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Summary: Bakura hates Ryou because he's weak. Ryou hates Bakura because of the beatings. The enmity is mutual. But when one of Bakura's beatings get serious and Ryou goes blind, the only one he can trust to be his eyes is Bakura. But will they be able to stand each other? Bakura/Ryou

Warning: This fanfiction is SHONEN-AI or male X male content. If you cannot handle this type of thing, then please leave now. Don't flame me about it, because YOU WERE WARNED. Thanks .

Background Info: Bakura and Ryou no longer live in Domino (they live in a suburb of Osaka), nor are they in contact with Yugi-tachi.

On with my story!

Title: Ai No Ejiki
(Victim of Love)
By: Suki No Hikari
Rating: PG-13 (for naughty words)


Chapter One: Consumed

Bakura sat resting by the television set on a lazy Saturday afternoon. He was currently waiting for his lunch, which Ryou had gone out to buy a while ago. Bakura never really wondered why he still lived with such a weakling but he really had nowhere else to go. Not to mention the constant entertainment he received by watching himself take out his anger on the white-haired teen. So, after his small musings, he decided he would leave his hikari at some point in time, but he'd wait until he was used to the twenty-first century.

"Bakura, I have the pizza!" Ryou screamed as he opened the door to the house. The two teens were normally on semi-friendly terms when Bakura wasn't angry at anything or Ryou. However, whenever there was a discrepancy of any kind, that's when the vice would come out ten-fold.

"Hm," came Bakura's intelligent reply as he slowly removed himself from the couch and headed for the kitchen. Ryou had bought Bakura's favorite, pepperoni; otherwise, one of those 'discrepancies' would tend to pop up. Basically meaning, he had to get what Bakura wanted, when and how he wanted it or he would be punched in the jaw. Or the stomach. Or wherever. So he put up with it because, quite frankly, (and he admitted this to himself easily) he was too puny to hold his own against Bakura.

"So how many slices do you want?" Ryou requested politely, trying to hold back any signs of hatred for his significant other. Yes, Ryou despised Bakura. Surprising? I don't see why considering how many times that he is abused by the yami (AN: Unlike other fanfictions that mysteriously have Ryou loving Bakura because he is beaten up by him cough cough Anyway...). Ryou knew that ever since his father died (and when Bakura got his own body), that he'd have to put up with the beatings every time Bakura became annoyed with him. Which was about every day. Figures.

Bakura didn't answer his hikari and simply helped himself to four pieces of the pizza. Ryou stopped himself from saying the words at the tip of his tongue and grabbed two pieces for himself. It wasn't completely obvious, but ever since the two moved from Domino and away from Yugi-tachi, Ryou had changed considerably. He no longer was so full of smiles (not real ones at least) or filled with as much happiness. Come on, if you were beaten to a bloody pulp every night, would it be easy for you to be constantly happy?

The day passed by peacefully after lunch was over. Bakura remained content with the video games that he played day in and day out while Ryou sat on the couch with some type of book or manga, occasionally taking a peek at what level Bakura was on, etc. It was quite cold in the house (since Bakura had broken the heater a while back) so a small fire was going on the other side of the living room. Nothing was wrong. Nothing was making Bakura mad. Nothing could spoil Ryou's day because...

...nothing bad happened until night. Little did Ryou know, this night would change the way he would view the rest of his life. Literally.

"Well isn't this fun, little hikari?" Bakura demanded maliciously as he punched Ryou in his side. Ryou, eyes watering, tried to hold in the tears that were demanding to come and nodded his head swiftly. Bakura frowned and threw his hikari to the ground.

"Don't nod your stupid ass head at me! If you're having fun, you apparently aren't feeling enough pain!" Bakura kicked him. Numerous times. He finally thrust him to the other side of the room and smirked. Ryou, who was lying limp in the corner of the room next to the fireplace, tried to stand up.

"Trying to get up, weakling? Well I'll just have to make sure that cannot happen." Bakura then spotted the fireplace, little flames still there but mostly it was just hot ashes. "Or is there something better I can do?" Bakura gave out a vicious laugh.

Ryou, who had seen Bakura's line of sight, desperately attempted to get up. He didn't know what exactly Bakura was going to do, but the last time he laughed like that, Ryou ended up in the hospital with a compound fracture in his knee (AN: Compound fracture - where the bone breaks so badly it comes out of the skin... something like that). Ryou then realized that his father had also still been alive back then and able to take him to the hospital. If something terrible happened, would he survive long enough to call 911? Would Bakura hurt him that bad? Or worse, would... would Bakura kill him? Ryou tried not to think like that and concentrated on standing up.

Bakura moved quickly over to the fireplace, seeing his hikari's attempts to escape him. Not caring that he might burn his hand, Bakura picked up a fistful of hot, red coals and ashes. Ryou, who was not fully up yet, fell back to the ground after Bakura gave him another good kick to his ankle. Now Ryou could look straight up at his sinister-looking yami. Bakura laughed to himself as his hand full of coals began to move over his hikari's body.

The next thing Ryou knew, he felt hot, searing pain all over his face. Bakura had dropped his handful of goodies on his head. Bakura granted Ryou one last kick before he stomped out of the room, clearly satisfied with himself.

Ryou tried to stand up, this time succeeding, and scraped the burning ashes from his face. Afraid to open his eyes just yet (some had fell into them), he navigated as best he could to the nearest bathroom, limping the entire way. After hitting the living room table and one of his chairs, he finally found the hallway. Feeling along the right side of the wall, he found the door to the bathroom and rushed in. Ryou turned on the sink and splashed some cold water onto his face. There weren't many burns on his cheeks or his mouth by what he could feel. The worst had been on his nose, eyes and forehead. Still not opening his eyes, he briefly felt around his hair for signs of a flame. After finding none, he seized some more water and rubbed it around his eyes.

Finally, after most of the unpleasant pain had subsided, he opened his eyes. Or so he thought he had. Everything was still black. Ryou, confused, reached up to touch his eyelids. Yep. His eyes were definitely open... but why couldn't he see anything? A rush of panic coursed through his body and something clicked in his mind. Was he...? Ryou, scared half to death, could only stutter out,

"I-I can't... I can't... s-see!"


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