read of him, he was the son of Prince Drewel and a weapon smith named Crysil Mercale. That was during the first recorded Sorceress War. Both Drewel and Crysil disappeared, and some say there is a curse upon them, Uncle Kiros said Mom and Dad had that curse and broke it, but I wonder. If they broke it wouldn't they be here now? Kiros and Nida don't know it, but my Angel Soul gunblade has Mercale's symbol on it.

Now I watched as my Angelus GF finished off the Iron Giant that I'd been fighting. This was a rather new Guardian Force. Few had been able to successfully us it, just like few could summon Gilgamesh. In fact, Angelus was like Gilgamesh, and was not one to be summoned, but Angelus came of its own free will. But this GF came as natural to me as Shiva was supposed to have some to Mom. Oh... Did I mention that Angelus is two GFs in one?

"What are you thinking of young one?" the darker, stoic half asked me... Did I forget to mention that I had casual conversations with my GFs as well?

"The past three years," I offered.

The black winged angel nodded to me. He was the far more graceful of the two. He was called Darus though we don't know why. His hair, clothing, wings and gunblade were black. Darus's attacks were quick and merciless and inflicted darkness based damage. The white one was Valen, light where the other was dark. His emerald eyes glimmered as he performed strong, showy, one-handed and light damaging gunblade attacks. Together the emerald eyed Valen and stormy eyed Darus could perform instant-kills with perfect accuracy. These two protected me constantly.

"They were good people, your parents," Valen said, cutting right to the heart of the matter.

"They left me," I repeated the argument we had each time they spoke with me.

"Squall and Seifer were noble, I'm sure they had a good reason," Valen was always so defensive of the two who were my parents.

"Well I think it's because of their curse... The one I share!" I blurted out.

"What! Darus cut in, eyes burning with anger.

"Now Darus," Valen said, trying to curb his anger.

"No! I'm going to speak to Griever!" Darus growled before disappearing, amazing me for this was the first time he really showed emotion.

"What in the?" I asked Valen.

"I'm sorry young master... Trust me; you'll have a very interesting journey in your future."