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"Spoken words"


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IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm using a song (to be sort of like a song-chapter) throughout the first half of this because it was the inspiration used for me to write this chapter and helped me get it out so fast. The song is called "10,000 Miles" by Mary Chapin Charpenter and is used in the movie Fly Away Home. Neither I own!! DON'T SUE ME!



Title: Ai No Ejiki

(Victim of Love)

Author: Suki No Hikari

Rating: PG-13



Ryou stood stunned, unable to comprehend anything that was going on. Everything was happening so fast… and now… Bakura was gone. 'Bakura…' Ryou felt a tear slip down his left cheek, where the hand mark from earlier had slowly faded away. 'Bakura…' Ryou fell to his knees.

"Bakura… Bakura… Bakura! NO! BAKURA!" Ryou yelled to the ceiling, his words carrying nothing less than anguish. His words were in vain, however. Bakura couldn't hear him. Bakura was gone… forever.

Chapter Ten : Conclusion

::Fare thee well…::

"Please… come back… Bakura…" Ryou mumbled for the third time that night. He had been sitting on the floor for what seemed like hours but in reality were only minutes. The distraught hikari looked to the floor, running his thumb over a smooth tile, watching as tears dropped near his fingers.

::… my own true love…::

'I have to go find him…' Ryou thought to himself. 'But… what can I say… what can I do to get him to come back? He told me he loves me… but…' Ryou felt a wave of loneliness and betrayal wash over him. 'But… do I love him?' The thought made Ryou feel queasy, in what way, he had yet to figure out.

::Farewell for awhile…::

Minutes passed by, leaving Ryou to his thoughts. Once he came to a decision about what he was going to say to Bakura once the he could find him, Ryou stood up. The teen opened the front door and came face to face with a dark, rainy night. 'Oh no! Bakura's going to get soaked… he didn't bring an umbrella…'

Ryou quickly snatched an umbrella from the pail next to him and stepped out into the rain, opening his umbrella on the way out. The rain wasn't pouring, nor was it drizzling either, Ryou noted. The white-haired teen sighed and tried to guess where his yami had gone.

::…I'm going away...::


After searching for what seemed like hours (and probably was), Ryou started to give up. He continued his trek homebound, deciding to take the shortcut through the city park. The rain hadn't ceased and by now the bottom of Ryou's pants had become soaked from walking in puddles. Ryou came upon a bridge that was situated over a small river, known for catching good fish.

::…but I'll be back…::

The hikari nearly gasped when he saw a familiar albino teen leaning over the railing, gazing peacefully down into the water below. 'Bakura…' The said teen was soaked but it seemed as if he hadn't even been aware of it. Ryou noticed him shiver – he was only wearing a t-shirt. 'He'll get sick!' Ryou thought worriedly, finally noticing he had been standing in the same spot for more than thirty seconds already.

::… though I go ten thousand miles…::

"Bakura!" Ryou shouted to him, taking a few steps forward. The yami spun around to the source of the voice, tensing when he saw his lone hikari.

"Ryou…" Bakura whispered softly, feeling a familiar flutter in his heart.

"Please come home Bakura!" Ryou yelled again, not moving from the spot he had situated himself, at the bridge's threshold.

:: … ten thousand miles…::

Bakura stood stunned, astonished that his hikari had even come looking for him. When he finally absorbed Ryou's words, he felt his mind fall into an internal battle – should he go with his angel or not? Bakura could not control the storm of words that had suddenly plagued his mind.

"It's weird!"

"Wait Bakura!"

"It's weird!"

"Don't go… please!!"

"I thought I could trust you…"

"Please come home!"

"I'm sorry... I just wanted to know..."

"Bakura, please!"

"I thought you had changed…"

"I thought you had changed…"


"I thought you had changed…"

Bakura squeezed his eyes shut feeling the threat of tears, refusing to let himself cry again. He couldn't go home! He just couldn't! 'What if I get angry again? What if for some reason… I make another mistake…' A flashback of the morning played behind closed lids once again. 'I don't want to endanger Ryou – I don't want to hurt him! I can't trust myself… I can't go home. Maybe I'll come back someday… just to see him again. But not now…I can't go home.'

::… my own true love…::

"I have to Ryou… you can't trust me…" Bakura spoke aloud, at a normal conversation voice. Ryou may have heard him, but he doubted it. Bakura turned away from his angel and began to walk away, knowing he could no longer stay where he was.

Ryou watched as his yami slowly began to escape from him again. Falling to his knees, the hikari felt recognizable tears finding their way out of his eyes once again. 'You can't let him go again! Don't let him go!' Ryou's mind and heart both screamed. The small teen pounded his fists against the wet ground, umbrella forgotten some feet away, not wanting Bakura to leave.

:: ...ten thousand miles or more…::

"No… no… I… I love him… Bakura… no…" Ryou sobbed, not able to control himself anymore. "Bakura… I love you…" Ryou mumbled to himself, his cheeks streaked with tears. Realizing that he would never forgive himself if he let his yami leave now, Ryou flattened out his hands on the ground, gesturing that he wasn't about to give up.

::… the rocks may melt…::

"Bakura…" Ryou whispered. "Bakura… DON'T GO BAKURA!" Ryou yelled at the top of his lungs, jumping up from his position on the ground. The yami stopped dead in his tracks at those three words filled with so much emotion. Ryou ran over to Bakura's location, but the taller teen's back was facing him.

::… and seas may burn…::

"Bakura…" The yami rotated his body so that he was now facing his tear-ridden hikari. All of a sudden, Bakura felt the need to hold him in his arms and comfort him. But he couldn't.

Ryou wiped the tears from his cheeks quickly. "You may not believe me when I say this… heck, I barely believe it myself. But when you left, I couldn't bear it… I couldn't bear the sudden pain and loneliness I felt… I just couldn't let you go!" Ryou cried, trying desperately to get his words out. "Remember when I said I hated you for all that you did? That I could never forgive you?"

Bakura flinched visibly at his words, not wanting to hear the rest of them. 'I know you can't forgive me Ryou… stop holding me back… let me leave, you don't need me!' The yami turned and tried to escape once more. He was stopped, however, when a pale hand took hold of his wrist tightly.

::… if I should not return. ::

"Wait… please! Even though I said that, Bakura… even though I told you all those harsh things… I take them back now. I forgive you Bakura! Don't you understand?" Ryou told the yami pleadingly and pulled his wrist hard enough to make Bakura turn around once again. "Please say something…" Ryou whispered, eyes diverted to the ground.

::Oh don't you see…::

"I can't stay, Ryou. I… what if I do something? Don't forgive me, Ryou… I don't deserve it. Don't feel bad for me… don't forgive me if you don't mean it…" Bakura murmured, but Ryou caught the words.

::… that lonesome dove sitting on an ivy tree…::

"But I do mean it! Bakura! You told me… I'm the only one you have left… and…" Ryou's voice cracked slightly as he tried to calm the amount of sentiment he was putting in his words. "And… you're the only one I have left. Please… just don't leave me… don't leave me alone…"

::She's weeping…for her own true love…::

Bakura shook his head. "What if I accidentally hit you again? What if… I can't control myself? You can't trust me, Ryou! I don't want you hurt by my hands anymore!" Bakura yelled, attempting to sway his hikari to just leave him be.

"I don't care!" Ryou screamed in agony. "I love you!" Bakura's eyes went wide - Ryou loved him? When did that happen? His thoughts were cut off by a pleading voice. "Bakura, I'm not lying! I love you! I'd risk anything to be with you!"

::As I shall weep for mine…::

"You d- I mean… what?" Bakura questioned, disbelieving what he had just heard.

::Oh come ye back…::

Ryou quickly took a step forward, leaving their bodies inches apart. The hikari immediately pressed his lips to Bakura's, eyes closed in determination.

::…my own true love.::

Bakura nearly gasped. Ryou. Was. Kissing. Him. He didn't have time to respond as Ryou broke off, his expression unwavering.

::And stay awhile with me…::

"Do you believe me now?" Ryou demanded, as if he had known Bakura's doubts. Bakura's mind suddenly filled with 'what if' questions, racing a mile a minute. 'Oh just screw it.' Without replying, Bakura lowered himself to brush his lips against his hikari's for a second kiss. A kiss that held longing and love. This time, Ryou was ready and he wrapped his arms around the yami's neck.

::If I had a friend on all this earth…::

The two teens didn't notice the rain pouring down upon them. They were standing on a bridge in the middle of the park while it was raining buckets. But neither cared, comforted by knowing that all the sorrow that had once been… was no longer.

::You've been a friend to me.::


Ryou giggled as he put on a nice, warm, dry sweater. Well, he couldn't help it. No, not the sweater! The giggling. He was practically that giddy little schoolgirl you always see on television – the one that was terribly and helplessly in love. Strange how things happen, don't you think?

Ryou bounced down the stairs, looking upon the sleeping Bakura on the couch. The hikari smiled softly at the image. After the little tête-à-tête at the park, the two teens realized they were freezing cold and ran home to escape the torrential flood attacking their heads. Bakura immediately sprinted upstairs, changing into warm (really warm) clothing. Ryou, in the meantime, made a fire, for he wasn't nearly as wet or cold as Bakura. He also figured the yami would want something to warm himself up with.

So there the said yami was, sleeping peacefully in the dim-lit room, the fire the only light illuminating the room. Ryou walked near the couch, falling to his knees and resting his head just inches from Bakura's on the sofa. Ryou stared at the serene teen, smiling brightly when he heard his own name seep out of Bakura's mouth. A little finger trailed its way into the thick, white hair inches away from him, careful not to disturb the former tomb robber. The curious finger proceeded to twirl a strand gently, resting it on the side of the unsuspecting face. The finger even dared to slip down the right cheek, tracing and memorizing.

Bakura creaked an eye open, having already been awake for some time. The yami muttered a quick "boo" and Ryou flushed, knowing he had gotten caught red-handed.

"Jeez, you could've told me you were awake," Ryou whined softly and Bakura smirked.

"And miss seeing you red as a tomato when I caught you? Nah, I'll take any chance I can get," Bakura whispered smoothly, trying to keep the peaceful effect of the room. Ryou blushed again and lifted his head from the couch, still in a kneeling position.

"Hey Ryou?" Bakura questioned softly. Ryou titled his head to the side cutely and Bakura had to hide the smile reaching his lips. "How come… how come you came after me? And… how come randomly, out of the blue you love me? I thought you hated my guts. I guess I could see where you wouldn't want me to leave so you wouldn't be alone… but… you said you love me? Is that really true? Or is this pity?" Bakura requested, his voice betraying his doubt and slight sadness.

Ryou placed his hand over his heart and made a overdramatic 'uh!' sound, humorously showing mock-hurt. "You don't want me to love you then? Well, fine! I won't!" The hikari began to get up but he felt the predicted hand pull him back down. Ryou smirked. "That's what I thought."

Bakura bent forward and ran his lips over his hikari's quickly. Ryou's smirk fell, still getting used to this new sensation of getting kissed. The edges of Bakura's lips curled up slowly. "No, Ryou. Trust me, I want your love."

Ryou smiled sincerely before quickly pondering Bakura's question. "Okay, well, get ready for a lecture," the hikari joked softly.

Bakura nodded. "Just get on with it, weakling!" The yami demanded harshly and immediately regretted it.

Ryou frowned at Bakura's reply. "Bakura…" came a threatening voice.

Bakura smirked, trying to brush the cold words off as a joke. "Come on, what do you expect? I can't be all lovey-dovey all the time. I'm supposed to be the cruel, heartless tomb robber, remember? Don't mess up my image!"

Ryou giggled at the yami's humorous tone. "Alright, alright." Ryou poked Bakura's chest tenderly. "As long as there's a heart there somewhere for me. I know you're not completely heartless."

Bakura shrugged. "Yeah, well, it stays hidden. Come on now! Tell me what changed from hate to love so quickly!" The impatient yami demanded again.

"Bakura, patience is a virtue." Bakura gave him a clueless look. "Oh nevermind. Okay, so..." Ryou took in a deep breath, starting his story. "Well, at first, when you left, I felt this huge attack of pain in my chest. It hurt so bad, I could hardly breathe. That's when I realized that I didn't want you out of my life."

Bakura frowned. "Still… that doesn't make you love me…" He whispered doubtfully, wondering if Ryou's love was even authentic now. Ryou shot Bakura a look that said 'Excuse me! I'm not done yet!' Bakura lifted his hands in defeat. "Neh, don't get your boxers tied in a knot, jeez. Continue then."

Ryou raised an eyebrow at the 'boxers' remark but waved it off. "So, like I was saying. I stayed on the ground for a few minutes, wondering why the heck I would care so much. Sure, I felt lonely. But not to the extent where…" Ryou paused. "… how do I make this sound right? Well, lets just say that if I had just let you go, I think I would have been so upset that I might've resorted to something dangerous in the future. That's how bad it was. That's how badly my heart ached the minute I saw you step out the door."

Bakura looked at him oddly. "So basically your saying you would've committed suicide or something without me? What does that have to do with love?"

Ryou huffed, getting mad at the interruptions. "Well, suicide is a pretty strong word, Bakura. But yes, something like that, just not nearly as extreme. And hang on, I'm getting to the love part, okay?" Bakura nodded and promptly shut up. "Again, like I was saying. It took me a while to finally figure out that all this pain was being caused because I cared for you so much. I think I never knew it until I was face to face with something so… so… testing. It tested what I really felt for you Bakura. Then I finally understood. I was blinded by my own hatred to actually realize that deep down, even though my mind hated you, my heart cared for what you did to make up for it."

"When you told me that story about Egypt, when you protected me from the storm, when you cried in order to make me see how much you hated yourself, when you were there for me. Each and every time I loved you even more. Even before the storm, when you held my hand. When I could finally feel all my trust put in your arms… and you didn't let it go. You didn't let me down even when I couldn't see." Ryou sighed happily.

"It took me so long to realize… but I loved you all along. I loved you from the minute you showed me yourself. Of course I didn't love you during the years of the beatings… but… lets just say, I think becoming blind was the best thing that ever happened to me." Ryou stopped, a broad smile on his face and Bakura couldn't help from smiling like an idiot as well.

"And so, I knew the minute I stepped outside tonight to fetch you, that you needed to know what I had been denying the entire time. I love you Bakura. I hope you believe me now," [1] Ryou finished, feeling a ton of weight lifted from his shoulders.

Bakura smirked. "Nah. I still think you're lying." Ryou immediately looked incredulous. After a few moments, he caught the joke and punched Bakura in his upper arm.

"Hey! What was that for?" Bakura demanded, anger dissolved within the teasing of his tone.

Ryou stuck his tongue out. "For being a jerk." Bakura stuck out his bottom lip, frowning. Ryou giggled. "But a really sexy jerk." With that, the bold hikari leaned down for yet another brushing of the lips. Needless to say, the two saw a few sparks of lightening. And no, it wasn't from a thunderstorm.

Ryou broke away, panting slightly, a cute smile decorating his features. "I don't think I'll ever get sick of that feeling." Bakura sighed contently in agreement. "I love you…" Ryou whispered, barely audible as he started to feel the need for sleep wash over him.

Bakura smirked. "Ditto."

Ryou snapped out of his daze slightly. "Ditto? Why couldn't you just say –"

"Sorry, I'm only allowed to say it once in my lifetime," Bakura replied, smirk growing wider.

"Neh…" Ryou whispered irritably, eyelids closing slowly. "I don't like 'ditto'."

Bakura leaned in towards the hikari's ear. "Would you get used to it for me?"

Ryou shivered as the breath tickled his earlobe. The practically asleep hikari gently pulled himself up to the couch, forcing Bakura to scoot over.

The said yami made a "Hm?" sound, expecting an answer.

"Maybe… if you're lucky…" Ryou murmured through an exhaled breath. Realizing the smaller teen was virtually knocked-out, Bakura wrapped his arms around Ryou's waist protectively, and the hikari gratefully accepted the cuddle. Within minutes, the small one drifted off into a dream-filled sleep of an unenthusiastic, but certainly very attractive, tomb robber.

The warmth of the fire soon died down but the two teens didn't need it anymore, as they were perfectly warm the way they were. Ryou's even breathing eventually began to soothe Bakura and the other teen couldn't help starting to succumb to fatigue.

Bakura smiled gently, closing his eyelids. "Good night, my Ryou." With that, the yami also fell into a very peaceful sleep. A sleep filled with dreams of angel wings and angel kisses… each from the same one Bakura held in his arms.

And so, when the morning broke the night, it marked the start of many new beginnings. For with every end, comes a bright new beginning.



[1] Seriously now, do you think I would let Ryou love Bakura without telling you readers why the hell he loves him?? I would've gagged at the artifical-ness otherwise! Now you realize what Ryou was thinking on the ground those few minutes... muahahahaha! I FEEL ACCOMPLISHED.

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